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ęB.K England  1986-2001

Artist B.K. ENGLAND,
Equine Art

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Big Chief and Little Chief , a pair of Appaloosa living in Wenatchee, WA, were the inspiration for BK's loving tribute to the breed.  The two real-life Chiefs are leopards, pure Appaloosa  with little Quarter Horse or Thoroughbrerd blood in them.  Claudia McGehee, former curator of the Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center, believes that "The Old Chiefs" will appeal to any Appaloosa admirer with a passion for our colorful breed's Native American origins. 

The original of the "The Old Chiefs" was 1st place in a Draft Horse Classic Art show.  In addition it was featured in EQUUS  Magazine, EQUINE IMAGES, and others. 

"Old Chiefs" 
Pastel - Original Sold
©B.K England 

Image Size   15 1/2" x 19"
450  S/N ----------$100
 25 A/P -------------$120
Limouge 100% archival-quality Paper
$15 Shipping and Handling


The elegance of the Andalusian stallion is difficult to capture, but B.K has done it here: the ultimate horse, characteristically proud and noble, ready to bend to his master's will.  The Spanish Ambassador was the first-place winning pastel at the Draft Horse Classic Art show.  It was accepted into the prestigious American Academy of Equine  Arts national juried show and was displayed in the Kentucky Derby Museum.

"Spanish Ambassador"
Pastel- Original Sold
The original hung in the Kentucky Derby Museum
©B.K England  1990

Image Size 19" x 15"
450  S/N ----------$100
 25 A/P -------------$120
Limouge 100% archival-quality Paper

Prints may be ordered from the artist, 
check or money order.  

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