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Equine Art

Poems by B.K.


Enjoy more of B.K.'s poetry in her new book, "Dandy Darlin' and Friends". Each poem is illustrated, in full color, by one of her beautiful pastel paintings.
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In summer shade
The old mare drinks
From quiet meadow streams,
Then stands and stares
Across the fields.
I wonder if she dreams
Of long-limbed foals
Who gamboled there,
Then stretched out in the sun;
Who seldom strayed far from her side,
And then, one day, were gone.




When I am four and twenty,
As grown-up as can be 
I'll Have a hundred horses 
That  all belong to me.




Every single morning
Even if it rains
I'll give them lumps of sugar 
And comb their tangled manes.

I'll open wide the stable door 
And let them gallop free, 
But when I call their names out 
They'll all come home to me

When I am four times twenty, 
With silver in my hair,  
I'll have a little pony 
Who waits beside my chair.

When we go out walking, 
I'll hold fast to his mane, 
And when we've strolled the garden, 
He'll take me home again






She daydreamed over homework
Doodled ponies on each page.
They told her she'd outgrow it
When she reached a certain age.

Black Beauty her companion,
Blue ribbons in her hair,
She whinnied when they called her,
And trotted everywhere.

Her parents grew quite weary
Of her most insistent cry,
"I have to have a horse;
If I don't get one I'll just die!

Alas, it never happened,
And when the years had flown,
She found herself a grown-up
With children of her own.

Her family was contented
With cat or dog to pet;
The horse just never happened,
But she never did forget.

One day the kids were grown and gone
And circumstances  change,
And Mom was sick of riding
The same old kitchen range.

Dust bunnies in the corner,
And dishes piled on high.
She made the bed last Thursday
And vacuumed in July!

Dinner will be late again,
Dad's threatening divorce.
They told her she'd outgrow it, but....
Mama got her horse!!

©B.K. England 1999


My wife, she has a Quarter Horse
With flaxen mane and tail.
She thinks he is the finest thing
That ever jogged a rail.

His name is Dandy Darlin'.
And if the truth I tell,
That fancy, pampered Quarter Horse
Has made my life pure hell.

My wife she used to cook for me,
And serve it with champagne,
But now she'd rather feed that horse
And fix his special grain.

He dresses better than I do,
With blanket, wraps, and ties.
My wardrobe's so neglected,
That I attract the flies!

She rides him every morning,
She grooms him half the night;
The last time that she kissed me,
Was just to be polite.

One day my wife was shopping,
She's gone down to the mall,
And fancy, pampered Darlin'
Was standing in his stall.

He looked so smug and sassy
That I began to grin.
I'd saddle that fat sucker,
And  take him for a spin.


I've wondered since, if cues I gave
He might have misconstrued.
For when I climbed aboard that horse,
He rightly came unglued!

He bucked and spun and snorted fire
And flung me through a fence.
I saw big stars and lost six teeth
That I ain't heard from since.

The wife came home and found me,
A-lyin' in the dirt.
She kissed her horse and said to him,
"Oh, Sweetheart, are you hurt?"

He'd scratched his nose a little bit --
The memory burns me yet --
She left me trampled in the dirt,
And ran to call the vet!

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