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Thorp t-18 Sport Plane Overview
The Thorp Model T-18 is a 2-place, high performance, all-metal, low-wing monoplane.  It is designed for amateur construction.

As commercially built planes have become more utilitarian they have become more expensive and less fun to fly.   Trying to recapture "Flying for Fun", many individuals have restored or built replicas of sport planes of the 1930's.  

It is this trend which inspired the T-18 design.   In fact, the T-18 could have been designed in 1930 if a suitable engine had then been available.   The T-18 may be thought of as a 1930 design with improvements, but an airplane which is far simpler to build than any of that era and which has performance second to none.   It may be thought of as a "new antique" but only in respect to its purpose; "Flying for Fun".

Power Plant options    |    "Matched Hole" assembly