Journey to Topaz - A Virtual Museum

Welcome!    We invite you to enter the world of Yuki Sakane, the main character from Journey to Topaz. Created by award winning author Yoshiko Uchida, Yuki will guide you through a tragic wartime episode in our history known as Japanese Internment.  As you follow along on Yuki's journey to Topaz, we hope that you will reflect upon the importance of understanding your rights and responsibilities as citizens.

"This is a repeat of the news bulletin," a newscaster said harshly . . ."Japanese planes have attacked Pearl Harbor. . .The United States Fleet has been heavily damaged. . .Fires are raging over the waterfront. . ."

    The inspiration for our museum comes not only from reading Journey to Topaz, but also from the efforts of the late Mary Tsukamoto, a dedicated teacher from the Elk Grove School District.  Ms. Tsukamoto's district-wide Time of Remembrance Program teaches 5th graders about the unconstitutional treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II so that such a travesty of justice will never occur - to any group of people - again.

Enjoy your visit and please drop by again as we will be changing and expanding our exhibits.

 Hall 1: Executive Order 9066

Hall 2: The Journey to Topaz

Hall 3: Daily Life in Camp

Hall 4: Japanese American Soldiers

 Hall 5: An Interview with Marielle Tsukamoto

Hall 6: Our Memorial

 Hall 7: Meet the Author

 Hall 8: Teacher Notes

 Coming Soon! The Journey Home

 Hall 9: An Apology

Page Researchers:/Illustrators: Lean and Wilson

A Note of Appreciation: Thank you to Georgiana White, University Archivist at CSUS, for inviting us to explore and borrow from your extensive collection of internment photographs; to the National Japanese American Historical Society for allowing us to scan images from your collection; and especially to Marielle Tsukamoto, Vice Principal, EGUSD, for inspiring us to develop this project.

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