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I am a professional bass player living in Berkeley, California. My free-lance career includes performances with many bands. Some current ones include City Lights, Jazz On The Vine, Adama, Jazz Express, and the Hot Borscht band. My career also includes much teaching. I taught at the Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco for over 16 years. I have also taught at the National Guitar Summer Workshop.

NAMM 2003 pictures

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Mr. Cohen

This is my new Mike Lull M4V bass. I am now a Mike Lull endorser. This is the best bass I have ever owned. You can find out more about Mike Lull Custom Guitars on his website.

Mike Lull Guitar Works

I am now endorsing AccuGroove Speaker Cabinets. These speakers are the best I have ever used!


From left to right:

1971 Fender Jazz, Zon Sonus 6 string, Paul Reed Smith 5 string, Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling fretless, Fernandes P-bass, Hohner Acoustic Bass Guitar.

In the forest of basses


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This is my baby.
It's an Ashbory, or more specifically a DeArmond Ashbory reissue.
It's fun to play and sounds remarkably good.


I modified the bass slightly, using a suggestion by John Spurrier of Cincinnati.

View the modification here.

Here's my pedal board. Click on it to read more about it.

Hear my playing on CDs.

Below are links to pages which have sound samples from CDs on which I have played bass.

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Jazz On The Vine is now a record company!
Go to the Jazz On The Vine webpage (which I designed) and see all the CDs which we distribute.
I played on five of these CDs and have performed live with all the groups.
Jazz On The Vine Website

My Jazz Express CD is now available at CD Baby.
You can go to their web site to hear RealAudio samples and
find more information about the group.
Jazz Express at CD Baby

Mp3 Files! Check them out!
They are big files so unless you have a fast connection, be very patient!

These songs were written by me and performed by Jazz Express.
Jazz Express is Rex Bell, guitar, Jeremy Cohen, bass, Eric Thompson, drums, and Greg Rahn, keyboards.

If you are interested in hearing more of this music, we have cds and cassettes on sale. CDs are only $10 plus postage and cassettes are only $5.00 plus postage. There are 12 songs totalling 55 minutes of music on the cd or tape.

Send me an e-mail to receive more information about buying a CD or tape.

Here are a few more musical selections for your enjoyment. I wrote all these songs and recorded them with friends. These are .wav files.

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 G.A.S. pains
(gear acquisition syndrome)

Here I am playing an MTD 6 string bass at Gelb Music in Redwood City, CA.

The list price is somewhere over $3700.

By the way, I no longer own the Zon Sonus 6 in the picture at the top of the page. Nowadays I'm playing a Carvin LB-76.
(It's blue, natch!)

But one of these days....

Pictures from New Year's Eve 2003