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The Tick


Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy: The Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy was at one time, a brilliant brain transplant surgeon and robotics engineer. He was mad though, he transplanted his own brain into a walking talking, digitized vending machine. The robotic body has pinchers that can be used skillfully and heavy, stomping feet. The Robot Cowboy wears a cowboy hat, speaks with a southern drawl with full cowboy dialect, and likes gunfights. Apparently, he's a western movie fanatic. He has a digitized face and the letters "30KA!!" appear next to it. Within his robotic body, the Cowboy has lasers and cannons that can level buildings. If all this isn't strange enough, the Cowboy's brain can be viewed through a glass panel on the top shelf of his soda rack.
The Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy came to Antwerp, Belgium to aid the villainous Octopaginini in his attempts to take over the country. The Cowboy's patience was immense because he spent a month in a crate during his travels, but became agitated when released. His part in Octopaginini's plan was to build a robotic duplicate of the King of Belgium and replace him, making the two villains the rulers of Belgium. The Tick's attempt to stop the Cowboy from highness-napping was a failure when he was hit by one of the Cowboy's missals after being called out. The second time the Cowboy called The Tick out was a mistake because The Tick was ready. Before the Cowboy could draw, The Tick threw two bits of flat shiny America (a 1978 quarter) into the Robot's slot and bought his brain. Without the brain, the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy's robotic body was rendered harmless, earning The Tick hate from the Cowboy.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley]

Eclair: Eclair is the suave defender of Antwerp, Belgium along with her sidekick, Blitzen. She is Belgium's greatest superhero, and a large one to boot! She is very strong with many muscles, and her presence is gargantuan. She has lightning-based powers as well, her name meaning lightning in French. Her eyes can emit powerful bolts of electricity, she can fly, and she is nearly invulnerable. She wears a cape, boots and gloves, and her costume has a lightning bolt on it, splitting between two shades of red. She is very friendly and polite, a gracious guest, and a powerful force for goodness. She even makes Belgian waffles in the morning.
The International Superhero Exchange Program called upon Eclair tow trade places with The Tick in America. She flew to America and met Arthur at the airport. She thought he was stunning and thoroughly enjoyed her stay and was very helpful to Arthur, who also enjoyed the arrangement. Her stay was all but peaceful, however, when the villainous baker, the Breadmaster attacked The City with his Gingerbread Minions and Gingerbread Tank. Eclair respected the Breadmaster's baking integrity, she herself disliked America's horrible baked goods. Even though they shared a common opinion, Eclair was forced to destroy the Breadmaster's Pastry Tank, leaving him a battered and broken baker.
[Voiced by: Lisa Raggio]

El Flamingo: If the job involves wading, El Flamingo is your man. He wears a pink costume and has a large flamingo helmet and mask. He is frequently found standing on one leg and may be seen in said pose in the opening theme to Heroes, as seen in Episode 21.

El Seed: El Seed is a proud tyrant over a flowering kingdom of vegetable villainy and is an animated plant with a large sunflower head. He hates humanity and blames us for the oppression of the plant kingdom. He wears a Spanish matador's outfit and his presence is always accompanied by Spanish opera-like music. The Bee Twins serve him faithfully and he has been known to create plant monsters, like Rosebud to assist him. El Seed is the self proclaimed liberator of the plant kingdom and the inventor of the vegetation vitalizer potion that can bring animation to plants.
He was the main villain in Episode 6 when he used the vitalizer on The Tick, and in Episode 19 when he attempted to steal the 400 Year Bloom.
El Seed has been to Agricultural college night courses were he learned his trade but it hasn't been revealed whether or not he actually completed these courses. The three things he remembers most from his classes are 1) Never stand in back of a cow, 2) People and plants can never live in harmony, and 3) If you want something, just take it. His ultimate goal is to destroy the works of man and replace them with the works of El Seed.
The evil flower covets the 400 Year Bloom and greatly admires its destructive potential. He kidnapped Professor Ikebana and left her to die at the hands of a giant Venus Flytrap after she refused to tell him the whereabouts of the 400 Year Bloom.
El Seed has included the Botanical Gardens in Episode 19 and the abandoned Greenhouse outside of The City in Episode 6 as his hideouts. He has the uncanny knack of plant control and his bad seeds can produce vegetable monsters of frightening sorts, some including strangling vines, buzz-saw plants, and the massive Rosebud. His Vegetation vitalizer has animated many plants also, some including cactus cowboys, pickup-truck driving saplings, and the Corn Soldier Army.
El Seed once teamed with Chairface Chippendale and the Breadmaster in one of most villainous trinities of evil ever known. Their plan was to take over the brain of Dinosaur Neil at his own wedding. His part in the sinister scheme was to liven up the party by vitalizing the floral arrangement. This act created a brute bouquet that nearly ate Die Fledermaus. It was eventually subdued by The Tick but not before he was pollinated by the rampaging arrangement.
[Voiced by: Ed Gilbert]

Emmit Peelie: See Professor Emmit Peelie!

Enemy Awards, The: The 45th Annual Enemy Awards is a ceremony celebrating excellence in villainy. Live from an undisclosed location beneath The City and on pay per view, the Enemy's is the only awards show honoring the worst achievements of your favorite super villains. It's evil! Only villains know where it's held and very few of them get nominated for the coveted Enemy Award. No one gets into the ceremony without an invitation, the bouncers see to that. Some of the lucky villains featured at the 45th annual event were Chairface Chippendale, The Terror, Dr. Frightless, Harriet Curse, and Octo Raymond and his all-mollusk orchestra. They're the worst! The spokesmodel for the event looks to be a Mindy Moleford lookalike gone horribly wrong.
The Enemy Awards is an Academy of Evil presentation and it appears on Sunday. A dancing cavalcade of badness highlighted the ceremony and celebrated some of the years most sinister triumphs. The reception was held in the Atrocity Lounge after the awards show.
The villain duet, Venus and Milo longed for an Enemy Award. They went as far as destroying the reputations of The Tick and Arthur, who were also up for an award because of Milo's robotic duplicates. When The Tick and Arthur crashed the ceremony and defeated Venus and Milo, with the help of Plungerman, the villains were stripped of their Enemy Award, much to Venus' regret.
Check out The Enemy Awards Theme in the Tick Songbook!

Evil Eye, The: The Evil Eye is a cafe and bar that caters to an exclusive villainous underworld. A neon sign hangs out front with an eye that looks out over a dark alleyway. Steps lead down to the café which is filled with The City's minor villains. The Evil Eye first appeared in Episode 4 when Mr. Mental invited The Tick and Arthur to one of his hypnotism and mentalist shows. The Eye's environment is the farthest from wholesome but they do serve drinks with tiny working umbrellas. The crowd is very demanding and only acts like Mr. Mental's and the accordionist, Lotta Velour, can keep them entertained.
The Evil Eye is packed with dangerous characters. When Venus and Milo stole Arthur and The Tick's arms and reputations, the two heroes went to the Evil Eye to find out information. The villains were going to the Enemy Awards and The Tick wanted to know where it was held because only villains knew. The two were congratulated on their evilness by such villains as Eyebrows Mulligan and Mr. Planters. The Forehead didn't quite believe The Tick and Arthur had actually turned evil so he asked for them to prove it by eating a kitten. The Tick wouldn't so he and Arthur had to fight their way out of the bar without the information they came in for. They used maneuver 14b to escape. When Baron Violent lost his belt of violence to Arthur, he went to the Evil Eye to recruit two thugs to help him retrieve it.

Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, The: "Yeah, Baby!" The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight is one crazy individual. He wants to be bad and the voices in his head tell him he's right in his views and actions. He wears goggles and a helmet with wild straps and drives a Volkswagen Bug. His gimmick is high explosives, he plants them and they go off at the stroke of Midnight. In Episode 7 he decided to blow up the Comet Club and go down in supervillain history. He must have planted at least fifty bombs in the Club before he was captured by Arthur. The Tick foiled the Midnight Bomber's attempts by disposing of the bombs out back.
The Evil Midnight Bomber attempted to crash the famed Enemy Awards. He believed he deserved a nomination for his attempt to blow up the Comet Club. Failed attempts don't get nominations at theEnemy's so the Midnight Bomber was booted off the premises.
An early-model Midnight Bomber can be seen applauding The Tick as he approaches the stage after "volunteering" for Mr. Mental's act.
Or can he?
Ah, the baffling mystery of the Evil Midnight Bomber. Though many sources would seem to indicate that the fellow seen applauding in Episode 4 is an early-model Bomber (Mighty Blue Justice! gives it as fact), Episode 16 throws an Evil Midnight Wrench into the works. For in the Evil Eye Cafe, who should show up in the background, but a fellow who bears a remarkable resemblance to the guy in Episode 4! ... Well, except for the fact that he's been vertically deformed... But, then again, the chap next to him is the "Gimme" guy, vertically deformed... This seeming anomaly in the background character universe alone could be dismissed--Besides taste in headgear, the two characters don't have much more in common... BUT! Later, at the Enemy Awards, guess who's seated right behind Venus and Milo... None other than the "Gimme" guy and the fellow-who-would-be-an-early-model-Midnight-Bomber! But, we know that our Evil Midnight Bomber was (quite literally) kicked out!
So, I ask you, fellow Tick fans... Who *is* this strange helmeted almost-look-alike? And are the two background characters one and the same? Is it possible that the Midnight Bomber leads a double life? Is this other character a relative or an imitator of some sort?
'Tis a puzzlement...
[Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche (?)]

Evil Sits Down for a Moment: Go to Episode 20.

Evileers, The: [Comic Books] The Evileers are the arch enemies of Barry Hubris alias The Tick. The comic incarnation of the Evileers had a roster that included The Terror, Mr. Tragedy, Tuun-La, Multiple Santa, and the newly-recruited Fuzzy Person . After Barry was defeated by The Tick, he called The Terror and informed him of the "new" Tick and were he could be found. Barry had decided that if The Tick should be allowed to keep his superhero resources then he should have to take his rogues gallery too.

Eyebrows Mulligan: Eyebrows was present at Chairface Chipendale's birthday bash. He has long, red brows that cover his eyes.

Ezra Fleener: Ezra Fleener is a corporate criminal, a sham, a rich old man with public fooling flavors. He is the chairman of the Uncle Creamy Corporation, one of the most popular ice cream companies in The City. He puts on a front for the entire community, especially the kids. Fleener is willing to sacrifice his employees for sales as well. When Uncle Creamy was disfigured in an accident at a presentation introducing the ice cream flavor "Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey", he was fired by Fleener because he was a disgrace and scared the children. He didn't want the disfigured Creamy ruining his business. The reason for Uncle Creamy's disfigurement wasn't known to the public at the time. Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey ice cream was actually the runoff from the company's coolant systems, an industrial affluent gussied up with artificial flavoring, sweetness, and colors. Creamy blamed the incident ice cream-geneers and Fleener himself for the cover-up. Creamy's image was destroyed by Fleener later, on national television, when he was called a mime and a liar at a press conference. He proclaimed Creamy a viscious psychopath bent on destroying all of the good work that he and his company were doing for the community. "Yum's the word".
Ezra Fleener later hired the international Soviet assassin Ivan Brubeck to destroy Uncle Creamy, who was waging a one-man war on the Uncle Creamy Corporation. Creamy was labeled the "ice cream cone who knows to much". He knew all of Fleener's secrets and he had the power to bring the company to its knees. It's at the Uncle Creamy Corporation's annual picnic in the Park that Brubeck gets his first and last chance. Uncle Creamy attacked at the event and the two superhumans battled. Fleener took the opportunity to try and escape. He would have gotten away with his schemes if it hadn't been for the Superhero Students who showed up and helped Uncle Creamy defeat the Soviet assassin. The Flying Squirrel sicced the Park's squirrels on Fleener and he was arrested. His company's reputation was destroyed when his secrets were revealed to the public.
[Voiced by: Jim Belushi]

Feral Boy: A member of the Civic Minded 5, Feral Boy is on rung up the evolutionary ladder from the common dog. He has long hair, ragged pants, and drives the Civic Minded 5 mobile. When he is struck hard, he whimpers and when he is petted he pants and frolics. He is almost like a mascot to the Civic Minded 5. Feral Boy was also a member of the Civic Minded 5 in Issue 9.

Fernslinger: See Radio King!

Fiend Finder Tracking Device, The: The Tick mailed in for the Fiend Finder Tracking Device from an ad on the back of Leotard Legends Monthly Magazine. It was a complete waste of money. First you have to find the fiend and stick a tracker to them before you can track and find the fiend. Whatta rip off! Luckily, a tracker was placed on The Tick when he was kidnapped by the Mad Nanny and auctioned by Brainchild. It was the only way Arthur and friends were able to find and save him.

Fighting Genius Time Commandoes, The: The Fighting Genius Time Commandoes were a group of famous inventors plucked from history by the villainous Mother of Invention. The inventors kidnapped included Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Gutenberg, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, and Wheel, the cavewoman inventor of the wheel. When they were captured, the Mother of Invention imprisoned them in a glass cage. His plans were to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. Leonardo da Vinci was able to escape the cage when he and Wheel constructed a flying machine. Before Leonardo was able to arrive with help, the inventors escaped their imprisonment when Wheel leapt over the glass walls and took out the jail's control panel. They quickly began to build a war machine to help Leonardo and his new allies, The Tick and Arthur defeat the Mother of Invention and his legions of goons stolen from time. The war machine had peddles operated by Franklin and Edison which gave it movement. Gutenberg created a battering ram made out of moveable type that was able to knock down walls. Carver made a peanut machine gun which he mounted to the top of the machine and also a peanut oil slick device for giving the enemy the slip. With this machine, and the help of Leonardo, The Tick, and Arthur, The Mother of Invention was defeated. The Inventors were returned to their own times, all except for Wheel who sued for back taxes on her invention.

Filth: Filth is a nasty substance that can be found practically anywhere. The biggest congregation of filth in The City is in the sewer and was used by Sewer Czar to make his Filth Monsters.

Filth Machine, The: The filth machine was invented by Sewer Czar to give animated life and intelligence to filth. Activated sludge is the key ingredient for intelligent filth and if the mixture is off, inept monsters are the product. The actual machine is a giant, metal vat were the sludge is poured and mixed, a control panel, a processing area and engine, and a spout or faucet where the newly born filth emerge.

Filth Monsters: The Filth Monsters were created by Lou Salazar, the Sewer Czar to take over the streets of The City and spy for him. Each monster is made out of sludge that has been put through a filth machine made by Salazar, to add intelligence to their amorphous, filth bodies. They are made completely out of this sludge mixture and their heads come to a point where their eyes are located. They can travel through sewer pipes, can clog these pipes, and are very slimy. They are impervious to conventional injury but are effected by the refreshing properties of soap. The Czar taught his legion of filth monsters that they "come from filth" and they "go to filth" but they didn't understand his philosophy. The Filth Monsters finally revolted against their master when the heroic savior of the sewers, Sewer Urchin, convinced them that filth would not live without the habits of mankind. They believed his waste management program was far superior to that of Sewer Czar.
[Filth #1 voiced by: David Landers; Filth #2 voiced by: Chuck McCann]

Fin, The: See Mr. Smarty Pants!

Fishboy: Fishboy -- Lost Prince of Atlantis -- has the ability to communicate telepathically with the denizens of the deep. However, having been raised in Montana, he suffers an ironic inability to swim, and must wear water wings at all times. His skin is pale green and he has very large eyes.
Fishboy was recruited by Die Fledermaus in Episode 22 when The City was being overrun by ants. His mother made Die Fledermaus promise to keep him wet because he had a cold that day. He was kept in a pool and was carried around most of the time by Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin. Fishboy was greatly disappointed when he found out that The Tick would not be with them on their mission. When the heroes were being chased by the ants, Die Fledermaus advised Sewer Urchin to "lose the fish prince, he has legs". Fishboy proved to be quite the runner.
[Voiced by: Cam Clarke]

Fish Magnet, The: An invention created by Fin, the fish magnet can attract fish, pull them out of nearby oceans and lakes and drop them in the vacinity of the magnet. The polarization of the magnet can be reversed, sending the fish back to their point of origin. It can create a storm of fish in mere moments and proves that fish are magnetic.

Flying Squirrel: Flying Squirrel was one of the Superhero Students The Tick taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center. She seems to be the most reluctant of the group to be a superhero, or the one most frightened by the superhero process. She doesn't really have a power at first but finds one at the end of the four-week course. Her power is the mental control of Squirrels, her battlecry "I like squirrels". She also has a squirrelly sixth sense. She cannot fly and she is very vulnerable. Flying Squirrel has no fantastic origin and her life is empty. A plump woman, the Flying Squirrel allows herself only one treat a day. Who knows what she does with leftovers; She doesn't appear to have cheek-sacks. She wears a loosely fitting squirrel costume and feels terrible about herself. She is always apologetic and grovels for approval sometimes. Flying Squirrel suffers from self-esteem problems but she spoke her mind when the world was against the ice cream terrorist Uncle Creamy. In an earlier fight she had seen good in the ice-criminal and she was right. She saved Uncle Creamy later when she sicced the squirrel population on the assassin hired to destroy Creamy, Ivan Brubeck.
[Voiced by: Laraine Newman]

Forehead, The: The Forehead was one of three misshapen miscreants sent by Chairface Chippendale, furniture-faced king of hideously deformed underworldlings, to pilfer the Geissman Lenses for Professor Chromedome's Awesome Laser Cannon and the only one to escape--along with the Geismann Goods--when American Maid chose to use her stiletto pumps to save a moth-suited man from malicious mangling (at the horrid hands of bullying Boils Brown, a dermatological disaster), forgoing the flouncing of the fleeing felon Forehead with footwear (Whew!). He is a typical underworld villain with a large forehead, and, in the comics, is the leader of the Triggermen out of Chicago. He was also in the Evil Eye when The Tick and Arthur seemed to have gone evil. They were looking for the Enemy Awards and he didn't believe that they were evil. He demanded that they eat a kitten and the ruse was uncovered.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Fortissimo Brothers, The: The Fortissimo Brothers work as hired muscle for Octopaganini, the villainous virtuoso. They are both very large and are identical in appearance, each wearing a earth-tone suit and derby. Violin shapes adorn their jackets as well. The Fortissimo Brothers are as strong as 10 strong men, that's strong enough to lift and throw a small building together. It's hard to say whether they are as strong as 10 strong men apiece or 20 men altogether, but it is enough to know that they are very strong. They assisted the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy in the attempt to take over Belgium by replacing the King of Belgium with a robotic duplicate.
The Fortissimo Brothers made an appearance at the 45th Annual Enemy Awards. They were hired to run the music and lights at the secret entrance to the famed villain awards show.

Four-Hundred Year Bloom: The 400 Year Bloom is a wonder of the botanical world. It blooms every 400 years and if it isn't soothed by music at the time of its blooming, it can bloom in the "bad way". A bad bloom is capable of massive destruction. 800 years ago a bad bloom occurred that wiped out the entire Mirimoto Dynasty. When it blooms badly, it can grow to epic proportions, tearing up the surrounding area with its twisted roots. It does not behave and it's trouble like nobody's business. In Episode 19 the bloom came to The City on tour with the botanist, Professor Ikebana. The tour didn't arrive alone, though. The villainous plant king, El Seed hungered to add the bloom to his collection. In desperation, Professor Ikebana switched plants with Arthur who played music and sang to it to keep it in line. El Seed kidnapped Ikebana but was angered to find the switch had occurred. The Tick and American Maid left Arthur and the bloom to rescue the Professor. The bloom was taken from Arthur by the Bee Twins and Rosebud. El Seed promoted the growth of the 400 Year Bloom but with the help of Arthur's hay fever, The Tick and American Maid were able to find El Seed. With a powerful performance, Arthur sung the bloom into submission. It was returned to Professor Ikebana and El Seed was put into custody.

4-Legged Man: The leader of the Civic Minded 5, 4-Legged Man is also in charge of Roll Call. He has four legs (duh), a red suit with the words "(4 Legs)" on the chest, and sometimes smokes a pipe. If you watch closely through all of his appearances, you'll notice that his eyes seem to be closed at all the time.
[Voiced by: Roger Rose]

Frederica: See Soren and Fred!

Friendly Fire:

Furniture Czar: Furniture Czar is one of the largest furniture outlets in The City. It has the biggest collection of furniture and is the perfect place for someone who is amassing a furniture army. The warehouse's slogan is "I may be Ivan but my furniture ain't terrible!" The Ottoman robbed the Furniture Czar to add to her growing furniture empire.

Fuzzy Person, The: [Comic Books] The Fuzzy Person is a puzzling menace. He/she can puff his/herself up to three times his/her normal size. No one knows the origin, or sex, of the Fuzzy Person, not even his/her teammates, the Evileers. The Fuzzy Person's appearance is almost humorous.

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