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The Tick


Gauntlets, The: Go to Mole Gauntlets!

Garden Weasel: [Comic Books]

Geissman Lenses, The: These flawless lenses were stolen by Forehead, Boils, and Zipperneck for Chairface Chippendale's birthday party. The lenses were incorporated into the Awesome Heat Ray by the nefarious Professor Chromedome. With the laser and its lenses, Chairface and Chromedome were able to carve letters into the Moon.
It took 10 years to grind these lenses down to absolute perfection. When properly arranged, they can focus the light of a single candle into a heat-ray of unparalleled range and power. The Awesome Heat Ray makes that power even greater.

General, The: See National Guard, The!

George Washington Carver: George Washington Carver was an American agricultural chemist and educator who lived from around 1864 to 1943. He is well known for developing crop-rotation methods for conserving nutrients in soil and he discovered hundreds of new uses for crops such as the peanut and soybean. He taught Southern farmers to plant cotton one year and peanuts the next. Even though many of the peanuts were used to feed livestock, large surpluses quickly developed. Carver then developed 325 different uses for the extra peanuts, everything from cooking oil to printers ink. Carver also found that pecans and sweet potatoes enriched soils as well. He later discovered almost 20 uses for these crops, including synthetic rubber and material for paving highways. When George died, he contributed his life savings to establish a research institute at Tuskegee.
He was kidnapped from time by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. He was later returned to his time when the Mother was defeated.

Get That Moustache: See Episode 27!

Gezundtitan: Gezundtitan was one of the Superhero Students The Tick taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center and definitely the most powerful. He is allergic to almost everything, pine resin, airborne pollen, and his own perspiration. He has a superhumanly strong sneeze which is triggered by his allergies. His main weakness is the control of his sneeze because he is unable to control his allergies. His sneeze allows him to fly a short distance without a possibility of a good landing. He can also blow away opposition and escape confinement with a sneeze. Gezundtitan always has a head cold due to the allergens in the air so he speaks with a nasally voice. He also seems unwell most of the time with red, swollen, watery eyes. The titan wears a white costume with a red cape. The chest is covered with a large nose protruding outwards. The nose has no purpose other then for decoration and identification.
[Voiced by: Paul Eiding]

Gingerbread Minions: The Breadmaster attempted to take over The City by unleashing his Gingerbread Minions as a diversion. Each cookie was painstakingly frosted with pink icing, and given menacing expressions. He sent a package of cookies to each of his enemies, distracting them long enough for his plans to come together. The ginger fiends terrorized Arthur while The Tick while he was in Belgium for the International Superhero Exchange Program. The gingerly upstarts went as far as ramming Speak into Arthur's face and attacking the poor sidekick with kitchen utensils. No hero was more frightened by the little cookies then Die Fledermaus who couldn't sleep for a week after an encounter. After a brief spree of terror, the cookies went stale due to their lack of artificial preservatives. Die Fledermaus attempted to retrieve his dignity by bragging about his battles with the menacing pastries but Arthur and Eclair saw through his ruse.

Gingerbread Tank: The Breadmaster's pastry tank of destruction is entirely made of gingerbread and icing. The glazed gingerbread and frosting can repel energy based attacks, even the lightning vision of Eclair. A gun mounted by the portal has the ability to shoot quick setting frosting strong enough to encase and hold the strongest of superbeings. The main turret gun can shoot out heavy artillery eclairs and blintzes. The tank was immobilized by Arthur when he demonstrated that milk beat cookies when he poured milk from the Very Fast Bakery all over the tank's treads. Eclair destroyed the tank with a full lightning bolt aimed down the barrel of the juggernaut's turret.

Glyptodon: The glyptodon is an extinct South American quaternary mammal allied to the armadillo. It was as large as an ox, was covered in tessellated scales, and had fluted teeth.
The Great Times Prehistoric Resort and Hotel featured a ride in which one of the resort's highly evolved visitors could "Ride the Giant Glypto!"

Grandpa Wore Tights: Go to Episode 26.

Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel, The: The Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel is a theme resort for highly evolved humans of the far off future. Time travelers come to the resort for relaxation. Most of them come from 101,996 A.D. to visit the dawn of humanity. The Pleistocene epoch is a favored tourist spot. The resort is usually packed with the future of humanity during the peak seasons. Every room is booked. The guests at this hotel have class.
Bellbots carry luggage and they have a staff of australopithecines to wait tables. Don't make eye contact. Explore the harsh environment or just relax in a tropical setting. Go to the tar pits and see how fossils are made. Go on a prehistoric safari. Eat prehistoric creatures in the dining room. You can even go for a ride on a giant glypto.
The hotel manager is a rude, sarcastic, and demeaning man. He finds himself to be so far above the help that he becomes abusive towards them. He is supposedly an evolved human with an oversized cranium and neck bulge. He ordered the bellbots to capture The Tick's tribe because the last group of waiters had quit. He tried to teach the ape-men about table manners but he didn't try too hard and he was very impatient. When The Tick embarrassed him in front of guests, the manager decided to punish the hero by sending him through time several pieces at a time. He managed to send The Tick's head to a 1956 golf course ("Men in plaid! Hi. What time is it?" "Oh, about 10:30. Jerry, I'm gonna need a 5 iron on this one.") before Arthur and the tribe were able to stop him. Arthur sent the hotel manager to the big bang with one of the hotel's own time travel devices ("Monkey-Bunny! I'll get you for this!") and returned The Tick's head to its body ("Hole in one!").

Guy Who Looks Just Like Peter Lorre, The: This Peter Lorre look-alike was present at Chairface Chippendale's birthday party. He gave Chairface Dean as a present, a gift that Chairface was very pleased with and still uses today. It was The Guy Who Looks Just Like Peter Lorre who exposed the undercover Tick when he refused to try the crab puffs that were eventually force fed to him.

Guy With Ears Like Little Raisins, The: The Guy With Ears Like Little Raisins was present at the birthday party of Chairface Chippendale. He has ears like little raisins. In the comics, the Guy with Ears Like Little Raisins, along with Cheeks Chaney, was among Chairface Chippendale's best goons. Both of these criminals were lost during the Canoli Caper in Italy, 1971.

Handy: Handy is the intelligent hand puppet of the Human Ton. Handy is green in color, has yarn for hair, and has a seam running down his middle. He now has an eye patch covering his missing, googly left eye. He lost this eye when Arthur pulled Handy off of the Human Ton's hand and proceeded to stomp him flat. His other eye was ripped off during a battle with the Decency Squad.
[Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche (?)]

Hank Danvers:

Harriet Curse: Harriet was present at Chairface Chippendale's birthday party, in the comics and the cartoon. A horrid human being, Harriet enjoys pulling the wings off of butterflies. She is rich and into the whole high society thing, something that her step-daughter, Oedipus can do without. She is a kitten strangling witch and the scariest, most evil woman that The Tick has ever met.
Harriet Curse has a sickly yellowish-green complexion and wears a dress that almost slithers when she walks. She also wears a pointed, diamond shaped bra that only adds to her fiendish image. Her hair is always up in a bun, she has long, clawed finger nails, and she smokes those cigarette things that you put on a long tube and well, uh, nevermind.

Headless Henderson: Henderson was present at the birthday gala of Chairface Chippendale. He has no head and drinks and eats by pouring what he consumes down the collar of his coat.

Heroes: Heroes is a television show that imitates "Cops" and is based on members of America's superhero population. The show is filmed entirely on location and each episode is devoted to one outstanding superhero and a day in his/her life. The theme song and opening credits are rather elaborate and feature many superheroes and villains. Some appearing in the credits include Jet Valkyrie, Mighty Agrippa, the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, Bigshot, Chairface Chippendale, Professor Chromedome, Bipolar Bear, the Brachiating Man, and El Flamingo, who dramatically strikes a pose at the credits end.
In the episode "Heroes", the show followed the exploits of The Tick. The camera crew had a hard time following him while on rooftop patrol, they kept falling off, getting tangled in clotheslines, or knocked out for hours by flying bricks. They decided to give The Tick a special, head mounted video camera that is usually used for chimpanzees. At Ben's Diner, The Tick got mashed potatoes all over the lens, something that the monkeys did all of the time. While at the diner, the camera man was kidnapped by the Deadly Bulb, the villain of the episode. Of course any villain has to sign a release form before appearing on air.

Heroes: Go to Episode 21.

Herr Professor: Also known as Dr. Think, Herr Professor is an eccentric scientist who once fought with The Terror and Joseph Stalin against the Decency Squad in the forties. He invented the mind control devices that controlled the Robot Zombie Men that fought the Decency Squad in 1948.
He now helps defend The City by creating wild solutions to some of its more devastating problems. In Episode 3 he planned to subdue the rampaging Dinosaur Neil by luring him towards a giant pair of pants. Herr Professor believed that Dinosaur Neil could be defeated with a giant pair of pants. The pants would be used to distract Neil and lure him out of The City. The largest trousers in the world were quickly constructed but the plan failed when the pants were hit by lightening. Herr Professor responded to this tragedy by screaming, "liar, liar, pants on fire". In Episode 23 he attempted to lure the ant colonies of Queen Betty to a giant, nougatty candy bar. Notice the reoccurring giant, luring, and pants themes. He has wild, white hair, wears circular glasses, is German, and is confined to a wheelchair.
When the ants revolted against humanity in Episode 22, Herr Professor again offered his services to The City. He deduced that ants are "nuts for nougat" and had a giant candy bar constructed. The candy bar was the largest ever made in the entire world. He had the candy bar set on the City's outskirts and the smell was fanned towards the giant ant hill in the middle of The City. He believed the ants would be drawn to the candy bar and forsake The City for it. The candy itself was laced with nitroglycerine and would destroy anything eating it. The candy bar didn't put the City into debt but it nearly did and the professor's plan was a dismal failure.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Hey Empire, The: Heys are an alien race that worships nothing. In Episode 24, they attempted to destroy the universe because they'd do anything to obtain nothing. The Big Nothing was their ultimate goal. Poised at the opening of a black hole and protected by an anti-gravity forcefield, the Heys were about to attempt to insert one black hole into another. The Heys began their "goodbye to everything" speech thirteen years ago. The leader of the Heys was coming to the end of his speech when The Tick, Arthur, and the Whats arrived to stop them. The Tick infiltrated their ranks as a bomb was released into the black hole. The Tick was able to hold himself together long enough to retrieve the bomb and the Heys were astounded. After that heroic deed The Tick survived and destroyed the Infinity Ball, the Heys' most dangerous doomsday device. After this display of power, the Heys stopped worshipping nothing and began worshipping The Tick unto a god.
The Heys look just like Arthur, at least they dress exactly like Arthur. They come in a variety of human type colors and shapes but their uniforms are always white. The Heys are a chatty race and very ceremonious. They over prepare for everything and draw things out during every event. The Heys' entire language consists of one word, the word "hey". They are dangerously deranged annihilists and are the Whats' worst enemies but after The Tick saved the universe, they changed their ways. They found something to worship to fill the nothing that they once that so ruled their lives.

Holly Golovely: Holly is a Girl of Project Shave, a defunct group lead by Jim Rage. She is a master of Kung-Fu, superb at demolitions, and a She-Devil with a comb. She is a very tall, very beautiful, African American woman who is very skilled in her arts. She graduated from the Ohio School of Beauty (Est. in 1922) with her fellow Shave members Kitty and Crystal. All three have nothing more to do with Jim Rage and the Mustache that he chased for twenty long years. They are all happy for the Mustache and happy that they do not have to live in Jim's RV anymore.
[Voiced by: Iona Morris]

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