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The Tick


Honesty Cola: Honesty Cola's slogan is MMMmmmm and it has a wrestling promotion featuring the Human Baboon and Beautiful Steven from France.
Mindy Moleford was the official spokesmodel for Honesty Cola. Here's a snippet of her commercial: "I've been drinking Honesty Cola for almost as long as I've had my mole. In fact, drinking Honesty Cola is what made me an internationally famous beautiful supermodel! Honest!"
It was an electric Honesty Cola billboard that burned an M into Multiple Santa's red suit when it bestowed upon him the power to generate electricity-based clones of himself.

Hotel La Fleur Du Mal: Forthcoming!

Hooks Horowitz: Hooks is one of Chairface Chippendale's henchmen. He has no head and his hands have been replaced with hooks. He is very strong and usually works as Chairface's doorman.

Human Bullet, The: The Human Bullet ( Mitch to his friends) wears a gray costume and a gold colored helmet in the shape of a bullet. The most incredible feature about this superhero, however, is his fearless nature. When he hears the sirens of crime, he loads himself into a large cannon in his suburban back yard, and with the help of his son Fire Me Boy he speeds through the air towards the City
The large cannon has an aiming mechanism and a charge that can be set to different levels. The Human Bullet usually arrives at the worst of times. He once flew into the stomach of the monstrous Dinosaur Neil, causing the beast to cough up a large aspirin given him by The Tick to cure his bestial growth. Bullet undid The Tick's work and The Tick had to feed the aspirin to Neil again.
The Human Bullet first appeared in The Tick Vs. The Idea Men. He wasn't really involved with the plot. When the Idea Men took over The City Dam and the crime sirens went off, Bullet sprung into action. He was fired from the cannon and bounced off of the dam. Of course he survived the impact, though it's hard to believe that his helmet protected him from all that potential damage.
Sometimes he is more of a nuisance than anything. He has been known to crash into things, crash into other superheroes, bounce off of dams, you name it. All he ever seems to do is hurt himself and this upsets his wife. In Episode 19, when Fire Me Boy was playing at a friends house like a normal little boy, the Bullet's wife refused to push the plunger and set off the charge that would shoot him into action. Luckily, his next-door neighbor, Chet, volunteered ("Having a little trouble with the old cannon, eh, Mitch? I'll fire ya.") to his wife's dismay ("Thanks a lot, Chet").
The Human Bullet was once awakened from a sound sleep by The Tick to help save The City from a city swallowing soufflé created by the Breadmaster. The Tick asked the Bullet for the use of his cannon set at a triple charge. The Human Bullet protested saying that a triple charge would produce an explosion with a speed that could destroy a normal human. The Tick advised him that he was abnormal enough to survive and proceeded with his plan. The cannon created a sonic boom when fired and the soufflé fell, blanketing The City in fluffy pastry. The Tick must have flown miles through the air but, of course, was not harmed.
[Voiced by: Jess Harnell, Mrs. Human Bullet voiced by: Pat Musick]

Human Ton, The: The Human Ton is 2,000 pounds of pure evil. A massive villain, the Human Ton bases most of his decisions on the commands of his hand puppet, Handy. The Ton, an obvious schizoid, has great strength but seldom ever involves the hand bearing the puppet in his destructive acts, although, Handy has punched Arthur out on one occasion. The Ton's more frequently used methods of attack are biting ones head or sitting on ones body. It hurts.
The Human Ton is a blob of a man and wears an overstretched muscle shirt that reads "1 Ton". He also wears shorts that appear to be made of rubber and boots that his legs seem to have been pried into. He's not a handsome man. He is 2,000 pounds of pure evil and he is immune to many forms of conventional injury. He can be taken out by force though.
Handy is green in color, has yarn for hair, and has a seem running down his middle. He now has an eye patch covering his missing, googly left eye. He lost this eye when Arthur pulled Handy off of the Human Ton's hand and proceeded to stomp him flat. His other eye was ripped off during a battle with the Decency Squad.
The puppet is known to quote or refer to works of literature that may relate to the situation that he faces, and when not given the proper response to his comments, screams at his foes to "Read a Book!" The Ton tries to emulate Handy sometimes but when he tries to repeat one of Handy's analogies he botches it up entirely.
When Handy is removed from the hand of the Human Ton, the Ton usually screams in shock for a few moments. When he witnessed the severe stomping of Handy by Arthur in Episode 13, he screamed Handy's name and fainted. When Handy is mutilated while on the Ton's hand, like in Episode 26 by the Living Doll, he is gets bent on revenge.
Handy is not animated without the Ton and has no mind of his own. The funny thing is, the Human Ton is usually not animated without Handy and seems to have no mind of his own. His apparent lack of mentality covers up a genius' mind that he displays through the puppet. When Handy is taken off of the Ton, the Ton falls into a traumatic state. When Arthur stole Handy from the Human Ton and stomped him flat on the pavement, the Ton freaked and eventually feinted. Handy has the s strength of the Human Ton behind him. When Handy punches, it's like being hit by a stronger then average person. One tactic the Human Ton seems to enjoy is eating his opponent's head. It's amazing because Handy can still speak while the Ton has his mouth full.
A member of The Terror's group which I refer to as the Evileers and a trusted ally of The Terror, the Human Ton currently resides in The City's prison. Handy tried to take over The Terror's group when they first met because he believed The Terror to be senile. He was broken out of the prison in Episode 13 by The Terror to recover the Desirovac, but thanks to The Tick, he is back where he belongs.

Hypnotic Chromatic Happy Apple, The: [Comic Books] The Hypnotic Chromatic Happy apple, patent pending, was invented by Toy De Force. It's a shiny little plastic toy apple with a cute face painted on it. Anyone who looks at the happy apple is entranced and remains so till the apple is removed from his or her line of sight. The apple is shiny and jingling and has been known to show greatest effectiveness on middle aged hotel managers. The Tick almost succumbed to the apple which Toy De Force installed within the chest compartment of his Tick android, Tina. Arthur helped The Tick defeat the lure of the happy apple and the robot was defeated. The apple fell next to the downed robot, right in its line of sight. Toy De Force, who was watching his robot's built in monitor, went instantly comatose.

Idea Men, The: When The Tick began his crimefighting career in The City, his first villainous obstacle was the Idea Men, a group of organized thieves in steal masks. Their first confrontation with The Tick was at Rive Droite's Savings and Loan were they escaped by the use of a large "thought balloon" blimp. There were seven crimes that lead up to one big one, the previous seven being practice for the final caper. They threatened to flood The City after taking The City Dam hostage. They gave the mayor an ultimatum, "give money or bomb dam, flood city". The ransom was paid but the villains stuck to their plan to blow up the dam. The bomb's timer was irreversible but The Tick was nigh-invulnerable. He took the bomb to the top of the dam and it exploded, leaving The Tick uninjured but thoroughly destroying the Idea Men's blimp. Ultimately, the Idea Men escaped but their plans were ruined.
The Idea Men are smartly dressed men in gray suits and gray steel masks that open with hinges. The masks provide no protection other then for their concealed identities. It is hard to hear what the criminals are saying through the masks; How they communicate between each other is a mystery. When they want to get a point across to the public without mistakes, they use signs or cue cards. They carry tommy guns like the gangsters they emulate. So, what was the big idea? Their main goal was a simple one--They thought they'd steal a lot of money... And then they'd be rich and wouldn't have to work anymore! They at least accomplished some of that goal because they were able to make expensive bids on The Tick at Brainchild's auction in Coach Fussell's Lament.

Indigestible Man, The: A long time associate of Chairface Chippendale, the Indigestible Man is an expert in one of the most unlikeliest of fields. No one knows his way around a body better than the Indigestible Man and his skin is completely indigestible. He wears a suit which is not indigestible and his hair is white, probably bleached by stomach acids. When he is hired to enter someone's body, he carries a indigestible briefcase that contains many items that aides him in his tasks. It has a super computer that can be hooked directly up to the brain giving the Indigestible Man complete control over his host. It has a grapple that can be used to enter the host through the mouth or any other convenient orifice. The case has a cauterizing laser so he can cut through layers of tissue and then seal them up again. It even has a throat vibration device that allows him to communicate through his computer without opening his mouth. All of this equipment was used to take over the motor control centers of Dinosaur Neil for Chairface Chippendale. The plan would have worked had The Tick not shown up to defeat the human parasite.

Infinity Ball, The: The Infinity Ball is a fearsome device used by the Hey Empire. It resembles a sideways 8 ball and doesn't look menacing at all. It is powerful though. The ball has telekinetic powers, is extremely fast, and squeaks when it moves. It even has hyperspace technology built in. The Whats are extremely afraid of the Infinity Ball. They were chased across the universe by the little engine of destruction. When The Tick destroyed the Hey's attempts of bringing forth a universe ending cataclysm, he was attacked by the Infinity Ball. The ball crashed into the heroes chest, falling to the ground after impact. The most devastating weapon in the Hey's arsenal proved to be less devastating then it was once believed to be. In fact, it was pretty lame.

International Superhero Exchange Program, The: The International Superhero Exchange Program exchanges the world's superheroes to promote peace and harmony between the planet's countries. Each hero that is chosen for the exchange receives a dossier with papers describing the country they are to visit and its people. A letter of congratulations is also sent, wishing the participant a career enriching experience. The Tick received such a letter and was mildly excited to find the country he would visit was to be Belgium. In the exchange, America was to receive Antwerp's suave defender, Eclair.

Interplaner Portal Pal: The Interplaner Portal Pal, patent pending, is a device used by the otherworldly threat of Thrakkorzog to travel between dimensions. It is a toaster like machine that can rip a hole in the fabric between realities. It is activated by a large red button clearly marked "don't touch". The ride between realities is an unpleasant one and Thrakkorzog said himself that he'd rather be strained through chain linked fence then be sent back to Dimension 14B. I'm not sure how painful this would be for Thrakkorzog since he is a gelatinous based organism. The Portal Pal is a lot heavier than it looks. Arthur discovered this when he used it to send Thrakkorzog back to his own dimension. Another thing Arthur discovered was that the Pal runs on electricity and needs an extension cord with a special adapter when it used away from a wall outlet.

Itlan: Itlan is the annoying phrase commonly used by the Deertown Aztecs. When the Aztec's plane crashed in Central America they took up the ways of the Aztecs and they believed that the word Itlan was essential to their "civilization". The word itself was presumably taken from the side of the Aztec's plane, Air Itlan. Itlan was banned from use by the chief, Wally Head, after Carmelita expressed her annoyance for it.

Ivan Brubeck: Ivan Brubeck is a Soviet assassin. He was once a KGB enforcer and soldier of fortune. He is now Uncle Creamy. The Uncle Creamy Corporation hired him as the company's new mascot after the last Uncle Creamy was disfigured in an ice cream related accident. The company's chairman, Ezra Fleener, hired Brubeck to destroy the previous Uncle Creamy. Fleener was deceiving the public with his ice cream and the previous Uncle Creamy knew and was waging an all out war against the company. Ivan was to take care of the company's problem. He had his chance at the corporation's annual "picnic in the park". Brubeck tried to win the hearts of the children in attendance but his insincerity ruined it a bit. The other Uncle Creamy attacked the corporate representatives and was confronted by the new Creamy. Ivan Brubeck was defeated by a little teamwork when Flying Squirrel sicced the park's squirrels on him, distracting him long enough for The Tick to plant a fist across his face. Brubeck was arrested along with Fleener when the corporation's secrets were revealed. Ivan was fired by Fleener for his failure.
The Ivan Brubeck Uncle Creamy wears a large, body-covering, orange cone and a red, armored ice cream helmet. His arms and legs stick out of holes in the cone. One of these arms comes to a point which opens up to form a whirling buzz saw attachment. Ivan can use this buzz saw to block incoming objects and ice cream blasts. A rocket launcher is strapped to the other arm which can fire a torpedo rocket at great force. He even has boot jets. The ice cream cone armor is fitted with a device that can produce a searing electrical force field that can repel almost any living being. The armor also protects him from damage caused by explosive force. This Uncle Creamy is an improvement of the previous spokes-character but with the other Uncle Creamy's Triple Ripple induced powers, they are combat equals. Ivan's favorite animal is the mako shark because it's a sleek, efficient killing machine, just like himself.

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