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The Tick


J. J. Vatos: J. J. Vatos is a famous millionaire inventor and the father of Carmelita. Many people think he's nuts. He's eccentric at the least. He is a brilliant scientist and recorded all his finds and inventions in a notebook, in secret code. The key to the code was hidden in Arthur's moth suit. One day, J. J. said to himself, "Sure, I've invented a lot of stuff... But what am I gonna do next?" He decided to walk across America. It was during this trek that Dr. Vatos had a rather unusual encounter with a large, bipedal whale. The whale was Blow-Hole, a cross-country running leviathan, and, though the exact details are unknown, he somehow managed to swallow the Dr., mid-pilgrimage. And there J. J. sat, in the belly of a whale, for 10 years until the beast resurfaced to begin its long jog again. It was then that his rescuers, Carmelita, Arthur, and The Tick were swallowed by the mammoth overall-wearing creature after successfully repelling an attempt by Swiss Industrial Spies to procure the key to Dr. Vatos's code. Though Vatos had never really considered the possibility of leaving (he did, after all, have a toothbrush), he was able to suggest the traditional method of leaving a whale--To smoke one's way out. Reluctantly, The Tick allowed his newly created sidekick, the Little Wooden Boy, to sacrifice himself, that the rest of the group might be sneezed back onto the highway. Vatos then was formally introduced to Arthur: "Nice to meet you, young man... Do you have pants?" And so was Carmelita Vatos reuinted with her long-lost father.

J. J. Vatos and his Mind Swapping Device were popular attractions at the Mad Scientist Convention. The Tick and Arthur volunteered to guinea pig for the device while Carmelita helped set up the exhibit, Booth 41 among hundreds more. He had planned to break the mind barrier that night but he had only tested the device on lab rats before hand. The Tick and Arthur were told not to talk about the device to the press but The Tick slipped and Professor Chromedome found out about it. Though the metal-headed mad scientist planned to boycott the Fair, Chairface Chippendale, furniture-faced king of the hideously deformed underworldlings, ordered him to attend and to steal the device.
When Carmelita, uncertain about where her relationship with Arthur was going (they'd yet to kiss), asked her father when he and her mother had first kissed, J. J. told her that he proposed to her two minutes after he met her, but that was in the old days when everyone was worried about polio. "But, then again, these are the nineties!" he told her. "I say, kiss the boy." He's a loving father and a pacifist.
[Voiced by: Steve Susskind]

Jack Tuber: Jack Tuber--man of a thousand faces! He has a big potato for a head and his features are fully interchangeable. He loves to play practical jokes with his "bucket o' parts" (such as the ever popular "nose in the drink" gag, as demonstrated on Eyebrows Mulligan) and when punched in the face, his facial features fly into fragments. Jack attended the birthday party of Chairface Chippendale and was present at the Evil Eye when The Tick and Arthur went "bad".

Jeff's Pay and Spray: Jeff's Pay and Spray is the all night cropduster rental where El Seed rented his cropduster in Episode 6.

Jelly-Boy: [Comic Books]

Jet Valkyrie: Jet Valkyrie is a female superhero from Deertown who likes to dress in stainless steel. She was present at the Comet Club when The Tick and Barry fought over their shared superhero name and deftly dodged a come on line from Die Fledermaus by telling him that he makes her sick to her stomach. "Oh, it's always about you, isn't it!" he sourly replied.
[Voiced by: Susan Silo]

Jim the Doorman: Jim is the superhero bouncer at the superhero night spot, the Comet Club. His job is to I.D. all of the superheroes coming into the club and detect the sidekicks and send them out to the club's seperate Sidekick's Lounge. His Super Doorman Senses aide him in this by ringing whenever a sidekick enters the establishment. He also has a whistle, a door emblazoned on his chest, and can float above the ground. When Jim tried to throw Arthur out as the latter attempted to save the club from the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight, Sewer Urchin stepped in and knocked the Doorman out with his stink. (Awww, don't hurt him... He's definitely our ride home!")

Jim Rage: Jim Rage is a secret agent and the leader of the governmentally un-funded organization called Project Shave. He hates the Living Mustache with an obsession and recruited the girls of Shave to help in his mission. The Girls include Crystal, Kitty, and Holly, all being incredibley skilled fighters and beauticians. Jim is secretly in love with Crystal and waits for the right to declare that love. He might have a little longer to wait than he expected since the girls are no longer associated with him.
Rage is a harsh, abrasive man. He has been after the Mustache for over twenty years and he is very bitter because of his failures in the pursuit. He is so estranged that he wears an eye patch even though both of his eyes work perfectly. He also wears a red jumpsuit and runs around barefoot. Jim is not reluctant to injure innocents that stand between him and the Mustache as this quote demonstrates: "Nobody moves or everybody gets hurt!"
Jim has been referred to as "Jim Rave" in "The Tick: Mighty Blue Justice". Tick fans, beware!
[Voiced by: Brad Garrett]

Johann Gutenberg: Johann Gutenberg was the German inventor of moveable type who lived from approximately 1400 to 1468. Until Johann came around, books had to be written out by hand. He had started working as in the Mainz mint pressing coins. He liked to carve wood into the shapes of letters too. Gutenberg was determined to create a new way to print books because poor people couldn't afford the extravagance of hand written books. This became his lifework and everything took a backseat to it. In 1455, the Gutenberg bible was printed. It was the first book of such size and importance to be printed with Johann's invention of moveable type. His dedication made it possible for books to be distributed to a greater audience, increasing the effectiveness of religions and the literacy of the entire world. He was kidnapped from time by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. He was later returned to his time when the Mother was defeated.
[Voiced by: Hamilton Camp]

Johnny Polite: The sidekick of the legendary Captain Decency and a member of the Decency Squad, Johnny doesn't seem to have any superpowers beyond his advanced fighting skills. He seldom has the chance to use these skills on villains because he is so polite. In Episode 26 he was subdued by The Terror and his Desirovac when he accepted The Terror's offer of chocolate. He was swept away in a chocolatey wave. Johnny wears a typical cape and mask and has full lips and boyish physique common amongst sidekicks everywhere. He also wears a parachute.
[Voiced by: Cam Clarke]

Joseph Stalin: One of Russia's most infamous rulers, Stalin nevertheless took a back seat in the late nineteen forties to then-coconspirator The Terror. Joe's "small potatoes" ideas--such as intercontinental ballistic missles--were rejected by this black-clad bandit who opted instead for such grand devices as Kremlin Dome missles and Dr. Think's secret army of Atomic Robot Zombie Men ("Zee largest secret army of atomic robot zombie men... in zhe vorld!"). This secret army was never completed, however, due to the "meddling" of Captain Decency and his Decency Squad in "Nineteen-Ought-Forty-Eight", as recalled by a retired Visual Eye in episode 26, "Grandpa Wore Tights".
An obsessed follower of Stalin's regime named Stalingrad is currently enrolled in the Evileers with Joseph's old ally, The Terror. Stalingrad's current whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen escaping the Capitol building with his love, Tuun-La, "Not of this world".
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Julius Pendecker:Julius Pendecker is the genius inventor at Pendecker Laboratories. His speech is garbled and rarely understandable. He has a uni-brow and wild hair that is common among his kind. He wears a typical lab outfit fully equipped with pocket protector. His lab is concerned with public relations because it's the biggest invention laboratory in The City. He has large robots that were especially designed to guard his inventions.
He hates Mr. Mental. Mental was the mastermind behind two semi-successful robberies from Pendecker Laboratories. He first hypnotized The Tick into stealing the Thinking Cap and later stole the Mental Plasm device when he escaped Julius' custody. Pendecker used Mental as a lab rat for the mental plasm device after he was jailed for the theft of the Thinking Cap.
The Thinking Cap and Mental Plasm device are not the only known Pendecker inventions. The experimental Pendecker Series IV holograph projector belt can be used to cloak a man in a holographic illusion. Pendecker's men used the device to disguise themselves as dingoes to recapture Mr. Mental in Episode 31. Pendecker used the device himself later that episode to disguise himself as a baby to get to Mental. He struggled with Mental but eventually escaped by helicopter, swearing that Mental would pay for the thievery someday.
[Voiced by: Mark Hamill]

Jungle Janet: A member of the Civic Minded 5, Jungle Janet is stronger than average, a gifted acrobat, and can swing from tree to tree like Tarzan. She wears a leopard skin bathing suit and a metal belt with the name "Janet" displayed at the buckle. She is just about the only member of the 5 with any form of courage or sense.
[Voiced by: Susan Silo]

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