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The Tick


Karma: [Comic Books] Karma is an ancient belief that deals with the actions a person takes in this life affecting his fate in his reincarnated life. It is almost a measurement of ones goodness and attributes. The Tick has Cary Grant karma because he always prevails. Barry Hubris has Mussolini karma because he was doing good for a while and then had a really bad day. Arthur has Charlie Brown karma. We all have our own individual destinies.

Karma Tornado:

Ka-Ro: [Comic Books] Ka-Ro is the birthname of Clark Oppenheimer, AKA the Caped Wonder. Ka-Ro was born on the distant planet of Ottercreek, but was sent to Earth by his father Ban-Al to lead the children of Earth as the shepard does lead the silver-eyed mauve ginx.

King Crime: [Comic Books] King Crime is the arch nemesis of the Sultan. He is a cash loving crimeboss with a crown who had a crime Monopoly along with the SuperSyndicate in The City during the 40's and 50's. He, along with the Syndicate, was defeated by the Sultan leaving a large hole in the City to be filled with smaller time villains, to the Sultan's disappointment.

King of Belgium, The: The King of Belgium is a balding leader, with a mustache and a love for sausages. He arrived in Antwerp to christen a few ships and break ground for a new shopping mall. It is widely known amongst its citizens that when the King arrives in Antwerp, he stops at a single sausage stand. Octopaginini knew this and he devised a plan to replace the King. With the help of the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy and the Fortissimo Brothers, the King was kidnapped at the sausage stand were he was at his most vulnerable, and the plan was set in motion. The Robot Cowboy created a robotic replica of the king and with it, the villains would rule all of Belgium. The King was eventually rescued by The Tick and Blitzen and Belgium was saved from Octopaginini's spidery clutches.
[Voiced by: Phil Proctor]

Kissing a Smoker: Is like licking Darren McGavin. (Or so says the poster in the Weekly World Planet building...)

Kittens, eating: It's just plain wrong! And no one should do it! EVER!

Kitty Zangatu: Kitty is a Girl of Project Shave, a defunct group lead by Jim Rage. She is talented in ninjitsu, remarkable at kung-fu, and a master at electrolysis. She is Hispanic and is fluent in Spanish. She translates notes and letters written by the Mustache, a very important role indeed. She graduated from the Ohio School of Beauty with her fellow Shave members Crystal and Holly. All three have nothing more to do with Jim Rage and the Mustache that he chased for twenty long years. They are all happy for the Mustache and happy that they do not have to live in Jim's RV anymore.
[Voiced by: Yareli Arizmendi]

Larry: Larry is the Treasurer for the underground society of Mole Men. He traveled to the surface world with the Mole King, Bob, and Todd on vacation. Larry has a mole on the right side of his chin. He was arrested with the Mole King when they performed the Ancient Traditional Mole Man Courtship Ritual for Mindy Moleford. He wears mining overalls, heavy work boots, and a mining helmet with flashlight.
[Voiced by: Micky Dolenz]

Lava Man, The: The Lava Man is one of many subterranean assassins who are constantly at war with the Mole Men. They are a fiery tempered evil bunch made of living breathing lava. The Lava Men and the Mole Men have been at war for centuries; it takes ten Mole Men to defeat one Lava Man. These volcano spawn can breath fiery lava, can melt through practically any substance that melts, and can increase their heat.
Fighting a Lava Man is like fighting a pressure cooker. The Tick tangled with one that was sent to assassinate the vacationing Mole King. The Lava Man grabbed The Tick and made his head hot before he was thrown onto a manhole cover. The monster melted through and escaped by use of the sewer, thoroughly scaring Sewer Urchin.
The assassin Lava Man arrived on the surface world the same way the Mole Men did, through Arthur's apartment's laundry room floor. He disguised himself in a semi-fireproof trenchcoat and hat. He was to assassinate the Mole King, giving the Lava Men an advantage in the underground war. He didn't succeed. He was defeated when the Mole Men made a wind tunnel with their Gauntlets and The Tick doused him with water from a fire hydrant. His rigid body was returned to the underground kingdom of the Mole Men.

Lenses: See Geissman Lenses!

Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo da Vinci was a Florentine artist and engineer, a prime example of a renaissance man, who lived from 1452 to 1519. Among some his more famous paintings are Madonna on the Rocks, the Adoration of the Magi, the Last Supper, and the Mona Lisa. He also kept an extensive notebook on the human body and his numerous inventions.
Leonardo was with Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, the Mona Lisa, in his attila working on his paintings, a hydraulic pump, and a submarine with a screen door on it when it happened. He and Lisa were kidnapped from time by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. They were imprisoned in a glass cage by the Mother of Invention with several other inventors that he had also kidnapped. With the help of the other inventors, Leonardo was able to duplicate one of his designs for a flying machine by using parts from a bunk bed. He escaped and promised the others that he'd seek help.
While looking for help, Leonardo crashed his flying machine into a patrolling Arthur. Each of them blamed the other for the destruction of the flying machine. Of course, nobody believed that Leonardo was the real thing at first and The Tick even compared him to "the guy in the park". After Leonardo convinced the heroes they returned to Arthur's apartment and formed a plan to rescue the others and foil the evil plots of the Mother of Invention. Leonardo was able to create another flying machine out of Arthur's couch and bicycle when they were attacked by Mongols sent by the Mother. The Monguls were defeated and Arthur and Leonardo flew The Tick to the warehouse were the Mother of Invention based his villainous operations. When they arrived at the warehouse, the three heroes battled the minions of the Mother of Invention. The other inventors escaped their confinement and helped in the battle and the Mother of Invention was eventually defeated. Leonardo and the others were sent back to their own times by Arthur.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Leonardo DaVinci and His Fightin' Genius Time-Commandos: Go to Episode 17.

Leotard Legends Monthly: Leotard Legends Monthly is a favorite magazine among superheroes. It was from an ad on the back of this magazine that The Tick ordered his Fiend Finder Tracking Device (which turned out to be a rip-off).
A copy of the magazine also made a fine seat cover during the long trip to The City in Episode 1.

Little Anne: [Comic Books]

Little Wooden Boy: When Arthur first met Carmelita, he skipped hobby night to go on a date to The Tick's dismay. Little Wooden Boy was originally a simple block of wood, until he was "freed" from it by The Tick. While Arthur was at the Bistro D' Burden with Carmelita, The Tick took Little Wooden Boy on patrol with him. He told Little Wooden Boy that disloyalty was the worst sin in the world ("You wouldn't lie to me... Would you, little wooden boy?"), since he was still upset about Arthur spending more time with Carmelita than him. He confided in Little Wooden Boy, regarding him as his best friend during a time of sorrow. The Tick even claims that the wooden carving talked back. Little Wooden Boy later helped defeat the Swiss Industrial Spies by knocking one of them unconscious. He proved to be an excellent thrown weapon. When Arthur, Carmelita, and The Tick were swallowed by the jogging whale, Blowhole, it was Little Wooden Boy who sacrificed his life to saving his friends. He was burned to force the whale to sneeze, releasing The Tick and friends from captivity. Saddened by the loss of his companion, The Tick exclaimed "Oh Little Wooden Boy!" and burst into tears. A valiant hero, Little Wooden Boy sacrificed himself to save his friends and he shall be missed. The void left behind by Little Wooden Boy was eventually filled by Speak, the furry, moist avenger.

Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love, The: Go to Episode 14.

Living Doll, The: A member of the Decency Squad, the Living Doll is usually saved for the reserves. Within his body there is a smaller version of him and within that version is an even smaller body and so on. Each body works independently from the others and sometimes the Doll makes the mistake of leaving one body out when he puts himself back together. His motto is: "I'm full of tinier men!" The Living Doll was responsible for ripping the remaining eye off of the Human Ton's puppet, Handy.

Lonely Annex, The: The Lonely Annex is an Adult Education center which has a number of courses for Adults. On such course, is a Superhero Training Course, which was taught by The Tick, and Arthur, his Sidekick/Teacher's Assistant. Among those enrolled in the course were the Superhero Students Flying Squirrel, Babyboomerangutan, Gezundtitan, Sarcastro, and Mr. Exciting. In the first lesson, The Tick taught the ABC's of Superheroing. A is for Action, and B and C are for Battle Cry. The first exercise was for them to say their battle cry, tell a little bit about themselves, and take their best shot at The Tick. The second lesson was a test of their Search and Apprehension procedures. Arthur was dressed in large foam pads with the words "Super Villain" written on them, while The Tick pretended to be a lady who had just had her purse stolen. The course lasted for 4 weeks. All the "superheroes of the future" passed the course, except Sar-Castro.... who passed with highest honors.... yeah right!

Lotta Velour: Lotta Velour was the accordianist opening act for Mr. Mental at the Evil Eye.
Check out Lotta's Song in The Tick's Songbook!

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