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The Tick


Mad Nanny, The: Miriam Brunch is 54 year old employee of the Ms. Muffet Baby Sitting Service. She was hired by Charles' parents to look after their son when they went on vacation. Brainchild rebelled against this new authority figure and transformed her into a mindless cyborg engine of terror in an attempt to lure The Tick into his clutches. She spent four days on a spree of destruction looking for The Tick. Her rampage destroyed such places as Ben's Diner and Earl McBain's Old Tyme Toy and Memorabilia Shop. The Tick had had enough. He tackled the nanny but was spanked for his efforts. He struggled in her grasp and was then kidnapped when she turned into a large rocket. Later, when the mental control was broken, she helped The Tick by taking care of Brainchild's robot dog, Skippy. The nefarious nanny was only a pawn, there was a sensitive child caring professional hidden in there all along.
Miriam Brunch was stuck in a large robot carapace. She had electrodes in her temples controlling her thoughts. She still had her nanny instincts but they were under Brainchild's control. Her shoulder launching missiles caused the most damage but her fist lasers were formidable too. Her torso ended at a pivot point that was attached to a large set of tank treads. She has the strength to pick up and toss a cop car in this shell. She can also transform into a large rocket.

Mad Scientist Convention, The: The Annual Mad Scientist Convention is a wondrous event were mad scientists get together to display their weird experiments and fantastic creations. Some are angry, some are insane, but most are at the convention. At the beginning of the fair, Brian Pinhead interviewed the nefarious Dr. Mung Mung, The Tick, and Arthur about sights and sounds of the convention. Many scientists were present to show off their inventions to a public that shuns and fears them. Some of the more well known scientists present were J. J. "Eureka" Vatos, inventor of the Mind Swapping Device, Dr. Mung Mung and his hideous creation, Tongue Tongue, Prof. Emmit Peelie, zebra scientist, Regina Hume, creator of Can O Man, and even a special visit by the criminal scientist, Professor Chromedome. There were over a hundred booths with exhibits to boggle minds everywhere.

Madame Woo-Woo: See: Regina Hume!

Man Eating Cow, The: [Comic Books] The Man Eating Cow is just what her name implies--a man-eater. She was the only bovine to survive in Chairface Chippendale's cow and alligator pit in the comics. All of the other cows were eaten. The introduction of the cows into the pit saved Angus McGuire and the Tick from becoming gator snacks themselves.
The Cow saved The Tick from an assassination attempt by the Triggermen by eating the criminals. She has tasted human blood, she's a killer, but she's also a fighter of the good fight. When The Tick departed for New York with Arthur, The City was left in the capable hooves of the Man Eating Cow.
The Man Eating Cow is fresh from America's dairy lands. She joined The Terror's supervillain group for some odd reason. Her alliance was short lived however, after the defeat of the team, she was returned to her dairyland pasture. She was never once seen eating a cow and seemed to be a very friendly animal.

Man-O-War: See Portuguese Man-O-War, The!

Maneuvers: Maneuver 11z is very similar to an old high school prank that involves your sidekick crawling behind your opponent on hands and knees while you give the villain a shove, toppling him over your sidekick. This usually works well if your opponent and sidekick are the same size and you are a zebra.
Maneuver 14b involves Arthur climbing onto The Tick's shoulders and sitting there. It is supposed to give the illusion of a two-headed hero and should instill fear into the hearts of the villains that they use this maneuver on. Maneuver 14c is very similar to 14b. In this maneuver, Arthur is supposed to catch The Tick while he plummets off of a rooftop. He is supposed to fly The Tick around as a twin-headed Arthur-powered flying engine of justice. Arthur can't do maneuver 14c. He can barely do maneuver 14b.

Maus Mobile, The: Die Fledermaus' Maus Mobile comes loaded with options. It has electric windows, 8 track and cassette player, and inflatable pontoons at the push of a button. The car is very slow but can be sped up with nitros. Die Fledermaus used the Maus Mobile to drive a rescue party for The Tick to Brainchild's house. The car finally blew up and caught fire and Die Fledermaus was unsuccessful at putting the fire out with his cape. They eventually had to hitch a ride with the pickup driving trees of El Seed.

Mayor Blank: In The Tick Vs. The Idea Men, Mayor Blank was willing to save his City from the Idea Men terrorists by paying their ransom of The City Dam. The ransom he delivered personally, 10 million dollars, was the biggest in The City's history and was supposed to save The City from flooding. The Idea Men reversed their agreement and attempted to blow the dam anyway but were stopped by The City's newest superhero, The Tick. This superheroic act got the Mayor's attention and he and The Tick have been associates ever since.
When The Tick presented Mayor Blank with the Tick Signal, he was grateful but told The Tick that he has a lot of them and they usually didn't work. He mentioned that every time that he uses the Die Fledermaus signal, Die Fledermaus disconnects his phone and leaves town for a week.
When The Tick seemed to have died on the moon mission, Operation Erase, the mayor gathered people to pay tribute The City's favorite hero. He commissioned a large fiberglass resin statue of The Tick which had a big head according to Die Fledermaus. He also gave Arthur a deluxe assortment of cheeses in a hand crafted wicker basket. Die Fledermaus ate most of the cheeses.
When the ants revolted against humanity in Episode 22, Mayor Blank found himself in a difficult spot. The ants were not subject to the laws of humans but they were bent on the destruction of The City, It was more of a job for waste management but he decided to call the National Guard instead. The City was put on alert and Blank almost went into a mental breakdown. He decided he needed a new stress management plan after the situation was resolved. Throughout the crisis, Blank confided in Sgt. Doodlehead and Herr Professor but they didn't provide much help. It was eventually the Tick who saved The City from the ant siege.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley]

Mental Plasm: Mental Plasm is the substance of psychic energy, it's thought made flesh. The Plasm is created when Julius Pendecker's mental plasm device is used by a being with vast mental powers, like Mr. Mental. The actual device looks like a giant rattle which was appropriate because Mr. Mental was covered in a baby illusion when he constructed it. He stole the device from Pendecker after escaping from his labs after Pendecker used him as a guinea pig for the device. The solid thought creation is attached to the psychic's head by a long umbilical cord and can be destroyed by severing the cord. When at full power, the creation has the strength to surpass that of The Tick's.

Meteor, The: [Comic Books] At first, the meteor was thought to be merely a clastic sediment from Utah. The colony of Ricardo of the distant planet of Belfadore 38 traveled to earth aboard the small meteor to warn the earth of the evil offshoot of their species, Anne. Anne is an imperialistic society, bent on interstellar rule while Ricardo is a peaceful group with a love for scientific pursuits and water sports. These races have mastered the building blocks of matter and have technology light years ahead of our own. They are amoeba-sized cheese fiends and enjoy condiments as well.
The meteor carrying Ricardo struck the side of The Tick's head in its descent but The Tick was nice enough to cater to their needs and make their stay on Earth an enjoyable one. Ricardo warned The Tick that Canada was going to be the next world superpower and they will work to enslave all of the nations of Earth. They know this because they have special telescopes that allow them to see into the future.

Mighty Agrippa, The: Mighty Agrippa is the Roman god of the aqueduct. He wears a Roman helmet with a small aqueduct on the top and centurion armor and cape. He also carries a cement knife and uses the expression "Silly Putty!" Agrippa can teleport large volumes of water from any part of the world to his location to drench opponents. He has the power to relocate the entire Indian Ocean if he wanted to. When The Tick and Arthur arrived in New York, Agrippa showed them around and took them to the illustrious Comet Club. On the show, Mighty Agrippa fights crime in the city of Deertown.

Milkie the Milk Boy: Milkie the Milk Boy worked at Stuart's Food Castle before it was demolished by one of the Breadmaster's bread bombs. Milkie's job was to hand out free milk samples to the store's customers. The Tick likes him because he is full of dairy goodness but watch out for that milk mustache. Milkie wears a baggy white costume with a cardboard milk carton helmet. The helmet has a happy face on it.

Milo: Milo is Venus' man-slave and enjoys his demeaning role. He is a slave to her will and does everything he is told though sometimes he is so overwhelmed by a new invention that he has to try it out. She isn't always interested in his "crackpot contraptions" but sometimes they prove very useful. One such invention was a tuning fork-like object whose blast left The Tick and Arthur armless. He gathered these arms and with them made two more inventions, Arthur and Tick robots. They were very unconvincing replicas but the citizens of The City seemed to fall for their ploy and with the robots, the villains destroyed the reputations of the two heroes. It was Venus' hopes to use this act of evil as a stepping stone towards a coveted Enemy Award. Arthur and The Tick's arms were returned to them by Plungerman when Venus and Milo were defeated at the Enemy Awards reception.
Milo is a weasely man, very dumpy and nerdy. He wears a cupid-like costume with wings, a heart on the chest, open-toed sandals, and cottony underwear. He also wears glasses and keeps his tuning fork weapon strapped to his waist. His costume has a visible zipper going all the way up the front. He lovingly refers to Venus as a big minx because she always seems to have a plan.

Milton Roe: See: Angry Red Herring, The!

Mind Swapping Device: J. J. Vatos invented the Mind Swapping Device in a peaceful effort and exhibited it at the Mad Scientist Fair. The device is a football shaped machine with two transference dishes poking out the ends. Vatos believed it was the first step towards world peace. You can't really understand a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins, and this device would allow that to be a possibility. The Tick and Arthur guinea pigged for the device but after their minds were swapped, the device was stolen by Professor Chromedome. He activated the device and everyone present was victim to a swap meeting of the minds. The minds swapped were:

The Tick's mind to Arthur's body
Arthur's mind to The Tick's body
Professor Chromedome's mind to Carmelita's body
Carmelita's mind to Professor Chromedome's body
Professor Chromedome's mind to The Tick's body
The Tick's mind to Prof. Emmit Peelie's zebra body
Prof. Emmit Peelie's mind to Regina Hume's body
Regina Hume's mind to J. J. Vatos' body
J. J. Vatos' mind to Carmelita's body
Carmelita's mind to Can O Man's body
Can O Man's mind to Professor Chromedome's body
Arthur's mind to Tongue Tongue's body
Tongue Tongue's mind to Arthur's body
Dr. Mung Mung's mind to Dr. Mung Mung's body (how odd)
Professor Chromedome's mind to Chairface Chippendale's body
Chairface Chippendale's mind to The Tick's body
Prof. Emmit Peelie's mind to Can O Man's body
The Tick's mind to Carmelita's body

Minda: Minda [MYN-da] is the lovely, blond-haired former assistant of the stage performer/evil mental master, Mr. Mental. She wears a sparkling, silver stage costume and a golden tiara. She has a grating nasal voice. Minda showed no emotional support for Mr. Mental when she was his assistant and always called him by his first name, Mel, while in public. After Mr. Mental was incarcerated for stealing the Thinking Cap, Minda went her own way professionally. She got a job at Captain Sanity's Superhero Clinic as a receptionist. She was called on by Mr. Mental to retrieve the device from a taxi cab he accidentally left it in but was almost refused. After prodding and a story, Mr. Mental convinced her to retrieve his device but she told him it would be the very last time. Minda likes her new life and does not want to dominate the world anymore. She is through with Mr. Mental and lives a normal life working at Captain Sanity's.
[Voiced by: Jennifer Darling]

Mindy Moleford: Mindy Moleford is an internationally famous supermodel. She is a spokesperson for Honesty Cola and she has been drinking it almost as long as she's had her mole, which is on her upper lip. She can always be seen wearing her sparkling, red dress. When in public, she is always seen with Paul, her publicist. She can sometimes be seen at the Bistro D' Burden.
When the Mole King proclaimed his love for her, Mindy was a bit confused by him, but charmed. She told him that supermodels usually don't date guys who live in the dirt, but even she had to admit that she had a strange feeling whenever she was around him. Her publicist was the main obstacle between Mindy and Mole King's love. When the Mole King serenaded Mindy with the Ancient Traditional Mole Man Courtship Ritual, Paul had him arrested. Mindy finally succumbed to her love of the Mole King when the Mole Men where attacked by the Lava Man outside the jail. She donned a set of mole gauntlets and helped create a wind tunnel to defeat the monster. Afterwards, she dropped the charges and returned to the Mole Kingdom with the Mole Men. She revealed that her mother was a Mole Woman and her dad was a spelunker, supermodeling was not for her, she is too down to earth, and she wants to get back to her roots. She left her high class life to become the Mole King's Mole Queen.

Miriam Brunch: See: Mad Nanny, The!

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