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The Tick


Mr. Envelope: [Comic Books] Member of the Civic Minded Five in Issue 9, Mr. Envelope uses his envelope gun to trap criminals. The envelopes can expand after he fires to trap an opponent but cannot hold said opponent for very long. Mr. Envelope has an envelope on his forehead, a stamp belt buckle, and stamps on his gauntlets.

Mr. Exciting: Mr. Exciting was one of the Superhero Students The Tick taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center. He is always very excited and it takes a lot to break his excitement. He is also very energetic and athletic to the point that he may someday burst. His battle cry is "It's great to be alive" and lives life to the fullest and to the extreme. Mr. Exciting never stands still, he's always moving, twitching, running in circles, jumping, whooping, and screaming. He is a little over excited. He was snapped out of his excitement by the Soviet Ivan Brubeck, when he was shocked senseless by the assassin's electric force field. He admitted that experience was "a little too exciting". Mr. Exciting wears tennis shoes, a tee-shirt with an exclamation mark on the chest, shorts, and rounded glasses. He loves ice cream. Heck, he loves just about everything. Mr. Exciting once tried to release the excitement in The Tick's companion Speak without results. He was warned that he was "playing with fire"--the capybara was not an animal to be messed with and especially not one to be licked.
[Voiced by: Danny Mann]

Mr. Mental:Mr. Mental is bald and wears a costume with "MENTAL" printed on the chest and a flowing cape and cowl.
Mel Mental, aka Mr. Mental, first appeared in Episode 4 when he invited The Tick and Arthur to one of his mentallist shows at the Evil Eye for free. Before his act, he was introduced as the world's greatest mentallist with his lovely assistant Minda. During his stage act, Mental displayed his hypnotic powers by volunteering The Tick from the audience and making him cluck like a chicken on stage. What the Tick didn't realize was that Mental had implanted a hypnotic suggestion in his mind during the act that would make the hero a slave to Mel's will. What Mental wanted most in his career was the fabled Thinking Cap invented by Julius Pendecker and Pendecker Laboratories. The cap, combined with his own mental powers, would make Mr. mental the most powerful mind on the planet. Later that night, Mental forged a mind link with The Tick. To communicate over a long distance, Mental needed complete concentration, something he had trouble achieving with Minda watching television. When his concentration was broken the mind link would be broken. He succeeded in pummeling The Tick's mind and beating it into submission. He opened the floodgates of the hero's worst nightmare ("A day job... In an office? My worst nightmare!") leaving The Tick highly susceptible to Mental's control.
The Tick was ordered to travel to Pendecker Laboratories and steal the box marked Thinking Cap and bring it back to Mental who was staying at Joe's Live Bait and Lodging. The scheme was successful and the Thinking Cap was delivered by The Tick. Mel put it on and received immense mental powers including levitation, telekinesis, mental zaps, and all out destructive forces. With his newly acquired power, Mental would rule the world. Teamwork from Arthur, Caped Chameleon, Sewer Urchin, and the released Tick was not enough to defeat Mental and the villain escaped by floating above a beam of mental energy that destroyed the ground directly below. A new plan was needed and the heroes caught up with the villain. The Tick called Mental "a bad act" and tackled him, holding off the ever increasing forces of the villain's eye beams. The other heroes also tackled Mental and distracted him long enough for The Tick to pull the choke on the Thinking Cap, flooding the mentallist's mind. The Thinking Cap was destroyed and Mr. Mental was left with a bad headache as the authorities took him into custody.
As punishment for his acts on Julius Pendecker's labs, Mr. Mental was taken captive by the mumbling genius inventor and used as the subject of experiments involving metal plasm, the mind made flesh. Mr. Mental escaped the clutches of Pendecker with the experimental device that makes thought into substance. He decided that the safest place to hide was amidst his greatest enemies, The Tick and Arthur. He hypnotized them both into believing that he was a baby left on their doorstep. The Tick took over the natural instinct of parenting to Mr. Mental's dismay but Arthur saw through the disguise more than once and was instantly re-hypnotized. The Tick decided a trip to the park was just what baby Mel needed. Little did he know that Julius Pendecker was creating a scheme to retrieve his device. He sent a few of his best men to the park to intercept Mr. Mental. They disguised themselves as dingos by using one of Julius' inventions. They attacked Mental. The Tick went frantic because it looked like dingos were attacking his baby so he defeated them all.
While hiding in a tire play-structure, Mr. Mental contacted his former assistant Minda with a telepathic link. The Mental Plasm device was accidentally left in a taxi cab and there was no way Mr. Mental could get to it where he was. Minda had moved on to working as a receptionist at Captain Superhero's Sanitarium and "put him on hold" while she scheduled in an appointment for Bipolar Bear. He convinced her to do one last favor for him and retrieve the silver briefcase the device was in from the taxi lost and found after work.
Later, after receiving the device from Minda, he locked himself in Arthur's bedroom and completed its assembly. Julius Pendecker wouldn't quit. He used one of his belts to create his own baby illusion and walked into Athur's apartment. Julius and Mental struggled over the device and both of their covers were blown. It didn't matter to Mental because he had the device and he used it. He created a mental plasm monster and retreated to the roof. The Tick battled with the monster while Julius made his escape by helicopter. He made one last grab at the device and they struggled more, breaking Mental's concentration on the battle. As The Tick struggled with the thought made flesh, Arthur bit through the cord that connected the mental plasmic monster to Mental's mind, thereby defeating him. Julius flew off in the helicopter cursing Mr. Mental. Mental himself was placed into police custody and scolded by The Tick for ruining their family.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Mr. Planters: [Comic Books] Mr. Planters is a villain with a head that looks like a large peanut. He wears a top hat and a monocle. Planters took part in the birthday celebration of the infamous Chairface Chippendale in the comics.

Mr. Smarty Pants: Mr. Smarty Pants, alias the Fin, is the world's angriest dolphin. He was a star attraction for the Reno based entertrainers, Soren and Frederica before he was freed by the Cult of the Fin, a devoted group of dolphin activists. He is the smartest dolphin in the world and has a fine command of the English language. Appalled by his weakness for fresh fish, and Soren and Fred's exploitations of that weakness, the Fin set out to create a large Fish Magnet. To obtain the "food of the gods" as he calls it, he sent his cult out to retrieve parts in which to build his magnet. One of the Fin's philosophies is "Money doesn't put fish on the table. Fish puts fish on the table" which is silly since the Fin doesn't even use a table while dining.
Soren and Fred unexpectedly showed up in one of his fish shipments that he had sent the Cult to gather, shortly after the completion of the Fish Magnet. Bent on revenge, the Fin decided to treat the twins as they treated him, by hanging them from a crane in a giant pair of pants. Before he was able to set fire to the pants, The Tick and Arthur arrived and freed the two. The Fin activated the magnet, in an attempt to bury Reno in fish. After the ensuing battle, Arthur managed to reverse the polarity on the magnet and send the fish back to their point of origin. The Tick wrestled with the dolphin and somehow got involved in a game of holding breath under water. The Tick won and the exhausted Fin was taken into custody. He was returned to the ownership of Soren and Fred for his crimes. They billed the act "Mr. Smarty Pants: the World's Angriest Dolphin" and made more money then they had before.
[Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche]

Mr. Tragedy: [Comic Books]

Mr. Wiederspahn: Mr. Wiederspahn, of Wiederspahn and Wong, an accounting firm, is Arthur's former employer and the man who fired him in Episode 1. Arthur was fond of wearing a mothsuit to work and his fellow workers found that sort of "rampant individuality" disturbing.
In the nightmare that Arthur related to the usual superheroes at Ben's Diner at the beginning of Episode 29, Mr. Wiederspahn called Arthur into his office. Only he wasn't Mr. Wiederspahn. He was a woman. Or... A cat. And he said that he had reviewed Arthur's performance and "found it to be flaccid and disappointing." And that's when Arthur realized that he wasn't wearing any pants.

Mrs. Brunch: See Mad Nanny, The!

Mole Gauntlets: When a code blue situation manifests itself, the Mole Men bring out the gauntlets. The gauntlets are mechanical claws that fit over the hands and enhance the Mole Person's natural skill of burrowing. With the gauntlets, a group of Mole Men can create such things as wind tunnels to defeat their arch enemies, Lava Men. Mindy Moleford once helped a party of vacationing Mole Men by volunteering to help with her own pair of gauntlets.

Mole King, The: The Mole King is the ruler of the underground society of Mole Men. He traveled to the surface world with Todd, Bob, and Larry on vacation. He has a mole by his right ear. He wears a work suit with royal cape and crown. He isn't really that royal though. He accepted The Tick and Arthur's hospitality gracefully.
Since he first laid eyes on her in a commercial, the Mole King was in love with supermodel, Mindy Moleford. He made it his surface world goal to make her his Mole Queen. When The Tick and Arthur took the King and his subjects to the Bistro D'Burden for a night out, they saw Mindy. He proclaimed his love to her on the way to the bathroom but she didn't know what to say. Her publicist stepped between them and the liaison was ended practically before it began. This didn't deter the Mole King, he followed Mindy to her house and was beaten up by Mindy's bodyguards. He declared that he would were the bruises like a badge of honor for his love. He took Larry with him the second time and performed the Ancient Traditional Mole Man Courtship Ritual outside her home. They were arrested for disturbing the peace and thrown in jail. While in jail he told Larry that love was his food and he was starving. Mindy came to tell him how sorry she was, he asked her to marry him and said it was meant to be. Before she could answer, her publicist dragged her away.
All this time, the Mole King was being stalked by an underground assassin, a Lava Man with orders to terminate him. The Lava Man finally caught up to the King in the jail but luckily, so did the Tick. The Mole King, his Mole Men, The Tick, and even Mindy worked together to subdue the Lava Man. After the battle, Mindy revealed that she was part Mole Man and said that she would be the Mole King's queen. They left the surface world together in a tunnel of love created by the Mole Man burrowing vehicle.

Mole Men, The: While on vacation to the surface world, the first such expedition in 50 years, the Mole Men burrowed through the floor of Arthur's laundry room with their burrowing vehicle, startling The Tick on cleaning day. The Mole Men kingdom lies at the center of the earth and they were subterranean ambassadors. Arthur was reluctant to take the Mole Men in because he knew nothing about them, but The Tick convinced him that they were all right and needed guides. The Mole Men who visited the surface world that day included the monarch, Mole King, Bob, Larry, and Todd. All Mole People have moles somewhere on their faces, it's a species characteristic. They all have nasally voices and are short as well. The Mole Woman is believed to be the apotheosis of beauty by each Mole Man, all except for the King who fell in love with Mindy Moleford, a famous supermodel. Each Mole Person has a collapsible skeleton, probably to fit through tight tunnels. Their large, underdeveloped, subterranean eyes can't handle direct sunlight so Arthur and The Tick gave them sunglasses and eventually decided to give them a tour of the surface world by night. They had never seen the sky before and were awed by the surfaces blazing ceiling. The Mole People are in constant war with the destructive Lava Men and regard the snails of the world as their subterranean brethren. They love the life amongst the earth's resources, able to pick riches from the walls of rock whenever they need it. Their kingdom is very rich.

Mona Lisa: The Mona Lisa is an oil on canvas painting that stands 30 1/4 X 21 inches and was painted by the famed renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. From 1503 to 1506, Leonardo painted the portrait of Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, the wife of a prominent citizen of Italy. It is one of the most recognizable paintings, and smiles, in the world. The woman named Lisa was accidentally sucked into a time warp created by the Mother of Invention to kidnap Leonardo da Vinci.

Monolith Kentucky: [Comic Books] The people of the small farming community of Monolith, Kentucky are a very inquisitive sort. A monolith of alien origins stands outside the city and anyone who touches it gains a vast gift of intelligence and curiosity. Along with this intelligence comes a desire to experiment. Many of the farmers of the area are master inventors thanks to the monolith. Their intelligence is far beyond that of any known on earth. Some of the inventions created by these people include particle accelerators and bone marrow substitutes. One of their greatest inventions is the collapsible, non-flammable gasoline substitute that can sustain a car for 200,000 miles. When The Tick and Arthur arrived in Monolith, they were welcomed warmly. Later, The Tick was used as a guinea pig for an experiment that blew up and shot him in the air. Arthur found the monolith and received many solutions to the earth's problems when The Tick flew through the air and into the monolith, destroying it completely. The intellect given to Arthur and the farmer was evaporated along with the alien contraption.

Moon, The: The moon's not all that pretty and no one lives up there. It has been a victim of many defacements over the years. Chairface Chippendale attempted to commit the ultimate act of valdalism--writing his name on the moon with a laser cannon. And he made it as far as "CHA" before The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid managed to stop him.
In Episode 15, the National Space Program decided to repair the damage done to the moon by Chairface. The Tick was chosen to accompany scientists and construction workers in Operation Erase. When the others of the project decided to let the indestructable guy do the dangerous work, The Tick, given a hasty briefing, confused the explosive device with his jet pack and blew himself into deep space. He did, at least, manage to blow up the "C". At the end of the episode, the galactic being, Omnipotus, devourer of worlds, took a bite out of the moon before leaving our solar system to tide him over until his next meal. The moon now reads "HA" and has a big bite taken out of the right side.

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