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The Tick


Mother of Invention, The: The Mother of Invention's biggest ambition was to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. He was willing to cast the world back into the Dark Ages for his dream. His plans to take credit for the last 600 years of technology led to his kidnapping of the famous inventors Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Johann Gutenberg, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, and Wheel, the cavewoman inventor of the wheel. With the help of these inventors, and his hired hugs, the Mongols, Roman centurions, ninja, knights, and elephant riders, he would control all of the technology in the world. When Leonardo da Vinci escaped the Mother of Invention's clutches, he sent the Mongols after him. He gave them a temporal anomaly finder but they were beaten back when they discovered that The Tick and Arthur had joined forces with the renaissance man.
The Mother of Invention and his minions were defeated when The Tick, Arthur, and da Vinci arrived at his hideout. They were about to be captured themselves when the other inventors escaped their confinement and beat back the hordes with a war machine they had all invented together. Defeated, the Mother of Invention temporarily escaped and sent his time bomb to the renaissance. He was captured by The Tick, who called him mom, and Arthur used his time machine to send The Tick back to the renaissance to diffuse the bomb. The bomb had landed in a fountain and the citizens of the city were contemplating its artisticness when The Tick arrived. He was able to press the off switch and save the future from a second Dark Age.
The Mother of Invention was thrown out of air conditioner repair school. He wasn't very good at inventing but he did stumble upon a working time machine that he wore as a ridiculous looking hat. He is a petty little man and usually hires others to do his dirty work for him. He doesn't even make good on the deals he makes with his minions. The Mother wears glasses, an apron with pockets for tools, a long gown, and slippers. He also has a large mole on his face and gets upset whenever people stare at it. It's hard not to stare at it when he is talking to you. He is hard to take seriously anyway.
[Voiced by: Paul Williams]

Mucilage Man: See Captain Mucilage!

Multi-Mega Devastator Cannon: The Multi-Mega Devestator Cannon is one of Brainchild's inventions. Its parts where retrieved by Brainchild's faithful dog, Skippy. One piece of the Cannon's puzzle was a common microwave, "the men who manufacture them do not know about all their evil settings". Brainchild used his cannon in an attempt to smash the moon into the Earth, blow The Tick up, and animate common household appliances to perform his evil deeds. It's wicked!

Multiple Santa: At first, Multiple Santa was a bank robber, he robbed Rive Droite's Savings and Loan to start his origin. He stuffed as much money in his big bag before the police arrived and took off to evade capture. To disguise himself, he mugged a Santa-clad bellringer, taking his clothes. The ploy didn't work, however. As he continued to run from the police, he bumped into The Tick who believed him to be the real deal. As The Tick tried to convince him to stop, Multiple Santa was chased to the top of a building were he fell and landed against an Honesty Cola billboard, electrocuting him. He was thought to have died but for some reason the electrocution gave him special duplicating powers. An "M" was burned into his costume, marking him as the original. Multiple Santa can create many static duplicates of himself and he uses these duplicates in his robberies. When his powers were discovered, he escalated his robberies and instantly became newsworthy. He robbed many stores including Angry Hank's Technorama. After making more epic naughty in Santa threads, Multiple Santa came upon a group of caroling heroes led by The Tick. A fight ensued and The Tick was frozen. He couldn't hit Santa. The heroes were creamed and the Santa menace continued.
Multiple Santa gets his jollies off of electricity. A good jolt gives him the power to create massive amounts of duplicates. He decided the best place to get such a jolt was at the hydro electric plant at the City dam. He realized that if he could tap into that energy he'd have an army of duplicates to take over The City with. The streets would run red with Santa! When Multiple Santa reached the dam, he hugged the power plant's dynamo, creating a surge that was responsible for the dam's release of a river of Santas. The Tick managed to swim through the "Yule tide" to reach the dam. He found the villain's weakness, noogies, and vigorously applied one to every Santa he saw. The Tick defeated Multiple Santa after sending a surge of static electricity through the river of Santas. The Tick was able to restore joy to Christmas by ending the threat of Multiple Santa.
Multiple Santa has a cottony beard, rosy cheeks, and a belly that jiggles when he laughs, just like the real Santa. Multiple Santa doesn't have Santa's rosy disposition though. He is an evil man who likes to steal from people during Christmas time. The villain looks so much like Santa how would anyone be able to tell who is who. Simple. If he kicks you in the stomach, it's probably not Santa. Watch out for that bag of gifts. He uses it as a fierce weapon.
The duplicates of Multiple Santa are not as intelligent and do not have much direction other then what's given them by the villain. All they can say is "Ho-ho-ho" but if you get enough of them together you have a very large problem on your hands. You can always tell which are the duplicates because the original Santa has an "M" burned into his costume. The best way to destroy the Kringle clones is to apply static electricity to them. It shorts them out and causes them to disappear. The limit to Multiple Santa's duplicating ability is not known but he can take the full energy of dam's generator to make a virtual tidal wave of duplicates. The Tick was able to defeat Multiple Santa with the application of the electricity robbing noogie.
In the comics, Multiple Santa was a member of The Terror's group of supervillains called the Evileers. He frequently annoyed The Terror because he went to far to keep his Santa motif complete. He couldn't even press a button without his mittens getting in the way.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Must Go Shopping Plaza: The Must Go Shopping Plaza was the plaza where The Tick defeated Dinosaur Neil. The Tick was able to force the monster to swallow a giant aspirin made especially for him by Bang Pharmaceuticals. The plaza was threatened with destruction when the National Guard arrived but Arthur was able to convince them that The Tick new what he was doing.

Mustache, The:The Mustache was created in 1974, somewhere in Argentina, as a living weapon. The Russians were on the brink of creating a Beard and America needed to close the facial hair gap during the Cold War. The Mustache went rogue after it learned of the existence of the Russian Beard and spent twenty long years in search of it. This incredible organism traveled around the world by attaching itself to unsuspecting hosts. The obsessed secret agent, Jim Rage followed it all those years to retrieve it for the government. Project Shave was especially created to bring back the Mustache but lost its funding in 1986. The Mustache can only speak Spanish and has wonderful clerical skills.

The Tick woke up in Episode 27 to find the Mustache attached to his upper lip. He was excited at first, proudly showing his new attribute to his friends and completely annoying Arthur with his mustache speeches. All this ended when The Tick caught the Mustache typing a reply letter to an RB in the classifieds. They struggled and The Tick was finally subdued when the Mustache touched his brain.
Project Shave finally caught up with the Mustache at Dot and Neil's wedding reception. They completely destroyed the party and the Mustache escaped by attaching itself to Sewer Urchin and swinging him by the lips for 12 and a half miles to the Dewey Bridge. It was there that Jim Rage was ultimately defeated and the Mustache was united with its love, the Russian Beard.

Mystic Order of Arachnid Vigilance, The: [Comic Books] The Mystic Order of Arachnid Vigilance (or MOAV) was conceived by a group of Tick worshippers that fled Evanston Asylum when The Tick broke out. Also known as The Tick Society, MOAV membership is available by all for a fee of ten dollars. Membership includes the membership card and certificate, The Tick Society handbook, society button, Tick photo, a secret decoder, and an official straw.

National Guard, The: The General in command of the National Guard is a large, gruff man with a mustache. He is a one star general and isn't very good at making decisions were civilians are concerned. He'd wage war in the middle of The City if he thought the enemy was a big enough threat to the nation's security. His services are almost always available during a large crisis and he commands a decent size strike unit.
The National Guard won't offer their services unless the situation is serious. When Dinosaur Neil rampaged, they told Mayor Blank that he had to be on an official rampage before the National Guard would come. The rampage was declared and a whole battalion was driven into The City. Luckily, Arthur convinced the General that The Tick had things under control. The General was easily distracted by Arthur's ramblings about aspirin and its history.
When the ants revolted against humanity in Episode 22, Mayor Blank again called the National Guard. The general decided the best form of action was a preventive air strike with saturation bombing to defeat the ants and halt the war they were waging on humanity. He believed The City would be an acceptable loss, a casualty of war. After all, you can't let the enemy walk all over you. He attempted to destroy the ants along with missiles but The Tick prevented that from happening.

National Space Program, The: A year after the moon was defaced by Chairface Chippendale, the National Space Program (NSP) decided it was time to fix it. They sent a group of scientists and construction workers on a space mission to restore the moon to its original glory. The Tick was invited along on Operation Erase and he became the first superhero to be officially involved in a space mission. The mission was a partial success, the "C" was destroyed but so, it appeared, was The Tick. Meanwhile, deep in space, the Quixote satellite lost contact with earth when it crashed into the back of the cosmic being, Omnipotus. It was found later by The Tick who survived the explosion on the moon. The satellite was discarded into space and never seen again.

National Superhero Institute: Every year, superheroes from across the nation flock to the National Super Institute to compete for the best cities to protect from crime. The convention is held annually in Reno Nevada. Some of the more well known heroes who competed at the 45th annual event include the Blowfish Avenger, Jet Valkyrie, and The Tick.

Neil: See Dinosaur Neil!

New England Comics:

New York: [Comic Books] New York is saturated with superhero talent. It even caters to these heroes with the Comet Club, the premiere superhero nightclub. Some of the more obscure New York heroes include Big Red, Generic Superhero, The Anvil, Deviled Man, Flymo, Cardsharp, Miss Thang, Blind Devil, Skateboard Viking, Atom Boy, Hand Drill Harry, Friendly Fire, Bouncer, and Hand Grenade Man.

News 17: News 17 has reported on many disasters in The City's history. They were there when Dinosaur Neil got married and went on his second rampage. They even made a special report on Neil called "Dinosaur Neil Deja Vu".

Ninja, The: They're wacky! [Comic Books] The Ninja are a non-elite group of martial arts guys lead by District Manager Walt Fujiyama. Fujiyama is the main cause of the cheapened quality in the ranks of the American ninja faction. The Ninja ranks are filled with incompetence, and this angers Japanese ninja, especially the leader of the Japanese ninja faction, Sagin. Ninja die before they reveal secrets dealing with the organization, but if you threaten them just right, they quickly spill the beans. Suicide has been abandoned by the ninja because it wasn't cost effective.
They aren't very dangerous. In fact, they are more afraid of you then you are of them. They can chuck a mean throwing star, however, and their parting threats are dynamite. They are also very skilled in the art of camouflage. They are able to completely disguise themselves as shrubbery ("Ingenious!") and cannot be detected without an untrained eye. The ninja even have a book about them called Ninja Secrets Revealed. The ninja appeared in the series when the Mother of Invention pulled them out of time in an effort to defeat The Tick.
Ninja are very commonplace in the City of the comic books. It's not at all uncommon to find a ninja standing beside you, reading a newspaper, while waiting for the subway. For those in need of a darn good polka, a tip: Ninja Square Dances feature the best.

Ninja Secrets Revealed [Comic Books] A book written about the ninja, Ninja Secrets Revealed says that they can become invisible at will, kill a guy with their index finger, and breath underwater. According to the book they can also dodge bullets at point blank range, walk up the sides of buildings, read minds, and install telephones. The Tick was very surprised at this because he thought that ninja only hung around airports and get sucked up jet engines.

Octopaganini: Octopaganini is the eight-limbed genius and violin virtuoso of Antwerp, Belgium. He is well known as the virtuoso of villainy and Maestro of Malevolence. He is always seen playing a violin or two and he's not bad at all. His clutches are spidery and his face is the same. He wears shades and has scraggly fangs jutting from behind an oversized grimace. He's not pretty. His hands have long fingernails and his coat is custom made to fit his frame. His hair and body are also long and his movements are graceful. He is not at all strong, his henchmen, the Fortissimo Brothers are hired for the heavy work. His main nemesis' are Eclair and Blitzen, two heroes who will stop at nothing to see Octo put behind bars.
Octopaganini had a plan to rule all of Belgium by kidnapping its King at the sausage stand around the corner from his own hideout. He recruited the aide of the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy who along with the Fortissimo Brothers, kidnapped the ruler. The Robot Cowboy then created an exact robotic replica of the monarch, going along Octopaganini's plan. They were to replace the real King with the fake and use the robot to rule the entire country. The plan was foiled by The Tick and Blitzen, who destroyed the robot king at a public speech. In a last attempt, Octopaganini shouted "regicide" hoping the masses would turn on the foreigner who seemed to have assisted in the destruction of their King. As The Tick defeated the Robot Cowboy, Blitzen caught and tied up the evil Octopaganini, handing him over to the proper Belgian authorities.
[Voiced by: Xander Berkeley]

Octo Raymond: Octo Raymond is a villain with an octopus motif. He has an eight tentacle beard, suction cups on his arms and legs, and a large octopus head helmet with goggles. Not only is Octo Raymond a villain, he is also a bandleader. He leads an all mollusk orchestra that is so world renowned that he was hired to play at the 45th Annual Enemy Awards.
Octo also made an appearance in a comic created for "Totally Fox Kids Magazine" in which his octopuses tucker themselves out on their way up the stairs to The Tick and Arthur's apartment and gaspingly ask for water instead of dispensing doom, as planned.

Oddman: [Comic Books] Member of the Civic Minded Five in Issue 9, Oddman is very odd. He wears goggles, has a mustache, and his helmet sports two pair of tentacles which have ends that resemble female adapters for electrical extension cords. Some of his tentacles where hacked off by the hero-hating Chainsaw Vigilante.

Oedipus: [Comic Books] Oedipus Ashley Stevens is a ninja with high society upbringing. She took up the arts of ninjitsu because it was something to do. She was supposed to take up ballet classes but ninjitsu looked far more exciting. She studied her arts for 3 weeks before she infiltrated the ninja and stole the Thorn of Oblivion for her master, Shing. Her weapons of choice include bow and arrows, and sai.


Omnipotus: Omnipotus is a force of nature. He is the Devourer of Worlds and the most powerful being that has yet to be seen in the cosmos. He feasts upon the firmament, gorges himself on the planets. The universe is his picnic table and man, what a spread. Omnipotus knows no master but his hunger. On one of his food searches, The Tick floated through space and bumped into Omnipotus' side. The Tick was not intimidated by Omnipotus and that intrigued the Devourer. The Tick told Omnipotus about the earth and how he needed to return to his planet. The earth interested Omnipotus. The Tick's description sounded delicious to the giant and it made him hungry. Omnipotus made a deal with The Tick. He would take the hero back to earth if The Tick would be the giant's custodian. The Tick was given a galactic golf cart and started removing debris that Omnipotus couldn't reach himself. He was even asked to rub the big man's freaky small feet, "that would be the best". One of the biggest chores for The Tick was to remove the uni-brow that Omnipotus was meaning to get rid of for eons. The Tick was even given a golf cart so he could move around Omnipotus' body easier. A small planet was removed from Omnipotus' ear and released back into space by The Tick. Omnipotus ate it as an appetizer. After a while, Omnipotus began to enjoy The Tick's company and was glad he had bumped into him.
It was only when the two arrived at the earth that The Tick started to put the pieces together and realized what Omnipotus had in mind for the earth. The Tick feared for the earth so he stole one of Omnipotus' rocket shoes to warn his planet. When Omnipotus arrived, he began to feast upon a mountain close to the Dewey Bridge. By the time he had half the bridge eaten ("Aw, man! That was the best bridge!"), The Tick and Arthur arrived with an array of earthly stuff to justify its existence [See: Recipe for Global Salvation]. After showing Omnipotus the stuff, the giant accused The Tick of stabbing him in the back by saying "I wasn't going to eat you, Tick". The Tick replied "but you were going to eat my planet, and Arthur". The Tick convinced Omnipotus that he couldn't go eating inhabited planets. Omnipotus had revealed that he'd been depressed for a long time and having a friend was a new thing for him. After The Tick agreed to be Omnipotus' friend, the giant left earth saying "maybe not eating people is the first step to making friends". This made Omnipotus extremely happy but his hunger was still there. He took a bite out of the moon on the way by. A void was filled in Omnipotus' being. He learned how to be a friend and how to respect the wishes of other beings.
Omnipotus is a large individual. His pinkie finger is about twice the size of The Tick. Even though he is a very huge being, he has freaky small feet. Each foot is about 15 feet long which is about half as long as the width of his palm. He is very powerful but he is unable to move himself without the rockets and thrusters located at pivotal parts of his body. His shoes are rockets that allow him to move through space but they are not essential to his travel. It looks like Omnipotus wears a suit made of metal wielded together. It's doubtful that he made this suit himself.
[Voiced by: Ron Feinberg]

Ottercreek: [Comic Books] Ottercreek is the distant homeplanet of Clark Oppenheimer, the Caped Wonder, born Ka-Ro. Ban-Al of Ottercreek sent his son to Earth to lead its people as the shepherd leads the silver-eyed mauve ginx. Clark's only weekness is the rare Ottercreekite, a mineral found on the planet of his birth.

Ottercreekite™: [Comic Books] Ottercreekite™ is a rare mineral of the planet Ottercreek and the only weakness of Clark Oppenheimer, the Caped Wonder, born Ka-Ro of Ottercreek. The Tick pretended to possess this deadly substance in Issue 2, but in fact held only a green eraser. He revealed his little gag seconds before the Caped Wonder would have hurled himself over the edge of the Weekly World Planet building to avoid its deadly emissions. Needless to say, Clark wasn't too happy. In a fit of rage, he accidentally knocked the large globe that adorns the building off its post and sent it rolling to the streets below, presumabley after being rolled-over by the weighty sphere.

Ottoman Empire, The: The Ottoman is an expert on furniture. She should be. She can control it with a thought. The Ottoman used her powers to amass a furniture army to take over The City with. Only good furniture was chosen for her empire, no cheap furniture was allowed. "Give me furniture that lives and breathes". Her first robbery at the Furniture O' Rama heralded the return of the Ottoman Empire. It was there that she first met Die Fledermaus. She appreciated his fashion sense saying that "a good decorating strategy is the hallmark of a distinguished gentleman". The Ottoman was the most alluring creature that Die Fledermaus had ever laid eyes on. He even allowed her to escape. Later, she went to The City's furniture museum and demanded its furniture in the name of the empire and its empress. Her wish was the furniture's command and she managed to steal the World's Most Comfortable Chair. She quickly amassed a lethal army of furniture and her plans of taking over The City began. She wanted to rule The City in Tyranny and she had decided that Die Fledermaus would rule with her.
When Die Fledermaus, Arthur, and The Tick tracked the Ottoman's next move to the Furniture Czar's furniture warehouse, Maus asked her on a date. He flashed her a big goofy smile and agreed that they could work around the evil thing. The Ottoman managed to hold off Arthur and The Tick while she and Die Fledermaus discussed the date. The Tick was captured by the World's Most Comfortable Chair and Arthur was pinned to the wall by footstools when American Maid showed up. The Ottoman was instantly jealous but decided to have the date on Thursday.
On the date, the Ottoman set up a nice spread on her flying carpet. Tables, chairs, and a prepared dinner hovered 4,000 feet above The City. The Ottoman picked Die Fledermaus up in her hovering recliner and the date had begun. She proposed marriage to the hero and told him her plans of sowing fear and discontent throughout the land together. She believed that they could be an enormous source of evil. Die Fledermaus was to rule beside her. The plans of a glorious reign gave him no choice. When he refused, the Ottoman was angered. He told her the only person he loved was himself and escaped because she was suffocating him. He revealed that he had been burnt in the past and wasn't ready for commitment. The Ottoman wouldn't take no for an answer and chased Die Fledermaus all around The City.
She was finally confronted on the roof of Arthur's apartment building. It was revealed that the Ottoman grew up lonely. She had no brothers, no sisters, no playmates, and no pets. The only friends she had were furniture. She talked, played, and listened to furniture. At one point, she even thought she was furniture. She believed she was a coffee table until she was 13 years old. The Ottoman was defeated when her recliner was declined and The Tick caught her in the World's Most Comfortable Chair. She renounced evil, and Die Fledermaus, and was given the thumbs up from The Tick as a totally rehabilitated villain.
The Ottoman wears her hair in a bun and constantly twirls it when she's nervous. Her costume is made up of a squared off cape with tassels and collar, a shirt with drawers painted on it, and white pants and gloves. Among some of the furniture in the Ottoman Empire are a rogue love seat, a walking armoire, a flying carpet, a flying recliner, animated footstools and lamps, drawer firing chests, floating desk chairs, flying loveseats, and the World's Most Comfortable Chair.
[Voiced by: Mary Kay Bergman]

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