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The Tick


Paul the Publicist: Paul is Mindy Molford's publicist and manager. He always keeps a close eye on her and doesn't allow her to converse with common people. He tries to rule the supermodel's actions and he doesn't like people getting close to her, especially the Mole King. Don't even try to burrow your way onto his property. Paul was fired when Mindy decided to become the Mole Queen and return to the underground kingdom with the Mole Men. He won't be exploiting her any more.

Paul the Samurai: [Comic Books] Paul the Samurai is a true samurai. He is a very violent man as well. Once a samurai draws his katana he cannot sheath it until it tastes blood. Paul has the habit of unsheathing his sword when there is no one around. His hands are covered with Band-Aids put on self inflicted wounds.
Paul's arch nemesis is Sagin the Wolf. He meditated to armor his mind against the madness of western thinking before he began his journey to America. Paul then traveled a thousand miles to see defeat shine in Sagin's eyes. He wanted to swim in the hot, flowing river of his foes blood. The world is lucky that Paul is one of the good guys.
Paul attempted to sneak his katana through customs in a loaf of French bread but was denied entry. He snuck onto the plane through its landing gear and held the watering crane position for the whole flight to America. After Sagin fell to what seemed to be his death, Paul attempted to return to Japan but was forced to stay in The City because he didn't have enough money to buy a plane ticket.

Pendecker Laboratories: Pendecker Laboratories is surrounded by a 10,000 volt fence. It is filled with security cameras, iron porticulli, locked steel doors, and alarms. Large robot sentries guard Pendecker's inventions with their great strength and lasers. None of these things could stop the mentally controlled Tick from stealing the Thinking Cap for Mr. Mental.

Perry Beige: See the Weekly World Planet!

Pig-Leg: Pig leg is the nick name of the electrical villain, Deadly Bulb. It's also the name of the pig that he has for a leg.
At the end of Episode 20, The Deadly Bulb learned to love his leg and declared, while being arrested, that from that moment on, he would now be Pig Leg!

Pineapple Pokopo: Pineapple Pokopo is the leader of the Polynesian Underground. He is incredibly strong and his face resembles a large pineapple. Pokopo attended the birthday party of the notorious Chairface Chippendale. He was also invited to The Tick auction in Episode 18 by Brainchild. He wanted to own the Tick and was ready to put the national treasury of Pokoponesia behind him for the purchase. He started the bid at $16.
Pineapple Pokopo is an international troublemaker and an all around ugly customer. He is the dictator of the small Pacific island paradise of Pokoponesia. Even though he is a dictator and terrorist, he cares for his people and does his best to promote tourism. Pokopo has put many advertisements in tourism and travel magazines for Pokoponesia but the island has yet to have a tourist. He still leads his country with an iron-fist and has his eye on adding Hawaii to his empire. After Hawaii, he plans to take over Wyoming, succumbing to the fallacy of the unbounded middle. Even though the island hasn't ever had a tourist, Pokopo is always prepared. He has built a resort and an airline. The main problem with Pokoponesia is its exports, pineapples and sharks. The waters around the island are so shark infested that tourism is a bad idea. Pokopo believes that whether your oppressing a people or running a resort you go with your strengths and this speech sums that up for Pokopo quite well, "I am not a smart man. I am not an honest man. I am not a clean man. I am not a rational man. But I am a very big man."
Pineapple Pokopo made a grab at the monkey astronaut genius, Yank when he splash landed in Pokoponesia's waters. With Yank's genius as his chief military advisor, Pokopo would gain his dreams, Hawaii and Wyoming. Pokopo intimidated the monkey into building him a "fantastic genius technology machine" with neutrons so he could conquer these states and rule them with an iron-fist. When The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid arrived on the island undercover, Pokopo was excited to have his first tourists. He invited American Maid to his fortified palace for a personal tour and a one woman focus group on Pokoponesian tourism. Pokopo's plans were foiled by the three heroes and Yank was returned to America. Pokopo was distressed by the ruse and that fact that his island still hadn't ever had a true tourist.
Pineapple Pokopo has a luxurious dwelling on the north shore of the island. It is heavily fortified, sits on an isolated rock, and is guarded by sharks. The rock itself is guarded by shark launchers and the only conventional way to reach the palace is by helicopter. The Tick's invulnerability allowed him to surf to Pokopo's home. Inside of the palace there is a large shark pit with a pier that extends halfway across it. Pokopo keeps a long dining table handy with massive amounts of pineapples in the case a visitor ever shows on the island. Even though he is an evil man, he is very accommodating to his guests, unless they are actually spies.

Pinhead: See: Brian Pinhead

Plunger Man: Plunger Man first burst onto the scene when he accidentally hit a fleeing Venus and Milo with a stall door in a ladies bathroom. The plumber was instantly thought to be the newest superhero by the Tick and he gained the hatred of Venus, whom he helped capture. Arthur and The Tick later lost their arms and their reputations at the hands of Venus and Milo. When they crashed the Enemy Awards to regain both, Plunger Man was there fixing an overflowed "terlet". He showed the uncanny skill of replacing The Tick and Arthur's arms and Venus and Milo were again defeated.
Plunger Man looks like a normal, everyday janitor or plumber. He is always seen carrying a toilet plunger and a box of tools. He was able to put The Tick and Arthur's arms back on with tools from his toolbox. Plunger Man's real name is Buster and he has a Bostonian accent. He also has the weird ability to be in the right place at the right time.
What is that song he whistles? Find out in The Tick's Songbook!

Pokoponesia: Pokoponesia is a tropical island paradise and the home of the dictator Pineapple Pokopo. The two main exports of this "armpit of the Pacific" are sharks and pineapples. It hasn't had one successful tourist even though Pineapple Pokopo has been promoting it in travel magazine advertisements. The waters are a little sharkey but you get used to it. The U.S. Government sent American Maid, Arthur, and the Tick to Pokoponesia to rescue the monkey genius, Yank from Pokopo's clutches. Even though the island is without tourists, accommodations are still provided for those who actually show up.
The airline servicing Pokoponesia is the dictator's own Pineapple Air. The planes are big and yellow and the pilots are not that experienced. Passengers get complimentary tap water with their flight and in the case of a water landing, the seat cushions are property of Pineapple Air and may not be removed from the cabin.
The Royal Pineapple Hotel is also very accommodating. The lounge is a little cramped but at least the service is awful. The lobby is nice and the workers of the hotel are the same crew who fly the airplane. They wear tropical skirts and leis and are big lummoxes.
Pineapple Pokopo lives in a fortified palace on the north shore of the island. The palace sits on an isolated rock and is surrounded by deadly riptides and shark infested waters. He also has shark launchers for forcing back seiges. In the largest room, Pokopo has a huge pool of sharks and a pier extending halfway across the pool. Sometimes Pineapple Pokopo has guests and sets a long table filled with pineapple's on the pier, and if the guest gets a little rebellious, he pushes them, table and all, into the shark pit.
Pokoponesia is not a friendly environment but even its people have a sense of humor. One of Pokoponesia's favorite jokes is this, "How do you know if a shark likes you? He takes another bite."

Poodle Girl: Poodle Girl wears a pink and white costume, a pointed, hot pink eye mask, and a dog collar with tag. She also has a poofy hairdo similar to what a French poodle would wear. She was seen lounging at the bar in the Comet Club in Episode 7.
Poodle Girl carries a shoulder mounted cannon with the words "Poodle Gun" written along the side. She uses a site on the end of the cannon to shoot a barrage of poodles at her opponents. You can see the dogs' eyes glint from inside the dark barrel and they are trained to heel when she calls to them. They really clamp on. Die Fledermaus found this out when he made a pass at Poodle Girl, asking her "Hey Sweetheart! Whatcha got in that Poodle Gun? Anything for me?". She gave him what was inside the Poodle Gun, an outburst of pointy teeth and piercing barks.

Portuguese Man-O-War: [Comic Books]

Professor Chromedome: Professor Chromedome is a deranged mad scientist who constantly finds himself employed by the criminal mastermind Chairface Chippendale. He has a skull cap made of metal which clanks when you hit it. He also wears goggles and a white lab coat. His German accent isn't very good but it gets the job done.
Chromedome was the scientist who constructed the Awesome Heat Ray for Chairface's birthday. When the Geissman Lenses were brought to Chairface, Chromedome drooled over them before he added them to his heat ray.
Professor Chromedome has a basic belief in response to the Mad Scientist Fair held in Episode 34, "The true mad scientist does not make public appearances! He does not wear the "Hello, my name is.." badge! He strikes from below like a viper or on high like a penny dropped from the tallest building around! He only has one purpose--Do bad things to good people! Mit science! What good is science if no one gets hurt?!" Professor Chromedome refused to attend the convention at first ("I just finished telling you about my boycott!"), but Chairface Chippendale insisted he steal J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Device. He successfully stole the device and switched minds with The Tick in a swap-meeting of the minds but was double crossed by Chairface. Chromedome tried to rebel against his former colleague but Chairface had stolen the Tick's body and he could do nothing against it. Chromedome was returned to normal when The Tick and friends defeated Chairface and retrieved the Swapping Device.
[Voiced by: Hamilton Camp]

Professor Ikebana: Aikiko Ikebana is the professor of botany who was in charge of the 400 Year Bloom on its traveling exhibition. The bloom was coveted by the villainous plant lord, El Seed who followed the exhibition and kidnapped the professor to gain it. Before her kidnapping, she traded the bloom to Arthur who kept it safe by singing and playing music for it. The Tick and American Maid rescued Akiko when El Seed left her to die at the hands of a giant Venus Flytrap. She was unharmed, except for losing a contact lens. The Tick, American Maid, and Arthur eventually saved the day and Professor Ikebana returned to Japan with the 400 Year Bloom.
[Voiced by: Haunani Minn]

Professor Emmit Peelie: One of the earliest experiments dealing with mind transfer was attempted by Emmit Peelie. His experiment was half successful because he swapped minds with a zebra, breaking the mind barrier, but his own body ran off before he could finish his experiments. He bowed out because of this and focused his scientific efforts on creating lion repellant, lion alarms, and lion proofing. Though stuck in the body of a zebra, his real body roaming the Serengeti, he still attended the Mad Scientist Convention. When Professor Chromedome stole J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Device and swapped the minds of all who opposed him, Emmit was swapped into the body of Can O Man while his zebra body was commandeered by The Tick. When the situation was over, Emmit proclaimed how nice the Can O Man body was compared to his zebra but decided to return to his animal form before he potpourried.
[Voiced by: David Ossman]

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