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The Tick


Project Shave: Project Shave is a former governmentally funded group consisting of Jim Rage, Crystal, Kitty Sengato, and Holly Golovely. Collectively, they are a remarkably talented group of special agents and beauticians. This project was created to apprehend the Mustache, a living weapon that eluded they're grasp for over twenty years. Rage and the girls of Shave travel after the Mustache in an RV that packs a roof-top cannon. Rage recruited the girls from the Ohio School of Beauty due to their mastery of beauty school tactics. Some of these tactics include the use of Mousse for subduing purposes, Kung-Fu, electrolysis, and good old fashion root yanking. He lost governmental funding to his lack of efficiency in 1986, and when the girls found out, they rebelled against him.

Proto-Clown: Proto-clown is a giant, clown lab experiment gone horribly wrong. He was created by Bud Frontier in an attempt to bring joy to the world on a massive scale. Bud's logic is startling; he believed that a larger clown could get larger laughs. Proto-Clown is super strong, much more so then The Tick. In fact, he batted The Tick into space with a bus in Episode 12. He even withstood the shoe attack of American Maid. He took both shoes and kept on coming. Proto-Clown is powerful enough to put the combined might of The Tick, American Maid, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, and the Civic Minded 5 into utter defeat.
Proto-Clown has a large red nose that squeaks when touched. This and the fact that people laugh when the nose goes off enrages Proto-Clown. He hates humans for laughing at him and went on a rampage that caused the evacuation of The City and put into effect a state of emergency. He was named "It" by the press. Proto-Clown has orange hair, bone white skin, tattered pants with suspenders, funny eyebrows, and large clown shoes. This only adds to his humor factor.
Bud Frontier created Proto-Clown through the science of clowning, a process that involves the hatching of the clown from an egg. Proto-Clown was the only subject that had the strength to survive.
The Proto-Clown usually uses his brute strength to feed his rage. He can pick up buses, tear down skyscrapers, and hug the life out of an opponent with his great strength. In fact, his clown hug and clown charge are his two most devastating attacks. His favorite expression is "Clown Smash!" and it's easy to understand why. He is very sensitive for a brute and his mood swings are ferocious. He went from hating Bud and following him to the Civic Minded 5 Headquarters and destroying it, to loving Bud and hugging him affectionately. Proto-Clown was eventually defeated when The Tick returned from space and landed on him full force.

Quixote Space Probe:

Radio King: [Comic Books] Member of the Civic Minded Five in Issue 9, Radio King was the leader of the group. He wears an old-fashioned radio on his chest which is wired to his helmet. His helmet has a small antennae on it and has dials for goggles. Radio King has the ability to capture an opponent in a sphere of pure sound. Radio King once grew a sidekick he called Fernslinger. It took him months. Fernslinger was put out of commission by the Chainsaw Vigilante. Radio King probably has the ability to replace this sidekick at any time.

Rake, The: In Episode 18, Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin disguised themselves as the Rake and Buckethead to save The Tick from Brainchild. They tried to pass off as villains from Ohio during Brainchild's auctioning of The Tick. American Maid and Arthur attempted to save The Tick while the Rake and Buckethead distracted the villains by keeping the bid up. The ruse was discovered when Die Fledermaus won the bid and presented Brainchild with an I.O.U.
Die Fledermaus as the Rake looks just like Die Fledermaus as Die Fledermaus. The only difference is a rake attached to the back of his head with his ears laced between the prongs.

Ray Gun, The: The Ray Gun was an invention of The Terror who used it to turn an entire town into a guy named Ray. It is very similar to his other invention, the Tommy Gun.

Recipe for Global Salvation: When Omnipotus began to devour the Earth in Episode 15, The Tick (who'd escaped in a rocket shoe he'd pryed from the galactic being's proportionately "freaky small" foot) gathered the following in an attempt to convince Omnipotus of the Earth's worth:

A bowling trophy,
A handful of plastic pirate swords for the holding of sandwiches together,
A deluxe assortment of cheeses, half-eaten, in a handcrafted wicker basket
("Arthur, where did we get *these*?"),
Oh! And look! Paint-by-Number's Covered Bridge Scene!

Of course, it didn't work, and, consequently have I this advice for you:
Should you find your world being devoured by a very large man, offer to be his friend! You may be surprised by the result. Watch out for giant tears, though... Eyee... Salty...

Red Eye, The: [Comic Books] If you see him walking alone along a desolate highway, or sleeping alone in the back of the bus like a silky cobweb of shadow: DO NOT DISTURB! Someday, somewhere, you may find yourself staring into the piercing crimson glare of a single fiery eye..... The Red Eye is a fearsome wanderer who stalks America's highways and byways on a shopping spree of terror. He is a very dark being, clouded by shadow, with a single red eye he uses to spread his fear and horror. The Eye is a mysterious stealer of lives and the star of his own horror comic. One look into his gleaming eye and you're dead or you become a mindless fear slave. Over the years he has cut a swath across the strata of humanity. An angel of death, he wanders looking for a roadsign pointing the way towards the afterlife. The brim of his hat hides a void and death haunts the highways in which he travels.
The Red Eye hitched a ride with The Tick and Arthur in Issue 10 but The Tick was wise to his game, he had read the Red Eye horror comic. The Tick made the ride incredibly annoying for the Eye so the wanderer decided to leave their presence and search for another victim. You Could Be Next!

Red Scare, The: [Comic Books] The Red Scare is a bogus villain who works for Villains Inc. He is a large man who wears the red and white of communism and carries a hammer and sickle, symbols of the defunct Soviet Union. He also wears spiked shoulderpads that once sported tiny Kremlin domes on them. He also looks remarkably like The Tick and I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually related--Arthur's said they could be twins. But let's not be silly. He's red. The Tick's blue.
The Red Scare is the living embodiment of communism. He thinks Lenin is keen. The Scare oppresses to live and lives to oppress. It's just a character he plays, he's actually Scottish. One of his aliases was the Whirling Scottish Devil from Ontario. Now he is the Red Scare, big mean and godless, a real powerhouse villain. He eats Steroid Crunchies with Marshmallows for breakfast and it shows.
When Villains Inc. traveled to The City, the Red Scare had the opportunity to work with the Running Guy. The Scare went to his public place, terrorized a few bystanders, and gave his menacing speech but the hero who got to the scene first wasn't the Running Guy, it was The Tick. The Tick defeated the illusionary danger of the Red Scare and the Running Guy received nothing for his superhero fraud.
In the Epilogue of Omnibus #1, The Red Scare is seen doing his supervillain schtick at the Woody Guthrie memorial. His opponent, Mucillage Man, arrives early and, after looking at his watch, waves and says he'll be back in 5 minutes, leaving the Red Scare to continue his hired rampaging.

Regina Hume: Regina Hume is the inventor of Can O Man and is very proud of her invention. She is a wild-haired old lady with a lab coat, blouse, and tennis shoes. She was present at the Mad Scientist Convention, wearing a button labeled "Woo Woo"*. When Professor Chromedome stole J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Device, she attempted to stop him with Can O Man but her aim was off. She can twirl the Can O Man cans like a cowboy twirls his six shooters. When the device was activated by Chromedome, Regina found herself in the body of J. J. Vatos.
(Regina's name may be Madame Woo Woo. One among us seems to recall that name belonging to her... And "Hume" may or may not be correct, as the other of us has the episode taped on 'EP' and thus his credits are a bit blurry.)
[Voiced by: Tress MacNeille]

Reno, Nevada: Reno, Nevada is the biggest little city in the world. Every year, superheroes from across the nation flock to the National Super Institute to compete for cities to protect from crime.
It is also home to the entertrainer twins Soren and Fred and the National Superhero Institute where The Tick was given his plumb assignment to guard The City. Reno is an all night city with neon and gambling permeating the air. There is also a slot machine in every building, The Tick can testify to this since he got bit by the gambling bug in Episode 25. Reno is probably the only Tick location that I have ever visited and the next time I do I am sure I will try and locate the Motel O where the National Superhero Institute held its fourteenth annual convention.

Rosebud: Rosebud is a large monster made of rose vegetation. He was created when El Seed ordered the Bee Twins to capture the famous 400 Year Bloom. A package of worst seeds sprinkled into Arthur's flower box gave life to this monstrosity. Rosebud is made completely of vegetable matter and has a rose for a head. His body is covered in rose thorns as well. The Tick defeated Rosebud on the top of the towering bloom by singing him into submission. The poor petal-less paluka was carted off to jail with a bag over his head.
[Voiced by: Ed Gilbert (?)]

Running Guy, The: [Comic Books] The Running Guy is a minor hero from the City who can run faster than ten fast men. He wears a helmet that curves back from the top of his head with wings drawn on its sides. He also has a silhouette of a palm tree bent by gale force winds on his chest. The Running Guy's real name is Jeff and he works as an account controller at City First National Bank.
In an attempt to launch his superhero career and build a reputation for himself, The Running Guy decided to hire a villain from Villains Inc.--The Red Scare. Jeff then contacted the press (in the form of Sally Vacuum and News 17) to cover the story though, in the end, they made him a bit late. Due in part to this, The Tick ruined the Running Guy's chance at a decent reputation when he, with tears of joy, stumbled upon the "Supervillain" doing evil in the Dewey Memorial on Elysium Street and attempted to do battle with him. Through misunderstanding the $5,000 opponent came to believe that The Running Guy couldn't make it and that The Tick was his replacement. At the predetermined time, though The Tick refused to tie him up with the conveniently located kevlar-titanium weave cable ("So, don't you want to tie me up?" "That's sick!" "Come on. Tie me up. Please?") the communist menace dropped to the ground lauding a non-existant well-laid blow. Running Guy was left with an un-responsive opponent, a baffled press, and quite possibley the makings of a worse reputation than before.

Russian Beard: The Russian Beard is an ordinary, polite man who has taken it upon himself to host the cold war creations the Russian Beard and the American Mustache. He put out an add in The City's newspaper to find the Mustache so it and the Beard could be reunited. He signed the add as RB. The actual Beard can perform practically the same feats as its Mustache counterpart. Together they are nigh-unstoppable but they prefer to just live the rest of their lives together.

Ruth and Harry: Ruth and Harry are the Jewish parents of Arthur and Dot. While on a cruise, the pair met the twin entertrainers Soren and Fred and, at some time during the trip, mentioned that their son was a superhero. When their trained dolphin, Mr. Smarty Pants, was kidnapped by the mysterious Cult of the Fin the sobbing siblings recalled this bit of information and managed to contact The Tick and Arthur to plead for their assistance ("We've lost our porpoise!" "In life!"). Ruth and Harry also attended the wedding of Dot and the archeologist Dinosaur Neil ("I hear he gets... Big.") And so he did, thanks to a little marital mischief by Chairface Chippendale, who pilfered the paleontologist's pills and replaced them with duds of his own design. It was Ruth who, as the daring crew of a rancid meat-covered submarine were about to be swallowed by the "big" Neil, cried out, "I hope that's kosher!"
[Ruth Voiced by: Estelle Harris; Harry Voiced by: Steve Susskind]

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