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The Tick


Acetylsalicylic Acid: See: Aspirin!

Acki the Igorot: [Comic Books] An Igorot is a member of one of the many tribes of mountainous northern Luzon in the Phillipines. Acki is a major historical figure amongst his people. He was the little boy who introduced terrace rice growing to his tribe thousands of years ago. He was plucked out of time to compete with Team Earth in a cosmic competition of the grandest scale. He gets along well with Little Anne, the only other child on the team. He also enjoys playing practical jokes with his teammate George Washington Carver.

Agrippa: See: Mighty Agrippa, The!

Aha Mazolama: Aha Mazolama is the author of Aztec's on My Mind. Supposedly a book on the Aztecs, the book is filled with incorrect information and is probably available at the nearest Texan airport. The Deertown Aztecs used this book as a guide to living like "real live Aztecs" after crash-landing in Mexico.

Akiko Ikebana: See Professor Ikebana!

Alone Together: Go to Episode 15.

Amelia: The red-head kid sister of the sinister Brainchild, Amelia is always alert for a crisis in her brother's schemes. She is a bit nave when it comes to right and wrong but she's an all-around good kid, loving to play with Brainchild's cyborg dog, Skippy, and concerned for the well being of the little bunny guy, Arthur. What does she think about her evil sibling? She can't stand his "splaining" all of the time.
[Voiced by: Debi Derryberry]

American Maid: Said to be the world's most patriotic domestic, American Maid is a no-nonsense woman who, rather reluctantly at first, has found herself teamed up with The Tick on many occasions. She doesn't have any superpowers but possesses excellent gymnastic skills and rather keen fighting skills, as well. The stars and stripes adorn her French maid outfit (too revealing at first) and her razor sharp tiara can be used for cutting or throwing purposes.
Her main form of attack, however, is her stiletto heels, which she can throw with perfect accuracy, often pinning her foes to walls or other vertical objects. She can even kick off her shoes with amazing precision, disarming a villain from 50 feet away, or pinning an oversized henchmen to a brick wall. American Maid is the master of the projectile high-heel shoe and can pin a fly to a wall at fifty paces. If she has the misfortune to miss her target, the shoes return to her in a boomerang arc. More often then not, her shoe attack completes its purpose but one rampaging villain, Proto-Clown took both shoes and kept on coming (Episode 12). In this battle, American Maid was rendered shoeless for the very first time in her career.
The American Maid first appeared in The Tick Vs. The Idea Men. She was introduced as the "World's Most Patriotic Domestic" but didn't play much of a role in the episode. She did fight with her long time rival, Die Fledermaus calling him a nerf (which is apparently what Han Solo herds), a jerk, a rabid goon, incredibly immature, and told him to go stink up a cave. His response was to call her a mop squeezer, a jingoist, Ms. Intimacy, Ice Queen, clean freak, and told her to go scrub out a toilet somewhere. The verbal assaults between the Maid and the Maus even take place during Yuletide. Die Fledermaus decided that he'd press his luck and stand under the mistletoe. He said "Hey, babe! I'm under the mistletoe. Make my Christmas!" She replied with "Field Mouse, get under a missile, make everybody's Christmas!" It is hinted on many occasions that American Maid had a form of relationship with Die Fledermaus. When together, they bicker like a married couple. Die Fledermaus thinks Maid is a little bossy while American Maid thinks Maus is a great big coward. I think they are both right.
American Maid loves flowers and attends The City's annual flower show every year. She can also sing (a bit), and is very handy to have around when a crisis arises. Just don't argue with her about the plan of action when facing your foe or you may never get around to facing your foe.
American Maid drives a catering truck with a huge croissant on the top. She may have actually been a domestic at one point--she makes incredibly tasty crab puff thingies.
In Episode 10, American Maid was recruited by the U.S. Government to go on a secret mission with The Tick and Arthur to rescue Yank, monkey astronaut, from the clutches of Pineapple Pokopo on his tropical island of Pokoponesia. She unofficially took the leadership role and assumed the name Jeanine Smith for this mission. Despite some antics on the plane, and a few miscalculations, the mission went well. American Maid infiltrated Pokopo's fortified palace but was captured. The Tick came to her rescue on surfboard and they all escaped the island in Yank's escape pod.
[Voiced by: Kay Lenz]

Ancient Traditional Mole Man Courtship Ritual, The: The Ancient Traditional Mole Man Courtship Ritual is only used when a Mole Men is deeply in love with a Mole Woman. The ritual requires wearing the ceremonial garb, a heart shaped helmet with a candle on top, a cape, and a stone neck ornament. The ritual mainly involves the serenading of the loved one with a poem of the Mole Man's design. When the Mole King fell in love, he and Larry sang a poem for Mindy Moleford. The happy mole pair eventually returned to the Mole Kingdom together because of it.
Check out The Ancient Mole Man Courtship Ritual in The Tick's Songbook!

Angel Burger: [Comic Books] Angel Burger is a burger-shaped restaurant with wings and a halo perched atop a tall tower. The Tick and the robotic Tina demolished an Angel Burger in a fight. The restaurant's food is described as heaven on a bun, and anything else tastes like hell.

Angry Hank's Texas Fat Pig BB-Q: A country-style rib joint that hosted The Tick's first encounter with the cactus minions of El Seed. I assume it is part of the Angry Hank's chain.

Angry Hank's Technorama: The Technorama is a mega-aplliance store filled with rows upon rows of worthless consumer junk. Arthur dislikes the larger chain electronics stores but always finds himself purchasing their products for two reasons: 1) Lower prices and 2) The Tick has a knack for destroying his appliances.
Angry Hank's was the first meeting place between The Tick and Brainchild's cyborg dog, Skippy. The Tick had destroyed Arthur's microwave earlier and Arthur wanted to buy a replacement. Brainchild sent Skippy for a microwave, the last piece of equipment needed for the completion of his Multi-Mega Devestator Cannon. There was only one left, so, of course, Skippy and The Tick fought over it. The battle ended when Brainchild used his cannon to animate the store's appliances, which attacked The Tick. The Tick eventually destroyed the appliances, and was dragged by an extension cord (only $10.98) wrapped around Skippy's foot, leaving Arthur with the bill for the mess.
Shopping stores always have specials during Christmas, and Angry Hank's was no exception. The store capitalized on the yuletime by displaying a mechanical Santa which waved and said "Ho-ho-ho, buy some more....Ho-ho-ho, buy some more!" The night watchmen were sickened by the display. When Multiple Santa robbed Angry Hank's, he destroyed the mechanical Santa by decapitating it. The decapitated head landed in the lap of one of the guards who declared, "I may never sleep again."

Angry Red Herring, The: Milton Roe is a fishmonger and international jewel thief. As the Angry Red Herring, Milton is a villain in a red fish costume. The eyes of his costume house machine guns and his scales are covered with slippery petroleum jelly. He is slimy like a fish and can slip through any bear hug. He makes squishy noises as well. The Tick taught the Herring that slime does not pay and informed him that he couldn't swim against the mighty tide of justice.

Angus McGuire: [Comic Books] Angus McGuire is a secret detective of sorts who recruited The Tick to infiltrate the villainous get together of the century (Issue 7). He lives a rough and tumble life of big guns and bad habits. He doesn't like to bother with minor criminals, he prefers to protect our country from the big time baddies, the criminal masterminds. Angus is loosely connected with a vaguely defined if not non-existent criminal investigations bureau who haven't returned his calls since the summer of 1953.
Angus McGuire has an arsenal of weapons and gadgets similar to those any Dick Tracy spoof would carry. He has a two-way wristwatch TV and a 360 degree wrist lazy susan. Angus also conceals a cyanide capsule in one of his teeth in case he is captured by the enemy. Only problem is he can't remember which tooth holds the capsule. He tries not to eat often. He has also spent years building up an immunity to bullet wounds.
McGuire is the arch enemy of the criminal mastermind Chairface Chippendale. It was Chippendale's party that The Tick and Angus crashed after following a villain by the name of Boris Saint-Vladmirovitch to its location. In the cartoon series, it was American Maid who accompanied The Tick on this mission. (Episode 2).

Ant, The: The Ant carries a larva in his mouth as a symbol of the Ant's commitment to defend the week and the helpless. His friends think he carries it to gross them out. He wears a black ant costume with antennae and large pinchers that serve no other purpose than that of holding his larva. The Tick was introduced the Ant at the Comet Club by The Mighty Agrippa in issue 11.

Ants, The: Ants are very social insects. It took the leadership of one ant, Betty, Queen of the Ants, to send the ant colonies around The City on a spree of anti-social terror. Under the rule of this insect monarch, the ant colonies stole massive amounts of window glass from City businesses like Shiny Pretty Things and Skin Deep Beauty Parlor. Using teamwork, the ants took the forms of humans and disguised themselves in trenchcoats, hats, and pumps. The Tick came upon a crime being committed by two of these "ant women" and cornered one (Barbara) in an alley. The ants melted their form all over The Tick sending the hero into a bout of paranoia and fear. They escaped and continued their daylight robberies while The Tick checked himself into the care of Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium (He had a coupon).
The ants quickly built a large mound in the middle of The City. Mayor Blank and Police Sergeant Doodlehead did their best to rectify the situation but the ants were not subject to the laws of The City. The ants used all of the glass they collected to create a large magnifying glass and people farm. They had been oppressed for too long. They wanted to exact their revenge on humans for the torture they were put through all these years. They were no longer content to scrounge around the picnics of humans. The ants would no longer except the gigantic feet of humanity tromping on their world. When Arthur, American Maid, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, and Fishboy were captured inside the antmound, they were imprisoned in the people farm on the top of the mound. Betty announced, by microphone, that the ants' day had come. With the magnifying glass they would fry The City to the ground. The heroes were made to watch as The City slowly began to overheat.
The situation was so severe that the mayor called in the National Guard for aide. the National Guard decided that a preventive air strike was the only option to save the rest of the world. They launched a missile aimed at The City against the wishes of Mayor Blank. Meanwhile, Herr Professor devised a way to lure the ants out of The City. He deduced that ants were "nuts for nougat" and had a giant candy bar constructed to lure the insects. It didn't work. Luckily, The Tick was able to handle his fears and confronted the ants. He destroyed the people farm, thus freeing Arthur and the others, shot down the missile using the magnifying glass, destroyed the magnifying glass, and then defeated the ants. The ants had merged to form a giant ant, but The Tick was able to tackle it off of the side of the mound tower, to the streets below. The ants exploded into a sea of twitching bodies on impact and The Tick swam through the bodies to capture the ant queen. With Betty isolated and trapped within a glass jar, the other ants dispersed, in lack of leadership.
The ants in their human forms are very creepy and very strong. The strength of the ants while working together is enough to lift and throw a car. There are two forms the ants take. The female form with the pumps and trenchcoats usually perform the tasks of stealing and building. The male forms, in hats and suits, usually provide muscle when needed. There are not as many of them as there are women. They have little white balls for eyes with ants forming the pupils. It is freaky when the ants flee from their disguise. It's almost like the person is melting and the sight is enough to send anyone on a rollercoaster ride towards insanity.

Ants in Pants: Go to Episode 22.

Antwerp, Belgium: The people of Antwerp Belgium are strange and mysterious people. When The Tick was chosen to represent America in the International Superhero Exchange Program, he was scolded for his normal method of travel. The people of Belgium can be particular about their architectural treasures. They take a long-range view on life and are usually a laid back sort of people. The superheroic defenders of Antwerp are Eclair, a powerful force for goodness, and Blitzen, her scintillating sidekick. Octopaginini is Antwerp's main enemy of good who at one time kidnapped the King of Belgium and replaced him with a robot created by the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy.

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