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The Tick


Sagin the Wolf: [Comic Books] Sagin is the evil head of the Japanese ninja organization. He is very intimidating and the arch enemy of Paul the Samurai who believes him to be an honorless dog. Sagin is a true ninja and believes if you fail in a mission, you must die with honor. Honor doesn't come easy to Sagin though, he'd hide behind a child for protection. It is said that ninjitsu is an interpretive art form and every ninja has his own small departure from the tradition. Sagin's departure is the use of handguns.
Sagin the Wolf despises what the ninja have become in America and sees the District Manager as the slob he is. He attempted to take back the Thorn of Oblivion that was stolen from the American ninja faction. His life was ended after he dove off of a 50 story building to retrieve the Thorn that was accidentally dropped by The Tick.

Sally Vacuum: [Comic Books] Sally Vacuum is a reporter for Channel 17. She reported for the battle between the Red Scare and the Running Guy.
[Animated Series] Sally also reported the doings of The City in her trademark newswoman-speak for the entire first season. She was last seen tied to the enormous head of Blow-Hole by her own microphone, ceaselessly asking one inane reporteresque query after another ("If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?").
[Voiced by: Pat Musick]

Santa Claus: Santa Claus is real! And he's a compulsive gift giver!
When the Multiple Santa menace reared its cherry-nosed head, Santa paid a visit to The Tick, who'd kept the faith longer than any sane adult could have. When The Tick and Arthur came home Christmas Eve, they found the apartment being scouted by Santa's Little Secret Service, comprised entirely of strait-faced elves in dark glasses (You wouldn't believe how many naughty little children lose it and come after Santa). The Tick couldn't bring himself to fight the Santa Clones and Santa had come to snap The Tick out of it. Multiple Santa was taking the good Kris Kringle name and dragging it through the snow. It was up to The Tick and Arthur to save Christmas for The City and stop the crime spree of the false Saint Nick. Santa convinced The Tick that Multiple Santa was evil and justice was needed. With a "Ho-ho-ho, merry Christmas... Spoon!" and a nip at the milk and cookies, Santa was off to bring Christmas joy to the rest of the world. The Tick and Arthur were successful, and the whole experience brought visions of sugarplums and a renewed love of the holidays.
When visited by Santa and his little Secret Service Elves there are a few things you should keep in mind. Santa loves milk and cookies, keep well stocked during the holidays. Don't make any sudden movements and don't use flash photography. The elves are very precautious with their duties. Be prepared to sit on Santa's lap, but if you weigh as much as The Tick, don't plan to sit there very long. Santa is a compulsive gift giver. Be prepared to receive gifts galore. Oh, and always be a good little boy or girl.

Sarcastro: Sarcastro was one of the Superhero Students The Tick taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center. His power is the razor sharp sting of sarcasm. Sarcastro uses his secret power weapon a lot and sometimes points it at his allies, to The Tick's dismay. He isn't impressed by his student classmates and he finds sarcasm in absolutely everything. Nothing impresses him. Even though he runs from powerful villains, he doesn't show fear, just sarcasm. Sarcastro is too sarcastic and he ultimately brings the team's morale way down. Sarcastro wears a costume that has been patterned off of the clothing of the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, though Sarcastro is much thinner. After the four week class concluded, The Tick graduated Sarcastro with highest honors and Sarcastro was genuinely happy. He wasn't too happy to find that The Tick was being sarcastic himself.
[Voiced by: Charlie Adler]

Sgt. Doodlehead: When the ants revolted against humanity in Episode 22, Sgt. Doodlehead assured Mayor Blank that the police had the situation under control. At the time, the crime labs were developing tiny handcuffs for the containment of the insect felons. He advised the mayor that all out war was appropriate because the ants were taking over The City. When Herr Professor arrived to explain his candy bar plan he brought a scale model of the outskirts of The City. He explained that the ants were "nuts for nougat" and if they placed a giant candy bar outside The City, they could divert the ants there. Doodlehead began to eat the candy bar from the model and when the Professor mentioned that the candy bar would be laced with nitroglycerin, the sergeant panicked and spit out the candy that he had eaten.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley (?)]

Seven of Hearts: [Comic Book] The Seven of Hearts is a communist agitator of the 50's. He wears a black and white costume with 7 hearts arranged on it. He also paints hearts on the walls at every one of his crime scenes. He held a revolution in 1956 that was stopped by the Sultan, the Visible Man, and Ulysses Bang. The Seven of Hearts has appeared in the cartoon series as an autographed photograph hanging from Arthur's refrigerator.

Sewer, The: See City Sewer, The!

Sewer Czar: Lou Salazar, the Sewer Czar, is the arch villain of Sewer Urchin. A sultan of sludge and the most corrupt commissioner of sanitation in the history of The City, he gives filth a bad name. Known as the most despicable civil servant of waste management and fired for his foul deeds, he created an army of Filth Monsters to conquer the surface world. Humanity's war on filth has been raging on for years and he thought it was time to bring it to the surface. Salazar created the filth machine to build his army of filth but his plans were flushed when Sewer Urchin and his allies, The Tick and Arthur convinced his army to live a symbiotic relationship with humanity, if it wasn't for humanity, there would be no filth. Lou wears armor made of drain pipes and grates, is bald, and loathes the surface world for treating him like the filth that he leads.
[Voiced by: John Mariano]

Sewer Urchin: Sewer Urchin's odor is powerful enough to shut down the central nervous system of superhumans. Sewer Urchin saves everything he finds. He even saved a pie that he found at the bottom of the City's river. It was definitely a beautiful pie.
Though Sewer Urchin may seem cowardly, it is only because he is like a fish out of water on the City's streets. Urchin wears a lavender suit of spiny armor and an urchin like helmet with built-in lamps, built specifically for life in the sewer. He also wears scuba gear that allows him to breath and travel underwater. In the sewer, Sewer Urchin can be described as "a roaring lion of two fisted cool!" and is admired above all other superheroes by those of The City's Sanitation Department. He has a nice apartment with wonderful furnishings down below, and he finds money on his sewer excursions which he keeps in a barrel. Though rich in money, Sewer Urchin believes he is richer in spirit. He also finds food in the sewers like cocktail weenies (don't ask). In his apartment, Urchin has a collection of different armors and a whole arsenal of weapons for daily subterranean life. His arch nemesis is the Sewer Czar, a former waste manager gone bad.
In Episode 18, Sewer Urchin and Die Fledermaus disguised themselves as the Rake and Buckethead to save The Tick from Brainchild. Sewer Urchin isn't a master of disguise ("Awww, what's going on? Definitely got a bucket on my head") but the ploy worked. They distracted the villains long enough for The Tick to be saved.
Sewer Urchin frequently hangs out at the Diner with Die Fledermaus, The Tick, and Arthur when he is not patrolling the sewers. His closest friend is Die Fledermaus who always comments on how badly Urchin smells, he's even nicknamed him Stinky. Even though Sewer Urchin is the apotheosis of cool in the sewers, he isn't as impressive when he is out of his element. Sewer Urchin's most common phrases are "Definitely!" and "Bad, very bad!", most likely inspired by the hit film, "Rainman". Sewer Urchin likes to read Trout Weekly Magazine when he's not on duty.
Sewer Urchin was asked to usher guests at Dot and Neil's wedding. When Dinosaur Neil began to grow, he gave The Tick instructions that would cure him of his prehistoric malady involving a submarine and 4,000 pounds of pungent, raw meat. Of course, Sewer Urchin had these things readily available. You'd be surprised at what you can find in the sewer, it's a virtual treasure trove. The tuxedo he was wearing was even found there.
[Voiced by: Jess Harnell]

Sewer Urchin's Arsenal: You wouldn't think that Sewer Urchin has an arsenal but he does. He uses to plumb the depths of The City Sewer and fight crime in his underground sphere of influence. He has many suits of armor, each tailored for a specific function, one heavy duty suit, one extra-padded suit, and one fancy Victorian suit that god only knows what he uses for. When in the sewer, Urchin carries a butter gun and a shoulder strap full of lemons to ward off the giant lobsters that prowl its musty depths. A giant lobster cracker is also handy for those persistent lobsters who don't take no for an answer. Scuba gear is essential when traveling through sewer water, and a self propulsion device on said gear is an added plus. A grappling gun, line, and hook are necessary when traveling through those high areas where water is scarce and handholds are scarcer. Last but not least, probably the most important thing the Urchin uses down in the sewer, a bar of soap, used to fend off filth.

Sheila Eel: Sheila wears an electric eel as a stole. She was among the many baddies invited to the birthday party of Chairface Chippendale.
Forces of good, beware! She bears eel will! (Oh, I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself <=))
Sheila seems to have had a much larger part in the original screenplay for Episode 2 (well, especially since any part's larger than just standing there and getting your name called off). In a cut-scene most likely deleted for violence/scariness content (the show did originally air on Fox Kids) the black rubber-wearing Sheila approaches Arthur with the line "Are you ready for a shocking experience?" and a couple of extended eels. Arthur replies with "Please, no puns--I've had a very bad night" then tosses the contents of a nearby water pitcher upon her. Through crackling electricity, Sheila screams, smokes, shakes with pain, and eventually drops to the ground, her status unknown.

Shiny Pretty Things: Shiny Pretty Things was robbed by Ant Women in Episode 22. Though filled with expensive jewels and other shiny pretty items, all that was stolen was the glass from the store's windows. (The Ant Women were, of course, hoarding The City's glass and building a giant ant hill.)
Shiny Pretty Things was passed by Mr. Mental's "getaway" cab in Episode 31 and so, is presumably on the way to Arthur's Apartment from Pendecker Laboratories. Then again, who knows what route that cabby might've taken; He did, after all, have the meter running...

Shing: [Comic Book] Shing is the aged ninja mentor of Oedipus. He planted Oedipus into the ranks of the ninja to steal the famed Thorn of Oblivion in an attempt to destroy all ninja. He was captured afterwards in an attempt by the Ninja to retrieve the Thorn. The Tick stumbled upon the ninja interrogation on one of his patrols.
Shing was at one time the leader of the ninja operatives in America. Under his control, the ninja were an elite force of infiltrators and assassins. Shing grew old and his title was usurped by a younger, slower, less skilled trainee, with good business sense by the name of Walt Fujiyama. Disgusted with the new direction of the American ninja, Shing vowed to destroy the dishonorables. He planned to use the Thorn of Oblivion to irradicate all ninja to achieve his goal. He was willing to sacrifice himself and his pupil, Oedipus, to do this.

Sidekick Lounge, The: When a sidekick tries to sneak into the Comet Club, they are sent to the Sidekick's Lounge by Jim the Doorman. The Lounge is little more then a small shack with a soda machine and ice box next to it. It is a dismal place for sidekicks to spend their nights off. Nailed to the walls inside are photographs of deceased sidekicks, some including Johnny Republic (1971-89), Johnny Wingless (1970-91), and Johnny Fathom (1969-87). Most of the sidekicks who lounge here are sixteen year old orphans with backgrounds in the circus, a thirst for adventure, and full, pouting red lips. Arthur was segregated to the Sidekick's lounge where he met an old sidekick german shepherd with worms and a sidekick orangutan who dreamed of returning to his homeland of Borneo. YooHoo is available in the Sidekick's Lounge along with an assortment of wrestling magazines to keep the sidekicks busy. The lounge was destroyed when The Tick saved the Comet Club from the Evil Midnight Bomber by throwing his bombs on the Sidekick's Lounge.

Sidekicks Don't Kiss: Go to Episode 29.

Sinus Tick: See Tick Clone, The!

Six-Gun: [Comic Books] Six Gun is a cowboy that can juggle and shoot at the same time. He is so accurate with his aim that he can shoot all the black keys off of a piano at 200 feet without reloading. He was present at the Comet Club when The Tick visited in Issue 11.

Skin Deep Beauty Parlor: The Skin Deep Beauty Parlor is located near Shiny Pretty Things. When the glass from its windows were stolen by an Ant Woman in Episode 22, The Tick (nearby, thanks to a similar crime) came a-runnin'. Though he didn't save the window pane, he did manage to get crushed by a large truck (thrown by Barbara, the Ant Woman) and driven to the brink of insanity (a short trip, of course) and to Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium, when Barbara melted before his eyes sending ants streaming from her pants to crawl up the terrified Tick's legs ("Ants... In... Pants!"). Meanwhile, the patrons of the Beauty Parlor generously aided Arthur by drying his wings with their hairdryers.

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