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The Tick


Skippy: Skippy is the robotic canine engine of mayhem owned and built by the evil Brainchild. Brainchild uses the dog to fetch parts for his inventions and fend off any heroic intruder that may want to stop his evil schemes. Skippy loves to play and is very fond of a certain purple squeaker toy.
Skippy was given to Brainchild by his parents on his birthday. Skippy wasn't very bright, he had the habit of chasing cars that were driving towards him. The poor puppy was a victim of an accident soon after as one would expect. Charles threw a few parts together, performed a little brain transplant surgery, and Skippy was as good as new, if somewhat different.
Skippy's brain is encased in a massive robot body created by Brainchild. He has a spiked collar that transforms into a propeller, giving him the gift of flight. He is also super strong, able to go toe-to-toe with The Tick and come out on top. He also has a brain dome very similar to Brainchild's. In fact, Skippy's surgery gave Charles the idea to create his own dome.
In Episode 9, Skippy was seriously injured in a fight with The Tick when he smashed into Brainchild's Multi-Mega Devastator Cannon and literally brought the house down. Charles took a jar, a speaker, and 3 "D" batteries and performed a quick brain transplant on his dog. It was very disturbing but effective. The new and improved Skippy would surface later in Episode 18 when he was unleashed against The Tick. Lucky for The Tick, Miriam Brunch, the Mad Nanny stepped in to put the bad dog out. Skippy was at least three times the size he was when The Tick first tussled with him.

Soaring Red Pecker: [Comic Books]

Sockett: Go to Watt and Socket!

Soil Master:

Soren and Frederica: Soren and Frederica are twins, Soren the guy, Fred the gal, and a very successful entertrainer duo. They are a bit showy and are perfectly groomed, charming, and extravagantly dressed. They were in charge of the villainous dolphin, the Fin (Mr. Smarty Pants) who was an important part of their act. In the act, they made him jump through fiery hoops and hot pants. They also had him write haiku. His hunger for fish kept him in line until his Cult of followers rescued him from Soren and Frederica's act.
Soren and Frederica had previously met Arthur's parents on a Caribbean cruise. They new he was a superhero and called for his help. Arthur and The Tick arrived in Reno and were welcomed by Soren and Fred who instantly thought The Tick was Arthur. After the confusion was settled, the twins showed the heroes the scene of the crime. They were distressed at the kidnapping of their dolphin and The Tick and Arthur vowed to help them. They tracked the kidnapping to a fish vender named Two-Eye Jack who told them of his fish consignment with the dolphin cult. In an effort to infiltrate the Fin's hideout of the Fin, Arthur had Soren and Fred hide in two fish barrels that were due to be picked up by the Fin Cult. The barrels were retrieved but The Tick, in a gambling fit, wasn't there with Arthur to join in on the infiltrating. Soren and Fred's barrels were taken to the Fins hideout and dumped into the pool with the angered dolphin. In a bout of revenge, the Fin made Soren and Fred repeat all of the tricks that were expected from him in the act. He even went as far as sticking the twins in a large pair of pants. Before he could set the pants aflame, The Tick saved them. After a short battle and an underwater test of lung capacity, the Fin was returned to the duo under judges orders. Soren and Fred expressed their apologies and concern for the Fin, and renamed the act, "Mr. Smarty Pants: the World's Angriest Dolphin".
[Fred voice by: Pat Musick, Soren voiced by: ??? (David Ossman, maybe?)]

Speak: Speak is a capybara, one of the worlds largest rodents. He was introduced into the Tick mythos when the Deertown Aztecs captured Speak and catapulted him along with Arthur in a wedding ceremony. The ceremony was to punish Arthur for imitating the chief of the Aztec's first love, Carmelita. Arthur was to marry the lowest creature in the jungle, and that's what they found in the form of Speak. When the two were catapulted, Speak landed in the face of The Tick, who was flying in one of Carmelita's collapsible airplanes. The airplane crashed and in The Tick's delirium, Speak spoke to him. The Tick named him Speak because "that's what he does" and regards him as a loyal pet and friend.
He has red rimmed eyes and his fur unravels like a cheap sweater. He always looks terrible. Speak is a very slow animal and hardly ever moves at all. If he is knocked over while walking he will keep walking, even if he's laying on his side. He is probably the most unintelligent creature on earth and this suits The Tick fine. Speak doesn't take to well to visitors either, unless they leave him alone. I think The Tick believes this is due to the fact that Speak waits for the best time to strike but actually he is just timid.
The Tick believes that Speak is a righteous firebrand, a furry moist avenger, and an uberhund. He believed the capybara to be just the thing he needed, a stalwart hound to bring up the rear and bark out the clarion call of justice. The Tick had built an elaborate fantasy world around his pet that only served in traumatizing the animal. The Tick also likes to play fetch with Speak but Speak never fetches.
The Tick first found out that Speak was a rodent when he took the animal to Dr. Sniff's. Speak had been buried under rubble during a fight with Baron Violent and The Tick was worried for Speak's well being. Dr. Sniff looked Speak over and told The Tick that the poor animal was suffering from eczema, worms, and the mange. The Tick still loves him anyway. He's also very moist. The Tick believes he can always trust Speak because the law of the jungle declares Speak to be his loyal companion forever and ever. At first, The Tick believed that Speak was a dog but his belief was discarded when he took Speak to the vet after a fight with Baron Violent in Episode 30. Sometimes Arthur soaks Speak in warm soapy water to clean him. He has even forgotten about the animal and accidentally left him in the suds for a whole day.
[Voiced by: Jess Harnell]

Special Gun, The: [Comic Books] A special gun was used by the Triggermen in an attempt to assassinate The Tick. It is more powerful than an ordinary gun and it even comes with an owner's manual. The Triggermen were devoured by the Man Eating Cow before they could use this powerful weapon. If only they had skimmed. Remember these instructions when using the special gun:
1) Do not store near materials affected by powerful magnetic fields.
2) Shake well before using.
3) Avoid firing near open bodies of water or while bathing.
4) Do not touch your tongue to the electron baffler toggle coil under any conditions.
5) Make sure trigger A and B are in the non-firing position before engaging trigger C.

Speed of Lint, The: Lint warp is the fastest ship speed there is and it mimics the speed of lint. When you do your laundry, what is the first thing you find in your pockets afterwards. Lint is that fast. When a ship goes to the speed of lint, it travels through a dimension comprised of lint clouds. This is very dangerous and was attempted only once in a What ship that was feeding off of the powers of Arthur's fears. The ship escaped the lint dimension with damage to shields but otherwise intact.


Sprinkles: Sprinkles is an employee of Ezra Fleener, chairman of the Uncle Creamy Corporation. Her costume is covered in particolored sprinkles and she seems to enjoy bubblegum. It was to Sprinkles that Uncle Creamy spoke these inspiring (or perhaps depressing) words: "You know, Sprinkles, I wasn't always Uncle Creamy; I trained with the great mimes of Paris. Never lose your dream."

Stalin: See: Joseph Stalin!

Stalingrad: Stalingrad is a former graduate student on Russian studies turned super villain. He is infatuated with the works and regime of the soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin and he bases his works on him. Stalingrad was asked to join The Terror's elite villain group because he was thought to be the real deal (The Terror, poor evil thing, is "losing it"). The Terror was at one time, close, personal friends with Joseph Stalin. This Stalin, though not the original, was happy to join The Terror and his crew in their efforts to take over The City. They would have to if The Tick hadn't shown up. Stalingrad escaped at the beginning of the fight with his teammate Tuun-La, an alien conqueror that Stalingrad had formed a relationship with during their team association ("I've always loved you.").

Stuart's Food Castle: Stuart's Food Castle is run by Arthur's friend Stuart. Arthur does most of his grocery shopping here. Milkie the Milk Boy works here, handing out free milk to customers. The Food Castle was destroyed in an act of terrorism by the Breadmaster when he unleashed a bread bomb in its basement. Stuart was openly depressed about this because he had no bread insurance. On the bright side, The Tick managed to save a box of cottony swabs for Stuart to use in rebuilding his demolished grocery business.

Sub-Human, The: A foe of the Decency Squad, the Sub-Human wears scaled shorts, a large submarine helmet, and rides a submarine when in battle. He once stole the super secret atomic, that was the deadly monkeys of Machu Pichu.
[Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche (?)]

Sufrajet: A member of the Decency Squad, Sufrajet has the ability to fly with an enormous rocket strapped to her back. She covers the rest of the team from the air. In Episode 26, she attempted to subdue the Human Ton but the straps to her rocket came loose, in turn, ramming the rocket into the Ton. In 1953, she defeated The Terror and recovered the Desirovac.
[Voiced by: Susan Blu]

Sultan, The: [Comic Books] The Sultan is, in his own mind, the first and the best, the premiere superhero. He was a hero during the 40's and the 50's and safeguarded the American Dream during this time. He believes himself to be the definitive superhero and he even wrote a self biography that is regarded by some to be the superhero bible. It is the standard issue handbook for superheroes. The Sultan has had many allies, including the Cape, Ulysses Bang, and the Visible Man. Some of his greatest enemies include King Crime, the Seven of Hearts, and the criminal organization called the Supersyndicate.

Superhero Students, The: The Superhero Students taught by The Tick included Flying Squirrel, Sarcastro, Gezundtitan, Babyboomerangutan, and Mr. Exciting. They were taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center. The student's were instrumental in the arrests of Ezra Fleener and Ivan Brubeck. They showed an admirable skill at teamwork and were all graduated by The Tick.

Swiss Army, The: Bernhard, Claus, Hilda, and Franz are industrial spies. They are Swiss but they in no way represent the policies of Switzerland. They are actually criminals who carry around large Swiss army knives that can be folded out into many different devices and weapons. Bernhard is the leader and their pursuit of the notebook and secret code of J. J. Vatos lead them to The City. They followed J. J.'s daughter, Carmelita, across the world to find the notebook and code and their pursuit eventually led them to The City and Arthur. They spied on Carmelita and found out that the code had to be in Arthur's moth suit. After beating up a nosy Die Fledermaus, the Swiss attacked Arthur and Carmelita at the Bistro D'Burden. They demanded for Arthur to hand over the notebook and his pants and he did. The Tick, Sewer Urchin, American Maid, and American Maid soon arrived and a big battle ensued. Most of the Swiss were defeated and Bernhard managed to escape with the notebook and Arthur's pants. Arthur followed him and used the tweezers from one of the Swiss army knives to tweeze Bernhard into submission.
Each Swiss industrial spy wears a dark suit with a cross on the chest. The darkness of the suit allows them to hide in shadows. They also wear gloves and boots and their belts carry a number of pouches. All of the spies have Swiss accents and you can always hear yodeling music when they are around.
The knives of the Swiss spies are their most inventive piece of gear. The knives can be folded out into practically any object needed. Some devices and weapons that are concealed in the Swiss army knives include telescopes for long distance viewing, assorted knives for hacking and chopping, hooks for hooking, radar devices, corkscrews, helicopters, grappling lines, nets, arrow missiles that explode on impact, machine guns, lasers, mixers, whirling blades, tweezers, and even a toothpick. They usually carry their knives strapped to their backs but can quickly deploy any weapon required at any time.

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