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The Tick


Taft: Who's the man? Who's the big man? Taft! Daaaarn right.
Taft is an African-American male with a way-cool mustache. Taft is a therapist at Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium. He works for Captain Sanity whenever Sanity needs to perform any number of physical therapies. Taft's specialty is dressing up in costumes to represent the patient's fears and then wrestling the patient until the fears are overcome. Some of the costumes used by Taft to cure The Tick of his fear of ants included an ant costume, a costume of The Tick's aunt, and a costume of a big banana.
Taft lives next door to Dinosaur Neil (Right next door!). Neil's his neighbor (Goood neighbor!) and feeds his cats when he's away (Feed those kitties!). He was invited to Neil's wedding reception where he gave The Tick advice about his Mustache. Taft says that his mustache hurts him sometimes, like when it gets caught in the zipper of his clothing. Whenever Taft is around you can hear 70's disco music in the background. He is a very cool man.
[Voiced by: Dorian Harewood]

Team Earth: [Comic Books]

Terror, The: A wrinkly wrongdoer from the forties, the Terror leads the super villain group called the Evileers. He was the arch nemesis of the Decency Squad but has recently turned his sights towards The Tick. He is a very ancient, thin and frail old man who wears a black outfit with a yellow pointed "T" resting beneath his shoulderblades. He sometimes wears a hood also.
He has a vast array of gadgets such as the Ray Gun, the Tommy Gun, his Spider-like RV of destruction, and the Desirovac. He fought The Tick and the Decency Squad over the Desirovac but was eventually defeated when his son, Terry, decided that he wouldn't follow in his father's footsteps. The Terror is very sinister geriatric who likes to dismiss those who seek his attention with his annoying phrase "Ah, Rah-Bah-Bah". He thinks his son is a little dweeb.
The Terror is the century's most notorious supervillain. He first burst upon the supervillain scene in 1903, in a legendary fight with then-president Theodore Roosevelt. This began an unparalleled career of epic wrong-doings: Paris. Lima. Deertown. His reign of terror continued throughout the middle of the century and ended abruptly in 1976 when, still holding a grudge, he attempted to punch out Mount Rushmore with his mechanical spider RV. He resurfaced recently and rumors of his return and the sightings of his spider walker abounded. The legendary Terror had returned to continue his reign of Terror and his first target was The City. He formed a group of the most beautifully unbalanced engine of evil in history. With this well-oiled group, The Terror planned to take over The City. The membership of this elite group included Stalingrad, the Human Ton and his little friend, Handy, Tuun-La, not of this Earth, and the voracious Man Eating Cow. The Terror officially commanded this team of evil but at first there were squabbles over the leadership role. Eventually, the Terror's ancient wisdom and years of experience won out. The timing of his return was perfect because The City's protector, the Tick, was sulking in his "crime tower" like a guy from Chile--Er, like Achilles in his tent--leaving The City unprotected. The Terror and his gang took this opportunity and captured the Capitol Building and kidnapped the mayor, holding him hostage. The Terror and the others were defeated when Arthur and American Maid stalled them long enough for The Tick to snap out of his funk and save the day ("My name is Arthur, and this is my diversion: The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout...").
The Terror must be around 115 years in age. He constantly uses old expressions like "23 skidoo" and "in like Flynn". He holds old beliefs about women in society. He even went as far as underestimating American Maid which made his capture that much easier for the hero. The Terror was invited to The Tick auction in Episode 18 by Brainchild and explained to an uninterested Brainchild the true meaning of real old-fashioned evil ("When I was your age, we didn't have all this high tech hocus pocus. See, if you were really evil you'd just walk up to a guy and smack 'im in the head!"). Still, it seems that whether or not he liked Brainchild's means, he was impressed by the results; He was ready to pay a hefty price for the transformed Tick.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Terry: Terry is the son of the villainous mastermind known as the Terror. He has done many duties, such as spy, for his father but has since given up his attempts to grow closer to his evil dad. He is a retired insurance claims adjuster with a family who never wanted to be a super villain but did so to gain his father's acceptance. He frequents Commander Goodbye's Superhero Retirement Home with the Decency Squad.
[Voiced by: Peter Paul Bergman]

That Mustache Feeling: Go to Episode 27.

Thinking Cap, The: The Thinking Cap was created by Julius Pendecker and was stored at the Pendecker Laboratories. It can give ordinary people mental powers to rival the powers of superhumans like Mr. Mental. When used by a superhuman mentallist like mental, the Cap can give its wearer immense mental powers including levitation, telekinesis, mental zaps, and all out destructive forces. Mental coveted the Thinking Cap and with its power he would rule the world. The Tick was hypnotized by Mental and ordered to steal the cap from Pendecker Laboratories. The Thinking Cap was destroyed when the Tick and friends defeated Mr. Mental.
The Thinking Cap is a large, dark half circled piece of head gear with padding inside for a comfortable fit. It runs on an internal combustion engine complete with pull start. The cap is gasoline powered with exhaust pipes on its top. Mr. Mental was defeated when the cap's choke was pulled by The Tick. Mental's mind was flooded and the Thinking Cap burst into flames and was destroyed.

Thomas Edison: Thomas Edison was a famous American Inventor who obtained over 1,100 patents in such fields as telegraphy, phonography, electric lighting, and photography. It is hard to go through an entire day without using an invention of Edison's and it is likely that he produced more inventions then anyone in history. He lived from 1847 to 1931. Edison was struck partially deaf early in his life when he worked on the railroad. While working, Edison saved a little boy and was offered to run the telegraph by the boy's father. This was one of the major events to fuel Edison's inventive nature. He spent his non working hours trying to improve the telegraph and years later, after many experiments and inventions, he built the first modern research laboratory in Menlo Park New Jersey which was an act in itself. He was a workaholic who didn't sleep much. Most of his time was spent working. He was kidnapped from time by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. He was later returned to his own time when the Mother was defeated. Of all the inventors, Edison was probably the most technologically orientated but he had trouble hearing so it was hard for the other inventors to easily communicate with him.

Thorn of Oblivion: [Comic Books] The Thorn of Oblivion is an ancient ninja artifact that is supposed to hold the souls of all the world's ninja. Ninja traditionalists believe that the Thorn is a symbol of a pact made between the ninja and the spirit world. It is rumored to hold the very essence of their beings and when it is destroyed, the ninja are destroyed with it.
The ninja master Shing planted Oedipus into the ranks of the ninja to steal the Thorn for that exact purpose. The Thorn of Oblivion itself looks like a large piece of candy corn.
It turns out that the Thorn was an ancient hoax. Its anticipated destruction didn't destroy all ninja. Instead it ended up crippling the ninja in America and caused the death of Sagin the Wolf.

Thought Vacuum, The: The Thought Vacuum is a device used by What interrogators. It sucks every memory from the head of its victim leaving them a mindless vegetable. The process can be reversed but the reversal leaves the victim a bit goofy afterward for a period, as the brain re-adjusts. The vacuum also comes with a telepathy "hose" that allows two beings to speak telepathically even if they don't know each other's languages.

Thrakkorzog: The evil, flatulent despoiler called Thrakkorzog is from the nether-ooze dimension 14B. He is a large, green, shambling mass of gelatinous substance who can emit lightening from his mouth. Thrakkorzog has razor sharp teeth and a long, sentient tongue that craves brains. He also has a sort of "high-society" accent, so it is possible he may be royalty from his own world. He is a master of cloning and can make a gelatinous clone of anyone that he can take a tissue sample from. He was seen in the comics battling Mighty Agrippa.
Thrakkorzog arrived on earth with his Interplaner Portal Pal, patent pending. It can tear a hole between dimensions and the trip is very unpleasant to Thrakkorzog. In Episode 8, Thrakkorzog attempted to make a cloned army of The Tick. To do this, he lured Arthur to his own apartment by leaving a letter addressed to himself at Arthur's door. He abducted and cloned Arthur by taking a toe nail clipping and adding it to his own recipe for cloning, Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce. One run through the Clonerizer and the Arthur Clone was ready to retrieve a sample from The Tick. When the clone returned, he gave Thrakkorzog a snotty tissue that was cloned into the Tick Clone, a mucal invader of immense power. His goal? Conquer earth! He has always dreamed of a superhuman army marching to the beat of his big drum. The Tick was his choice for cloning because he had all of the attributes he needed, very powerful physically but not very powerful mentally.
Thrakkorzog was annoyed at The Tick's mispronunciation of his strange name. After The Tick mutilated its pronunciation, Thrakkorzog would correct him by saying "Thrakkorzog! With a K!". Some of the names The Tick called Thrakkorzog were: Thorasmog, Whatchamazog, Thoraxandabog, Laxativelog, Laplanderzog, Fouryaksandadog, Sapsuckerfrog, and Susan. The last was on purpose.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

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