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The Tick

Simply, TICK

Tick, The: The Tick is many things to many people, be it protector of The City, best man, or even janitor to the Apocolypse for two long months.
In the comic series, The Tick was revealed to be an escaped mental patient from Evanstown Asylum in Minnesota. He came to The City to start his crime fighting career with the help of his Secret Crime Viewfinder Glasses. His first superhero encounter was with the Caped Wonder and his first supervillain conflict was against the Ninja with Oedipus Ashely Stevens. The Tick likes to speak from his diaphragm. It gives him a more heroic voice when he does.
Even The Tick doesn't know a lot about his origin. He believes he's always been a superhero. He doesn't know much else. His origin basically starts at the National Super Institute were he competed for a city to protect. He arrived, unannounced and with a steel "death box" for his demonstration. The box, the deadliest engine of destruction 1974 had to offer, was riddled with saws, acids, hammers, knives, spikes, garden implements, and bombs and its purpose was to show the judges his nigh-invulnerability. The result of his demonstration wasn't what he expected. The box didn't work but the bomb was activated, blowing up the Super Institute. With his invulnerability proven, the judges awarded The Tick with The City which he has protected ever since. He met Arthur on his first patrol, at a time that Arthur desperately needed a change in lifestyles. Wherever evil sets its giant, ill-smelling foot, you will find The Tick and Arthur.
Arthur and The Tick are close friends but even they have had disagreements at one time or another. The Tick once threatened to call Arthur "Something-Lad" because he didn't agree with The Tick's decision to let the Chainsaw Vigilante escape after their heated battle.
The Tick's nigh-invulnerability is his main power and what a mighty power it is. He is able to withstand the voids of space, 1 billion volts of electricity for 5 minutes, and a sever pounding by a genetically enhanced clown. He has the amazing ability to leap across tall buildings in a single bound, usually crushing something when he lands. His body is a weapon, a nigh-invulnerable shield against villainy. Not only is he one tough customer, he has also devised a set of maneuvers that he and Arthur use to fight crime. They only rarely work. The tights of justice are tingly and uncomfortable but it gets the job done and fits The Tick very well.
Even thought he Tick is nigh-invulnerable, he is still susceptible to the common cold. Everyone gets a cold every once in a while and The Tick is no exception. He usually combats his colds with soup and buffers his powerful sneezes with triple ply tissues. The Tick's skin is nigh-invulnerable enough to overload a blaster pistol or hand held chainsaw. The Tick doesn't know the meaning of the word "surrender". He does know the meaning of the word but he never uses it in the context that it is commonly meant to be used in.
The Tick is sometimes hard to work with and he is stronger then anybody. His devotion to protecting The City is even stronger. His ultimate goal is to pound two fisted justice into evil doers everywhere. He may be able to taste and smell crime. He reads Leotard Legends Monthly Magazine and watches Heroes every week to improve his crimefighting. He has made The City his own, it's his The City. He loves to participate in its establishments. He is a frequent guest of Ben's Diner and the Bistro D'Burden. He enjoys the theme parks most of all, one of his favorite being Dinosaur Grotto where he has the opportunity to learn. He likes learning but when it's boring, he usually isn't interested. He has a short attention span but once he's hooked, he's hooked. He is a loud chewer and always leaves a blue film on the soap. He is also easily distracted by shiny objects, put a few ball bearings in front of him and he's practically comatose for an hour. The Tick sometimes has weird superhero fantasies and constantly obsesses about bad ideas. He likes to think that Speak is a superhero of high caliber but his love for the creature clouds his judgment. He even fantasized that Speak was a diplomat and the world's most loyal sidekick.
Patrol is very important. The first patrol of the day is usually quiet, the average villain prefers the cover of night and there are seldom evil morning persons. The Tick always wakes at 6:30 for morning patrol. When on rooftop patrol, The Tick follows one important rule, "leap before you look". While on patrol, The Tick jumps from rooftop to rooftop. He sometimes missed but always seems to inflict damage to The City's buildings. The destruction of the buildings is a price for justice. Even though the City Building Commission appreciated his efforts to fight crime, they sent him a letter asking him to be more careful. The Tick is ever vigilante. He loves a challenge and the joys of the mundane. He treasures the little things in life. The Tick has many plans for Arthur's Apartment, all of which are very expensive. He wants to install a super crime busting computer in the apartment along with a perimeter defense system. He would like the whole rooftop to slide away and an ejectable kitchen but Arthur would have something to say about that.
In Episode 4, The Tick was hypnotized by the famed mentallist Mr. Mental. Mental had invited The Tick and Arthur to the Evil Eye to see his stage show for free. The Tick was chosen from the audience to participate in a display of hypnotism. Mental planted a hypnotic suggestion in The Tick's mind. The Tick was ordered to steal the Thinking Cap from Pendecker Laboratories. With it, Mental would be able to rule the world. Powerless to resist, The Tick went on a rampage, destroying everything in his path on the way to the lab. He was able to swim across The City's riverfront, break through Pendecker's security, and steal the Thinking Cap. His greatest fears were unleashed by mental to insure his control over the hero. The thing The Tick feared most was an office job.
In Episode 10, Arthur was recruited by the U.S. Government to go on a secret mission with the Arthur and American Maid to rescue Yank, monkey astronaut, from the clutches of Pineapple Pokopo on his tropical island of Pokoponesia. The Tick assumed the name Nick Soapdish, a name no one was fooled by. He loved the assignment and frequently played spy, even though it was obvious that he was no tourist to the island. In this episode, The Tick proves to be an excellent surfer and impervious to shark bites. Eventually, the three heroes rescued Yank and took him back to America.
When the legendary villain, The Terror resurfaced, The Tick went on a shopping spree for crimebusting equipment. His infatuation with the upgrading of his superhero apparatus bordered that of a frenzy. He realized that such a villain needed special treatment and after a moment of thought, he decided that battle cries were needed, thus "Spoon!!" was born. Arthur realized that The Terror was a genuine threat but thought that The Tick was carrying things a little too far. The Tick built a rickety crimebusting tower on the roof and took a Tick Signal to the mayor. Eventually, The Tick maxxed out Arthur's credit cards, sending the sidekick into a tirade about money and how The Tick didn't make any. The last straw came when The Tick blew out a wall of the apartment with chemicals from his chemistry set. Arthur snapped and kicked The Tick out of the apartment. For a week, The Tick sulked in his crimetower, singing depressing songs and feeling sorry for himself. Meanwhile, The Terror and his supervillain allies took over the Capitol Building and kidnapped the mayor. Arthur and American Maid tried to defeat the villains but couldn't so Arthur activated The Tick signal. The Tick, seeing that he was really needed, arrived on the scene, dispensing two fisted justice left and right. Hero and sidekick made up afterwards, The Tick forgave Arthur.
The Tick is a ball of creative fury on hobby night. He uses the night to relieve his and Arthur's superhero tensions and to create wonderful arts and crafts. When Arthur first met Carmelita, he skipped hobby night to go on a date to The Tick's dismay. Feeling dejected and betrayed, The Tick sat down with a block of wood and carved himself a new sidekick. Little Wooden Boy was born and The Tick taught him about loyalty, disloyalty being the worst of sins. He took Little Wooden Boy on patrol and even saved Arthur and Carmelita from Swiss Industrial Spies at the Bistro D'Burden. When Arthur, Carmelita, and The Tick were swallowed by the jogging whale, Blow-Hole, it was Little Wooden Boy who sacrificed his life to saving his friends. This upset The Tick immensely but the void left behind by Little Wooden Boy was eventually filled by Speak, the furry, moist avenger.
When the National Space Program needed someone to go and repair the damage Chairface Chippendale did to the moon, The Tick was an obvious choice. He, along with a few scientists and construction workers, traveled to the moon in Operation Erase to undo the damage done a year earlier. The Tick was the first superhero to ever be involved in an official space mission. The lunar repair mission was a partial success. The Tick was chosen to deploy the explosives in the big "C" but got them mixed with his flight pack. The explosion threw The Tick into the deepest reaches of space where he met Omnipotus, Devourer of Worlds. The Tick and Omnipotus struck a bargain, The Tick was to be Omnipotus' janitor while Omnipotus transported the hero back to earth. What The Tick didn't know is that Omnipotus planned to eat the earth and when they arrived, The Tick stole one of the Devourer's jet shoes to warn his planet. Omnipotus started devoured a mountain and the Dewey Bridge before The Tick could convince him not to eat earth by showing him the wonders created by its people. After agreeing that they were still friends, Omnipotus decided to leave the earth at The Tick's behest and the earth was saved. Omnipotus did take a bite out of the moon though. The Tick's ability to stand up to the gargantuan Omnipotus proves that he is afraid of neither man nor beast.
The Tick and Arthur's good names were dragged through the dirt by Venus and Milo in Episode 16. Milo used one of his inventions to cause the hero's arms to fall off. The arms were gathered by Milo and attached to two unflattering robots. With the robots, Venus and Milo went on a crime spree to get ready for the 45th Annual Enemy Awards, an awards show for villains. The Tick and Arthur were on the lamb but still managed to make it to the Enemy's to stop Venus and Milo. The Tick was able to talk his arms into not fighting. His arms defeated the robot and with the help of a new hero, Plungerman, they were reattached and Venus and Milo were captured. Their reputations were restored.
The Tick loves and admires Santa Claus. He kept the faith in the Yuletide character longer then any sane person could. When Multiple Santa hit the scene, The Tick thought he was real. When the fake seemingly fell to his electrocuting demise, The Tick was thrown into a deep depression. After seeing Santa fried, he believed that Christmas would never arrive again. He was mocked for his belief in Santa and that didn't help matters. The evil Santa resurfaced and attacked The Tick and friends when they were caroling. The Tick didn't fight because he "couldn't hit Santa". The heroes were creamed and The Tick was blamed for dropping the ball. It finally took a visit from the real Santa to snap The Tick out of his funk. With some Kringle encouragement, The Tick and Arthur defeated Multiple Santa, bringing back visions of sugarplums and the true Christmas spirit.
In Episode 24, The Tick was abducted by the aliens known as the Whats. He was chosen by the Whats as a cosmic hero, one able to stop the evil plans of the Whats' enemies, the Heys. The Heys looked exactly like Arthur so the Whats had The Tick dress as Arthur to infiltrate the Heys' ranks. The Tick was able to thwart the Heys' plots, which involved bombing a black hole. The bomb was released but The Tick was able to catch it and resist the pull of the black hole as well. He was even able to defeat the Heys' most terrible weapon, the Infinity Ball, which persued them across the universe (but, as it turns out, was actually pretty lame). After these feats, the Heys' worshipped The Tick like unto a god. Of course no one would believe him when he and Arthur were returned to earth.
In Episode 25 The Tick fell to the wiles of gambling fever. His obsession with the one-armed bandits in Reno Nevada enabled the capture of Soren and Fred, the world class entertrainers. Luckily, Arthur was there to snap The Tick out of his gambling mood by reminding him that "Helping People" was The Tick's middle name. It was also revealed in this episode that The Tick has a huge lung capacity when he held his breath underwater longer than the angry dolphin, Mr. Smarty Pants.
Episode 18 marked a low point in the crimefighting career of The Tick. In a fight with the Mad Nanny, he was kidnapped and brought to Brainchild. With one of his new inventions, Brainchild reduced The Tick to the size of a third place bowling trophy. Then he gave The Tick two heads. The Tick was then transformed into a two headed blue bird that only spoke high school French. He was then displayed at an auction that involved many of his old enemies including Chairface Chippendale, The Terror, the Idea Men, and Pineapple Pokopo. The Tick had laid an egg and during the auction, he took care of it as if it were a baby. He was eventually changed back by Arthur during his rescue but he was changed into an amoeba, a monkey, a bug, a sock, and a llama before the controls of the transforming device were figured out. Later, The Tick accidentally broke his egg and discovered that it was made of chocolate. It was the worst day of his life.
When battling the Ottoman in Episode 20, The Tick fell 4,000 feet from her flying carpet and crashed through the street below. He was also hit by a subway car. The concussion he received caused him to talk in a British accent. He thought he was the Duchess. At the end of the episode, when his memory returned, he posed a an interesting question. "If people get all British when they are knocked in the head, what do British people get? They get comatose!"
When the ants revolted against humanity in Episode 22, The Tick was confronted with an image from his nightmares. The ants worked together to take human shape and disguised themselves in trenchcoats. When The Tick cornered one of the "ant people" in a dead end ally, the ants came apart and swarmed all over The Tick. The hero ran screaming and later sought professional help at Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium because he had a coupon. He described the "ants in pants" to Captain Sanity, the sanitarium's head psychoanalyst and told the doctor that he had no time for phobias. His mind was his achilles heel and it was up to the doctor to relieve The Tick of his fears. Sanity had his physical therapist Taft dress up in costumes to represent The Tick's fears and then wrestle the hero until the fears were overcome. The therapy didn't work but The Tick eventually overcame the fears to save The City from the Ants.
The Tick and Arthur took a try at parenting in Episode 27 when they found a baby on their doorstep. The baby was actually Mr. Mental in a illusionary disguise. The Tick showed adequate parenting skills throughout the episode but I think he tried way too hard and was a bit naive when it came to his situation. When Mr. Mental's illusion was discarded The Tick was hurt deeply and he scolded the villain for destroying their family.
The Tick was chosen to be the best man at Dot and Neil's wedding. He rented his tuxedo at Mr. Freaky-Big's Tuxedo Rentals where they found his measurements to be astounding. The Tick, in a desperate attempt to find a photographer, hired Bigshot to shoot pictures of the ceremony. He tried his best to bring order to the wedding but all heck broke loose when Dinosaur Neil grew again and the flower arrangements began to attack the ushers. The wedding cake was about to destroy the building until The Tick threw a grenade confiscated from Bigshot into its midst. He also had to save Die Fledermaus from the ravenous floral arrangements. The arrangements were defeated and thrown onto Dot's car which was nearly totaled. The cake and the flowers were part of a Chairface Chippendale ploy to take over Dinosaur Neil's brain. With the help of El Seed and the Breadmaster, he distracted The Tick long enough for Neil to grow. Luckily, Neil had thought ahead and gave The Tick instructions on curing his dinosaur growth spurts. Arthur,Dot, and The Tick borrowed Sewer Urchin's submarine and traveled into Neil's body to solve the problem of his regrowth. With careful navigation by Arthur, the crew reached the base of Neil's brain. The Tick took care of the villain responsible while Arthur rammed the swollen dinosaur gene with the submarine. Dinosaur Neil was cured of his growth problems and The Tick continued his best man duties.
In Episode 30, The Tick had to do something he never thought he would have to do, fight Arthur. Arthur was being influenced by the belt of violence, a device bringing great strength to the wearer but also giving the wearer tendencies towards violence. The Tick never thought he would have to say "Spoon" to Arthur. The Tick was shocked when Arthur renounced his role as sidekick saying "I won't be your pudgy comic relief any more". The Tick replied with "I'm my own comic relief" and the two fought. They were evenly matched but The Tick won when Arthur fell over the side of a building. Carmelita and The Tick were able to save Arthur and the belt was destroyed.
In Episode 35, The Tick and Arthur were transported to the past by an australopithecine with a time travel device on cleaning day. The time machine was broken by a Megatherium and they were stuck in 3.5 million B.C. The Tick and Arthur soon found themselves as members of a tribe of australopithecines and The Tick quickly adapted. He even kept up with his patrolling, saving the lives of his tribesmen. He called himself the world's first superhero and told the ape-men stories about earlier adventures. The Tick also invented music for Arthur's birthday. For six months they lived with the ape-men, and all the time Arthur chiseled a stone tablet message to Dot for the future. The Tick ended up causing Arthur to break the tablet sending the sidekick into a tirade. One day, Arthur and the tribe were captured by bellbots to work at the Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel. The Tick was left behind with one of the damaged bellbots and swore that he'd return his tribe to the savanna. The bellbots followed The Tick on his quest because he admired his great strength. After a while, the bellbot saved The Tick from a cave bear and offered him a job at the resort hotel carrying luggage. The Tick agreed but revolted when he realized his tribe was imprisoned there. He was subdued and his head was transported to the 1950's by the hotel manager, who figured it was the part of his body he'd miss the least. Arthur and the ape-men saved The Tick and returned his head, after all, he's no good without it. Soon afterwards, Arthur and The Tick returned home, three minutes after they left, and cleaning day began anew.
In Episode 34, The Tick and Arthur volunteered to be guinea pigs for J. J. Vatos' mind swapping experiment. When Arthur and The Tick's minds were switched, the evil Professor Chromedome stole Vatos' device for Chairface Chippendale. The incident eventually led to a swap-meeting of the minds, leaving everyone at the Mad Scientist Fair in someone else's body. The Tick was stuck in the zebra body of Prof. Emmit Peelie while Chromedome escaped with his body. When the group of scientist's and heroes reached Chairface Chippendale's hideout, they discovered Chairface in The Tick's body, a superb melding of might and mind. At the end of the ordeal, when Chairface was defeated and after everyone was supposedly returned to their own bodies, Arthur sucked in his fear and gave Carmelita their first kiss. Unfortunately The Tick was in her body at the time.
The Tick's dream of teaching came true in Episode 36 when he was put in charge of a "How to be a superhero" class at the Lonely Annex. He was responsible for the education of five students and he had the highest hopes for all of them. The Tick always wanted to pass his superhero knowledge to others. He looked after the students throughout the classes while Arthur kept him in touch with reality.
[Voiced by: Townsend Coleman]

Tick Cave, The: [Comic Books] The Tick Cave was inherited by The Tick after he defeated Barry Hubris at the Comet Club. It has a massive computer with television links to nearly every station on Earth, a giant lobster hanging from the ceiling, and a secret Tick Orbiting Communications Satellite. The Tick Tracker is also located in the cave and it can track and communicate with anyone in the world, with help of the satellite of course.

Tick Clone, The: The Tick Clone was created by Thrakkorzog from a used tissue holding The Tick's mucus. The taking of a regular tissue sample was attempted by the Arthur Clone but The Tick's nigh invulnerability prevented it. Along with Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce and a mixing in the Clonerizer, The Tick Clone was born. The nostril spawn is a mucous intensive foul gelatin that has the strength of The Tick and more. This disgusting nose jelly can change shape to dodge blows or escape through tight spaces. It is also very squishy and slimy so a grip upon it is nigh impossible. Its body can also envelope things. The Tick used this opportunity to hock the little booger back into his sinuses and blow him into a reality rip with Thrakkorzog, formed by the Interplaner Portal Pal.

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Tick's Antennae, The: The Tick's antennae are very sensitive and are his sole source of balance. Without them he experiences severe bouts of vertigo.

Tick's Arsenal, The: [Comic Books] The Tick's Arsenal was inherited by The Tick after he defeated Barry Hubris at the Comet Club. Among the devices were a Mind Transfer Machine, assorted flame throwers, mace (looks like binaca), utility belts, tracking devices, assorted bombs and guns, and a jet motorcycle with sidecar and unnecessary rockets.
[Animated Series] The Tick signal can be used to call upon The Tick whenever there is a need for crimefighting. Just aim the signal's beam at a conveniently passing cloud during crisis and The Tick will soon arrive dispensing justice left and right. The secret message cannon can send secret messages to far off places. Just write a secret message, place the message in the secret message shell, load, aim, and fire. The Pendecker Series 7 Pneumatic Grappling Hook with full body harness and power wench is a useful weapon against crime. You can aim the grapple at a chimney across the rooftops, fire the grappling hook, and very soon, you'll be very close to that chimney. Also in The Tick's collection of gadgets is the chemistry set. It can be used to analyze and create chemicals and works perfectly with the crime lab and computers system.

Tick's Consciousness, The: The Tick's conscience is filled with mazes and pitfalls. It's a tangled web of philosophy and shiny objects. The Tick found himself there with his own Mind as his spiritual guide after Proto-Clown knocked him into space. The Tick's Mind, in an effort to free The Tick from his own conscience, led him on a psychic journey of self discovery.
The Tick's pleasure center is a very seductive area, resembling a happy face with a tongue stairway. Laughter can be heard when near the pleasure center and if you succumb to desire then you will slip into a coma of pure ecstasy from which you'll never awaken. The Tick's fear center on the other hand, is less scary. It is in a pit with a giant talking serpent. The serpent is very polite though. The Tick's self image is a large statue of his own head in the middle of a dessert. It looks cool. The Tick was allowed to ask only one question of his self image and instead of asking "Why am I here?" like his Mind wanted, he asked "How ya doin'?" The self image gave a thumbs up. It was not the big truth that his Mind wanted to learn and when he pressed the image to allow another question to be asked, The Tick's defense mechanisms were activated. They resembled Tick midgets with relatively large "D"s printed on their pudgy blue chests and they attacked The Tick and his Mind with orange fish. They escaped by riding the Escalator of Enlightenment. ("Why do I need one of these?") The elevator promptly reversed directions. With a bit of midget-induced fear, The Tick made his way to the top, without the aid of the escalator, and, after he cleared his mind (Well, except for *stuff*...), stepped of into the void and plummeted back towards the Earth, he solved his own existential query--He was there because a big clown hit him! And with that realization he returned to our reality (or at least as much as ever) and re-entered the Earth's atmosphere ("How do you feel?" "I feel... Hot." "That'd be re-entry" "I mean, I'm really burning up! And it's a dry heat, too...").

Tick's Mind, The: The Tick's Mind stepped forward to aid The Tick when he was literally knocked into orbit by Proto-Clown. He is composed of The Tick's head, 3 sets of little wings attached to his sides, and a jewel on his forehead. He is easily distracted by shiny objects and loves philosophy. Basically, he has the exact same personality as The Tick does but he knows how to handle himself better in The Tick's Consciousness. The Tick's Mind is The Tick's guide in The Tick's Consciousness. He leads The Tick on a journey of self discovery and wants his innermost question, "Why are you here?" answered. Once The Tick discovered this secret--he was there because a big clown hit him!--The Tick's Mind blinked out, The Tick returned to our reality (or at least as much as ever), and went through burning re-entry.

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