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The Tick


Tina: [Comic Books] Tina is the Tick robot created by Toy De Force to destroy The Tick and take advantage of his weaknesses. The robot was supposed to be intelligent but is really as sharp as a sack of wet mice. The massive robot body contains a secret chest compartment, where the Hypnotic Chromatic Happy Apple is stored, a Hench Cam for Toy De Force's viewing pleasure, and a magic 8 bomb that has massive destructive powers. Tina was defeated by The Tick on the top of the Angel Burger when he fell off and landed in sight of the Happy Apple. He and Toy De Force became incapacitated instantly.

Todd: Todd is the Minister of the Exterior for the underground society of Mole Men. He traveled to the surface world with the Mole King, Bob, and Larry on vacation. He has a mole on his left cheek. He wears mining overalls, heavy work boots, and a mining helmet with flashlight.

Tommy Gun, The: The Tommy Gun was an invention of The Terror who used it to turn an entire town into a guy named Tommy. Very similar to his other invention, the Ray Gun.

Tongue Tongue: Tongue Tongue is the atrocious creation of the nefarious Dr. Mung Mung. He is made up entirely of tongues and he's fairly enormous. The tongue is a very powerful muscle and Tongue Tongue is all tongue. This "pink abomination" (as referred to by Professor Chromedome) has some of the most superior taste buds in the universe and drools constantly. His taste buds are so sensitive that a slice of processed cheese sends him into a fit of pure ecstasy. He can taste anything he touches, even evil. Dr. Mung Mung keeps Tongue Tongue chained to keep him out of trouble. The monster is the only being that Mung Mung actually shows concern for. When Professor Chromedome stole J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Device, Tongue Tongue's mind was swapped with Arthur's. Arthur was appalled because he could taste the floor and Tongue Tongue wept because he had but one small tongue to taste an entire world. When Arthur was in Tongue Tongue's body he found out that movement was difficult because the drool kept him from gaining traction on the floor.
[Voiced by: Danny Mann]

Toy De Force: [Comic Books] Toy De Force is a disturbed toy fanatic who once suffered a demeaning dad. His dad's displeasure with "Troy's" love of toys sent him on a downward spiral towards evil intentions. He wears a teddy bear outfit complete with butt flap and 3-D glasses. He is alive with ill will and thinks himself a criminal genius. His best toy, a Cyborg Bambie was destroyed in an earlier escapade by The Tick and Troy wanted revenge badly. His revenge would be the destruction of Arthur. He used a hidden camera in Arthur's toy bear, Dwayne in an attempt to learn The Tick's secret weakness. It didn't work so he flew his silly looking jetcopter to Arthur's apartment and left a psychiatric business card for Arthur to find. At the time, Arthur was in denial about his superhero career so he went to this fake psychiatrist to get professional help. Troy, disguised as Dr. Footceey (anagram of Toy De Force), questioned Arthur until he discovered that The Tick's biggest weakness was for shiny objects. After finding this out, Troy threw Arthur out of his office window without his wings. The Tick saved him but Troy knew what he needed to know already. He built the Tina robot to battle The Tick and implanted the Hypnotic Chromatic Happy Apple in The Tick robot's chest cavity. The plan didn't work because the robot was defeated and fell to the lure of the happy apple itself. Since Troy was watching on his Hench Cam, he also fell into a blissful coma.

Triggermen Society, The: [Comic Books] The Triggermen Society is a group of villainous sharpshooters led by the Forehead. They can shoot the eyeteeth out of your head at a hundred yards. The Triggermen are infallible in that they never miss a target (though they have, on occasion, been devoured by the odd cannibalistic cow). Sometimes they consider themselves a force of nature. The Triggermen attended the birthday celebration of the notorious Chairface Chippendale in the comics. After The Tick defeated Chairface Chippendale, the Triggermen were sent to eradicate the blue hero. They had a special gun but fumbled with its instructions long enough for the Man Eating Cow to eat them and save the day.

Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey: Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey was the last ice cream flavor created by the Uncle Creamy Corporation. Ezra Fleener, the chairman of the company, had lied to the public saying that the mixture was ice cream when it was actually the runoff from the company's coolant systems gussied up with artificial flavors and sweetness. The mascot of the company, Uncle Creamy, was disfigured by the "ice cream" when it exploded from its containment unit at its public unveiling. The Triple Ripple clung to Creamy's body, changing his body's structure to the molecular structure of the affluent. This gave Uncle Creamy great powers which he used to exact his revenge on the Uncle Creamy Corporation.

Tuun-La: Tuun-La is not of this world. She/he is an unearthly horror who has no regard for human life or individuality. She/he makes it her/his goal to wipe out humanity and her/his teammates, the Evilleers, are privileged enough to be her/his last victims. Tuun-La is a wildcard and a loose cannon. Why all the she/he nonsense? Tuun-La appeared in Episode 13 of the cartoon as a female but appeared in Issue 12 of the comics as a male alien.
Tuun-la, not of this world, is an alien bent on the destruction of earth and its inhabitants. The monster has no apparent motives other then for pure evil. He/she believes the earth is an inferior species and she will destroy us all. Then she plans to annihilate the entire planet. He/she is technically a big bully. Tuun-la is a loose cannon. He/she was invited to join the Terror's supervillain team and he/she agreed honoring them by making them her last victims. The Terror didn't seem to mind at all. Together they took over The City but when The Tick arrived, Tuun-la escaped with her teammate, Stalingrad, never to be seen again.
Tuun-la is a hideous alien monster with two-mouths, short stumpy legs, long arms with pinchers, and an armored muumuu. She has orange skin and a wickedly evil look on his/her face.

Two-Eyed Jack: Jack owns Two-Eyed Jack's UFO Landing Strip and Quality Fish Market in Reno Nevada. He is a estranged man, he is very scruffy, wears a colander helmet, and must have watched way to many sci-fi movies when he was growing up. He is constantly wired and believes that our electoral colleges have been taken over by dangerous robots. He also thinks that there is a government conspiracy concerning the idea that we are alone in this universe. Jack is a first class nut and drinks too much coffee.
Two-Eyed Jack sells fish and it was to his landing strip that The Tick and Arthur linked the kidnapping of Mr. Smarty Pants. Two-Eyed Jack revealed to the heroes that he regularly sells fish to the Cult of the Fin. He even let our heroes borrow his ride, a large road hog motorcycle with sidecar. Arthur and The Tick look cool riding the hog.
[Voiced by: Phil Austin]

Tyrannosaurus Rex:

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