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The Tick

U -to- Zipper

U.S. Government, The: In Episode 10, the U.S. Government sent American Maid, Arthur, and The Tick to Pokoponesia to save the monkey genius Yank from the clutches of the dictator, Pineapple Pokopo. Our government couldn't enter Pokoponesia's waters without starting an international incident and they wanted to retrieve Yank to become the director of the National Space Program. Secret agents recruited The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid to travel to Pokoponesia under assumed names and recapture the monkey. For the assignment, Arthur became Arnie Jones, American Maid became Jeanine Smith, and The Tick became Nick Soapdish ("It's, uh... French." "That's funny. It sounds more made up to me."). They were given two-way wrist radios and sent on their mission. Yank was eventually returned to America, but his intelligence was gone. He was a perfect choice to lead the National Space Program.

Ulysses Bang: [Comic Books] Ulysses Bang is a mysterious superhero from the 40's and 50's. He wears a top hat and a trenchcoat. He is an ally of the Sultan and the Visible Man and helped these heroes defeat the Seven of Hearts on more then one occasion.

Uncle Creamy: Beloved by millions of children everywhere, Uncle Creamy was once a spokes-character for the immense Uncle Creamy Corporation. Along with his sidekick Sprinkles, Uncle Creamy would travel across the world declaring new ice cream flavors to an adoring public. While declaring the flavor "Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey" to the children of The City, a disaster occurred. The man in the Uncle Creamy costume was fused with the contents of the ice cream containment unit in a blast of unstable creaminess. The unstable molecular structure of the false cream, which was actually runoff from the companies coolant systems, exploded from the pressure and drenched Uncle Creamy in a spout of vanilla. He became one with the Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey, able to control the cream that now composed the entirety of his being.
Uncle Creamy was fired by Ezra Fleener, chairman of Uncle Creamy Corporation because his new appearance was a disgrace and he frightened children. Uncle Creamy vowed to get even with Fleener and the Corporation. He knew all their systems, he new what Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey was actually made of. He knew all of Fleener's dirty little secrets. Uncle Creamy was the heart and soul of the company and he would have his revenge. He vowed to Fleener that he would bring the company to its knees. Creamy started his ice cream terrorism by destroying ice cream trucks owned by the Uncle Creamy Corporation. Because of the propaganda released by Fleener, Uncle Creamy was branded a villain by The City's media. He was depriving The City's children of the rich creamy goodness that ice cream provided in the summertime. He destroyed one ice cream truck in front of The Tick, Arthur, and their Superhero Students. Uncle Creamy was their first villain, and they attacked him full force. Uncle Creamy tried to explain that he wasn't a villain, he was vanilla, but the only hero he could convince was the shy Flying Squirrel. Uncle Creamy left the Superhero Students and their teachers beaten.
Uncle Creamy struck again when Ezra Fleener made a public appearance at The City Park. He attacked Fleener but was surprised when the villain unleashed the company's newest mascot, Ivan Brubeck, the New Uncle Creamy. Uncle Creamy declared that he would be Fleener's sweet frozen doom but was forced to fight the ex-KGB agent Brubeck for the chance. The Superhero Students, The Tick, and Arthur showed up and a triple sided battle took place in front of watching children. Uncle Creamy bit into Brubeck full force but the Soviet had done his research. Between the power of Uncle Creamy and the resources of Brubeck they were evenly matched. Uncle Creamy was eventually defeated and Flying Squirrel came to his rescue. Brubeck was about to do in the both of them when Squirrel sicked the park's squirrel legion upon him. Brubeck was then punched out by The Tick and Fleener was arrested. His secrets were revealed to the public and Uncle Creamy was relabeled a hero.
Uncle Creamy is completely made of Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey ice cream. He wears part of his old Uncle Creamy costume which is merely a cone with his name carved on the rim. His head appears to be a large scoop of ice cream and his arms and legs stick out of holes in the cone. Uncle Creamy has the ability to emit a jet of highly pressurized ice cream from his hands. He can use this cream in several different ways. He use the cream to create a wave in which he can travel on. He can create a column and slide as well. Creamy can use his blasts to destroy buildings. He can also mentally control the cream into shapes like fists that he uses to emulate his own violent actions. When aimed right, the icy blasts can even give the most powerful of superbeings a large ice cream headache. Uncle Creamy has been changed so much by the cream that he sometimes has trouble walking and relies on his ice cream slides and waves for support.
[Voiced by: Bobcat Goldthwait]

Uncle Creamy Corporation, The: The Uncle Creamy Corporation is The City's leading ice cream producer. Ezra Fleener is the chairman of the company and he uses the company as a front to line his pockets and the pockets of his board of trustees. The newest flavor created by the company's ice cream-geneers is "Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey" and it is a very popular commodity. The superbeing known as Uncle Creamy was once employed by the corporation but was disfigured by an ice cream explosion. The Triple Ripple vanilla Road Monkey, which was actually the runoff from the company's coolant systems gussied up with artificial flavors and sweetness, changed Uncle Creamy, giving him the molecular structure of the ice cream. He waged a one man war against the corporation and Fleener that ended at an annual "picnic in the park" sponsored by the company. The assassin Ivan Brubeck was hired by Fleener to destroy Uncle Creamy but with the help of the Superhero Students, The Tick, and Arthur, Fleener's schemes were revealed and the company's image was ruined.

Vegetation Vitalizer: The vitalizer is a potion created by El Seed that gives animated life to plants. El Seed spread a concoction he called "The Recipe for Revolution" consisting of one part vitalizer to a million zillion parts water over The City Park by means of a cropduster. The Tick saturated by this brew and suffered abnormal plant growths on his body. Some of these growths included pumpkins, grass, bell peppers, flowers, broccoli, and dandelions. This made the Tick feel all Funky Monkey, Funky. The Tick gained control of his new power and sprouted corn to blend into El Seed's corn army. The vitalizer was to turn him completely into a vegetable after 12 hours but luckily, The Tick acquired the antidote from a defeated El Seed before any permanent harm was done. The Tick wasn't worried. Villains always have an antidote, they're funny that way.

Velvet Fist, The: [Comic Books]

Venus: Venus and her man servant Milo were first captured by The Tick and Arthur when they tried to steal statues from The City Art Museum. She had the guards of the museum in her thrall, victims of her emotional control powers. The villain love goddess and her man slave were captured by The Tick and Arthur when they fled into a lady's bathroom and was knocked out by a stall door opened by Plungerman. Later, Venus revealed that her robberies were an attempt to be nominated for the coveted Enemy Award, an award that is given to the best villains of the year. She wanted one badly and she wouldn't stop at anything to get one. The high point of her career is just getting invited but that year she was blackballed from the event. The fiasco in the ladies room made them laughingstocks of the criminal underworld. She blamed Milo for this and she expected him to make it right. She wanted to do something really terrible to attract the eye of the awards committee.
She was able to fulfill her dream when Milo demonstrated one of his inventions the next time that they met up with The Tick and Arthur. She tried to control The Tick but that didn't work so she had Milo demonstrate his newest invention. The invention was made with a tuning fork and had a blast that took the arms off of The Tick and Arthur. He gathered these arms and with them made two more inventions, Arthur and Tick robots. They were very unconvincing replicas but the citizens of the City seemed to fall for their ploy and with the robots, the villains destroyed the reputations of the two heroes. They even went on a crime spree in preparations for the Enemy's ceremony. They robbed jewelry stores, stole evening gowns and lingerie (Ooo-la-la), and used the robots to knock off women's apparel shops. She was putting together one dynamite outfit. The act made Venus infamous and even got her a nomination for the Enemy's.
Venus was up for the most improved villain award and she was ecstatic. She won the award and thanked her partner in crime, The Tick , who was really the impostor. In the reception room, Venus was confronted by the armless Tick and Arthur. She sicked the robots on them but The Tick was able to talk his arms into revolting against the robot that held them. With the help of the feared Plungerman who was at the Awards to fix a "terlet", the arms were reattached and Venus and Milo were captured. Their Enemy Award was revoked after the committee found out that the whole thing had been a scam.
Venus has the powers to toy with the hearts of men. If she can get close enough to a man to compliment him and use her seductive wiles, she can control his will and use him to get her way. She is very used to getting her way and she is very spoiled. When she leaves a slave he usually breaks down and cries because of her. The slave is devoted to her and is without purpose when she isn't around. Nothing is more cruel then a kindness falsely given. She seems to be a well notioned love goddess but watch out. She'll steal your heart.
Venus is a plump woman of average height. She wears a plated hat and necklace. That and her shape greatly resembles the ancient Venus of Walendorf figurine. She also wears an evening gown and gloves that go up past her elbows. She can always be seen with Milo and the pair look rather silly.

Villains Inc.: [Comic Books] Morton Spivey is the president of Villains Inc., an organization that hires out bogus villains to unpopular superheroes. The heroes pay for the opportunity to defeat the hired villain so that the hero looks good to the media. With Villains Inc. you can literally buy your reputation. For $5,000 you get a scenario where the villain appears at a public place of the hero's choice, commits a crime, delivers a four and a half minute speech, and is then defeated by the hero. As an added bonus, the hero gets an 8X10 glossy photograph of the battle.
The Red Scare was employed with Villains Inc. when the organization traveled to The City. One of The City's lesser known heroes, Running Guy, hired Villains Inc. and the Scare to put on a show for the media in an attempt to gain a reputation. The plan was running smoothly until The Tick stumbled on the Red Scare's crime and defeated him. The Running Guy was out $5,000 and the reputation that he so wanted.

Visible Man, The: [Comic Books] The Visible Man is an ally of the Sultan and Ulysses Bang. He is a superhuman with transparent skin, you can see all of his internal organs. He helped the Sultan and Ulysses Bang defeat the Seven of Hearts when he attempted to complete a communist revolution in The City. The gross-out factor probably had something to do with his victory.

Visual Eye, The: A member of the retired superhero group the Decency Squad, The Visual Eye has the power to pop his eyeballs out of their sockets. These eyeballs have the ability to fly anywhere and spy on evil doers. He wears a large orb helmet painted as an eye and all the buttons on his suit are eye shaped. In Episode 26 the Human Ton slipped on his tired eyeballs and was eventually subdued. Visual Eye's motto is "Rockets from the Sockets!"
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley]


Wally Head: Wally Head is the chief of the Deertown Aztecs. He has been in love with Carmelita Vatos ever since she was the shortstop for their baseball team 15 years ago. He suffers from a prolonged childhood infatuation with Carmelita and even banned the use of the word "Itlan" at her request. Wally carries a crystal skull staff that he uses to bluff with, it's actually a baseball on a wooden baseball bat. Wally was responsible for the abduction of Arthur who was thought to be Carmelita, and the introduction of The Tick 's faithful, moist, avenging pet, Speak. Wally took Arthur's wings to impress Carmelita but it didn't work; she hog tied him for his deeds.
[Voiced by: Phil Austin]

Walt Fujiyama: See District Manager Walt Fujiyama!

Watt and Socket: Watt and Socket are the moronic hirelings of the Deadly Bulb. They wear dark costumes with half helmets that have lightbulbs on the top. They're not that bright (Ha! Bright! It's a joke, son! You've gotta keep your eye on the ball! Eye... Ball... Eyeball! Admit it, boy, I'm too fast for ya!) but they do all of the Deadly Bulb's stuff. They're not very good minions and the Bulb doesn't consider them friends. At first, only they knew the Deadly Bulb's freakish secret.
[Watt voiced by: Townsend Coleman]

Weekly World Planet, The: [Comic Books] The Weekly World Planet is the main newspaper for the City appearing in the comics. Some of the more well known employees include Clark Oppenheimer, secretly the Caped Wonder, Perry Beige, the newspaper's tyrannical overlord editor, and Billy, the newsboy who instantly saw through The Tick's genius disguise. The Tick was hired as the newspaper's crossword creator and editor under the alias, Mr. Nedd. His disguise was a hypnotic tie and he applied for the job in an attempt to stay close to Clark for team-up purposes. His crosswords didn't make sense and that's what got him fired. The crossword read FHRBLIG and PABST.

Wiederspahn and Wong: Arthur once worked as an accountant at Wiederspahn and Wong. Arthur was said to have made the staff of the accounting firm nervous because of his insisting to wear a moth costume to work everyday. Mr. Wiederspahn told Arthur that rampant individuality was found to be disturbing by the employees and he was laid off. This didn't completely bother Arthur, he was ready for a change in his life anyway.

Whats, The: In Episode 24, The Tick and Arthur were abducted by the aliens known as the Whats. Disguised as typical black eyed, ovoid aliens, the Whats were able to sneak into Arthur's apartment and abduct the two heroes. By creating an electrical field around The Tick , they were able to float him up to their ship, much to The Tick 's excitement. Arthur wasn't excited though because the Whats believed him to be an intergalactic spy sent by the Hey Empire. When The Tick arrived on the ship, an interpreter, who spoke all earth languages except Esperanto, explained to him why he was abducted. The Heys were about to attempt to insert one black hole into another causing the Big Nothing and the end of the universe. The Tick was disappointed when the Whats didn't act like normal aliens. They didn't do many abductions so probes and studies didn't come naturally to them. The Whats were in a hurry anyway because they believed that they were being chased by Hey spies.
Arthur was taken to an interrogation room and confined to a large chair with insectoid appendages made to hold prisoners. He became very frightened when the What interrogator arrived. The interrogator repeatedly demanded "Hey" and Arthur repeatedly replied with "What?" and the interrogation went nowhere. The What hooked a thought vacuum up to Arthur's head and tried to suck the information out of his mind. It was about then that the tick explained to the other Whats that Arthur was his sidekick. Arthur's memories were restored and the Whats apologized for the misunderstanding. Arthur was given complimentary slippers, a pillow, and free drink coupons for the rest of the flight ("Lucky dog!").
The What's are the most squirrely, easily frightened bunch of cowards in the galaxy. Centuries ago, they learned to harness that fear and use it as fuel. One of the Heys' most devastating inventions, the Infinity Ball, was chasing and gaining on the What craft and the fuel reserves were depleted. The Whats were not afraid with The Tick around so they had to look for another source for fear. Arthur was hooked up to the machine, being "an anxious little dude" and scared, by the appearance of the What interrogator, enough to fill the ships tanks and cause the vessel to go faster then it had ever gone before. The Whats were impressed because they had never seen anyone more afraid then Arthur. They were even able to travel at the speed of lint with untested technology. When the ship reached the Heys, they were poised at the opening of a black hole and protected by an anti-gravity forcefield. The Heys were about to insert one black hole into another but were stopped by The Tick when he infiltrated their ranks and foiled their plans. The Whats returned Arthur and The Tick to earth and thanked them for rescuing the entire universe.
The Whats have tentacle like heads, three eyes, and a long tongue that always stays outside of the mouth. The What interrogator is a larger What who wears a helmet and armor. His shoulderpads are large and contain all sorts of knives and probes. The Whats' entire language consists of one word: "What".
[What Interrogator voiced by: Brad Garrett]

Wheatland: Wheatland is a theme park outside The City with a grain motif. Its main feature is the ride that allows you to travel through a giant digestive track in a large bran muffin. The Tick and Arthur returned from Wheatland as Proto-Clown caused the evacuation of The City in Episode 12.

Wheel: Wheel was the cavewoman who invented the wheel. She is very strong and agile but has bad hygiene. She was kidnapped from prehistoric times by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. Wheel was the most physically capable of all of the inventors and it was her agility that provided their means of escape. It was her mentality that provided the Mother of Invention with the info of Leonardo da Vinci's escape earlier though. She had helped da Vinci build a flying contraption by pulling the bunk beds in their glass cage apart. When the Mother of Invention was defeated, Wheel managed to be overlooked when it was time to send the inventors back to their own times. Wheel ended up suing the world for back royalties on the wheel and used her newly found riches to buy lobsters which she lovingly referred to as "big red bugs".

Whirlin' Scottish Devil, The: When The Tick was lost in space after trying to repair the moon, the Whirlin' Scottish Devil spun onto the scene. He went on a robbing spree that he compared to "taking candy from a wee baby." He even helped himself to the "free money" at Rive Droite's Savings and Loan. Arthur did his very best to stop the Scottish Devil but it was ultimately The Tick who defeated him. Upon his return, The Tick knocked the head off of The Tick memorial with the jet shoe of Omnipotus. The fiberglass-resin head landed on the Scottish criminal causing him "great pain, Danny boy".
The Whirlin' Scottish Devil's crimes are always accompanied by bagpipe music. His tartan wrath is fierce and he's a bit crazy. The Devil wears a mask with horns, hoof-like sandals, a blue kilt, and a long mustache with goatee. His special powers involve spinning really fast. He has the ability to spin and steal at the same time which is a very dangerous combination. He has a maniacal laugh and has a thick Gaelic accent.

Woo Woo: See Regina Hume!

World's Most Comfortable Chair, The: The World's Most Comfortable Chair is a blue padded recliner that was invented on June 14, 1953. Anyone who sits in the chair succumbs to its enrapturing comfort. The first test subject fell to the chairs comfort and finally escaped his comfortable confinement over twenty years later. He never left the chair's side. The Ottoman stole the chair from its exhibit and added it to her furniture empire. The Tick was captured in the comfy chair in one of his battles with the Ottoman. He experienced delusions involving clouds, rose petals, and faeries. After a few minutes he was able to fight off the pleasure to save The City from the Ottoman. It doesn't get much comfier then the chair so The Tick put a little sign on the chair reading "Warning!! Way too comfortable. Do not sit!"

Yank: Yank was a monkey astronaut who was sent into space by the U.S. Government to see what monkeys were like in space. After being hit by a cosmic ray storm, Yank was changed into a super genius, and told the men at Houston that monkeys were very angry in space. Not willing to rely on the National Space Program's incompetence, Yank decides to get himself home and lands his cone in the ocean close to the Pokoponesian waters. Our government was so impressed with Yank's newly acquired intelligence that they sent American Maid, Arthur, and The Tick to rescue him from the Pokoponesian dictator, Pineapple Pokopo so he could lead the nation's Space Program. The dictator had his own plans for Yank, he wanted the genius monkey to build a fantastic genius technology machine so that he can take over Hawaii. With the machine and Hawaii under his thumb, he would then go for Wyoming with his new chief military advisor, Yank. At first Yank refused but Pokopo's size and threats intimidated him into making the machine. Yank kept a journal throughout his ordeal and noticed that the cosmic ray bombardment was wearing off and he was becoming "real dumb, real soon". But Yank didn't make a weapon, he made an escape pod, and when American Maid, Arthur, and The Tick came to rescue him, they used it to return to America. By that time, Yank's genius had completely wore off but that didn't keep the National Space Program from making him their director. He even directed the launch involving The Tick in Episode 24 when he attempted to blast Chairface Chippendale's graffiti off of the moon.
Yank is a very excitable little monkey, who at one time, was the smartest being on the planet. He wears a little red flight suit and likes bananas. His lifespan has been estimated to be between 20 and 40 years but it is not known if the cosmic ray storm could have effected it in any way.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Zipperneck: Zipperneck is a hairy-chested thug with a zipper running down the front of his neck. He can gross people out by unzipping his neck, revealing its unsightly insides--a tactic he used against The Tick when he, Forehead, and Boils stole the Geissman Lenses for Chairface Chippendale's birthday scheme. He is also super strong and can twist a metal fire escape ladder around a persons head, another tactic he used against The Tick in the same episode. Zipperneck ultimately failed in his attempt to pilfer the Geissman Lenses and was reduced to grinning dopily and waving mindlessly.

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