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The Tick


Apartment 7B: See: Arthur's Apartment

Apartment 14B: Apartment 14B is the cozy, temporary home of Thrakkorzog. It is right down the hall from Arthur's Apartment and is normal in every way. Thrakkorzog even has a quiet roommate who pays his half of the rent. Sometimes they squabble about cleaning deposits, touching each other's stuff, and world conquest but that's common amongst roommates. His roommate either doesn't realize that Thrakkorzog is a hideous, slime based monster with evil plans of world domination or he doesn't care. Thrakkorzog uses this apartment as his Earth base of operations. His Interplaner Portal Pal is his method back to his nether-ooze dimension of 14B, but the trip is far from pleasant--It's like being drained through a sieve.


Armless But Not Harmless: Go to Episode 16.

Arthur: Once an accountant of Wiederspahn and Wong, Arthur was "allowed an opportunity to explore other avenues of employment" after 15 years of service. He was a good worker but the moth suit that he constantly wore to work made the other workers nervous and decreased productivity. He wasn't too bothered by the firing, however; Ever since obtaining the moth suit he had felt strange new needs and a yearning for a life of adventure. Arthur's suit, which he just about never removes, has a backpack with collapsible wings for flying and ribbony antennae which resemble rabbit ears. This wondrous suit was purchased 10 years before at the estate sale of millionaire eccentric inventor, J. J. Eureka Vatos, the father of Arthur's girlfriend, Carmelita. Arthur hungered for adventure while working as an accountant, and being laid off gave him the chance he needed to follow a career in crimefighting. It was soon after that Arthur met The Tick who quickly recruited the unemployed moth-man as his sidekick.
The Tick and Arthur base their crimefighting careers at Arthur's Apartment and frequently borrow Arthur's sister, Dot's car to either fight crime or to vacation at one of the many theme parks and clubs around the area. Arthur always seems to get by financially but it is unclear how. With all of the damage and expenses of being a superhero, you would think his reserves would have been depleted fairly quickly. Possibly the only thing saving Arthur financially is his expertise at accounting. It's not The Tick, he only makes matters worse with his accidents and crimefighting expenses.
The person that doubts Arthur's abilities most is Arthur, who didn't even learn to use his wings until he met The Tick. If Arthur's job is to give The Tick a sense of reality then it's The Tick's job to give Arthur a sense of worth. Arthur is very insecure in his appearance, he's pretty lumpy. Not many exclamations describe Arthur's doubts better then his battle cry "Not in the face! Not in the face!" and his frequently used "I'm very frightened!".
The most rewarding part of being a sidekick is the personal relationships formed in the business. One of the most dangerous parts of being a sidekick is the potential of kidnapping and using as bait to lure the hero into a deathtrap. Arthur is good at making diversions.
The Tick believes that Arthur is sane in a crazy world and he may be right. One of Arthur's minor duties is to keep The Tick's thoughts reality based and to keep him from acting out impossible fantasies. This is very important for without Arthur, The Tick would probably be in a mental institution somewhere.
Coffee is the only thing that can get Arthur up for morning patrol at 6:30. His sister, Dot, doesn't approve of his lifestyle and sometimes he doesn't himself. In Episode 3, Arthur invited Dot over for dinner. He wanted to prove to Dot that he was still a sane and loving person. During dinner The Tick had problems controlling himself because of the rampage of Dinosaur Neil. Arthur told him to tone it down but even he couldn't allow The City to be destroyed as he ate. He and The Tick left dinner to save The City from Dinosaur Neil's destructive rampage. Later, the newly reduced Neil was introduced to Dot and the two did very well. Arthur has hay fever but was able to use it to track the 400 Year Bloom in Episode 19. Arthur also gets a little gassy under stress. Arthur sometimes confides in his small teddy bear, Dwayne when he's having problems or is not sure of himself.
In Episode 10, Arthur was recruited by the U.S. Government to go on a secret mission with The Tick and American Maid to rescue Yank, monkey astronaut, from the clutches of Pineapple Pokopo on his tropical island of Pokoponesia. Arthur assumed the name Arnie Jones for the assignment and did his best to restrain The Tick from blowing their cover. Eventually, Pokopo was defeated, but Arthur could have done without the whole incident.
One time, The Tick was in a crimefighting mood and he ordered a bunch of gadgets and equipment on Arthur's credit card. Arthur explained to The Tick that he couldn't afford these purchases but rumors of the resurfaced villain, The Terror prompted The Tick to splurge even more. Eventually, The Tick maxed out Arthur's credit card, sending Arthur in a tirade. While experimenting with his new crimelab set on the coffee table, The Tick blew out an entire wall of the apartment. Arthur was extremely angry and kicked The Tick out of the apartment. He was so angry he told his friend to completely get out of his life. He tried to have Dot talk to The Tick, who was sulking in his crimebusting tower on the roof. Her talk didn't make a difference, it ended in argument. They eventually made up when The Tick realized that The City needed him to combat The Terror.
Arthur was instantly took when he first met Carmelita. He even shirked his patrol duties and skipped hobby night to go on dates with her. The Tick was angry at him for this and remarked about his disloyalty. Arthur told The Tick that hobby night wasn't that important and took Carmelita to the Bistro D'Burden anyway. They talked about J. J. Vatos, Vatos' notebook, and the code that could be found in Arthur's moth suit. Arthur even told crimefighting stories involving El Seed and Thrakkorzog's Arthur Clone. The date was cut short by Swiss Industrial Spies that were after J. J. Vatos' notes. They made Arthur give them his pants, I guess that's where they believed the code to decipher the notes were. Arthur and Carmelita were saved when American Maid and The Tick arrived. The Tick used his new sidekick, Little Wooden Boy, to defeat the Swiss while Arthur retrieved the notebook and pants from a fleeing Swiss spy. It was then that Arthur, Carmelita, and The Tick were swallowed by the jogging whale, Blow-Hole, where they found her father, J. J. Vatos. The four were saved when Little Wooden Boy was sacrificed. Arthur and The Tick reconciled they're differences and The Tick learned to live with Arthur's love for Carmelita.
When it appeared that The Tick died on the moon mission, Operation Erase, Arthur was thrown into a deep depression. He kept himself all cooped up and never went out. American Maid and Die Fledermaus visited frequently and decided that he needed to fight crime again. After eating most of Arthur's condolence cheeses, Die Fledermaus offered a sidekick position to Arthur. Arthur tries but quits after a while because of Die Fledermaus' lack of interest in actual crimefighting. Arthur even tried to be the Human Bullet's sidekick but ended up hurting himself. He realized that he was not cut out for solo work when he faced the Whirlin' Scottish Devil, a criminal who plagued The City since the disappearance of The Tick. Before the Devil had the opportunity to beat Arthur up, The Tick arrived in a rocket shoe saving the day. Arthur didn't realize how much The Tick did save until Omnipotus landed.
The Tick and Arthur's good names were dragged through the dirt by Venus and  in Episode 16. Milo used one of his inventions to cause the heroes' arms to fall off. The arms were gathered by Milo and attached to two unflattering robots. With the robots, Venus and Milo went on a crime spree to get ready for the 45th Annual Enemy Awards, an awards show for villains. The Tick and Arthur were on the lamb but still managed to make it to the Enemy's to stop Venus and Milo. With the help of a new hero, Plungerman, they were able to defeat the impostor robots, regain their arms, and capture Venus and Milo. Their reputations were restored.
Arthur was mistaken for an alien spy in Episode 24. The Tick was being abducted by an alien race called they Whats when Arthur walked in on the abduction. Since Arthur looked exactly like a member of the What's ancient enemies, the Heys, he was thought to be an intergalactic spy and captured. Both heroes were taken to the Whats' ship. Arthur was interrogated by a What interrogator who scared Arthur to death. As his thoughts were being vacuumed by a What device, The Tick explained to the Whats that Arthur was his sidekick. Arthur was released and an apology was given. Meanwhile, the Whats' ship was being pursued by a Hey weapon of destruction called the Infinity Ball. The ship itself ran on fear so Arthur was hooked up because he is an "anxious little dude". Arthur's fear filled the ship's power reserves to its highest and caused the vessel to go faster then it had ever gone before. The Whats were impressed because they had never seen anyone more afraid than Arthur. They escaped the weapon and eventually defeated the Heys' plans of universal destruction.
In Episode 28 we learn that Arthur and his family are Jewish. Arthur took care of many of Dot's wedding chores. He tried his best to make the ceremony the best it could be but fate, and three supervillains intervened. Before Dot could successfully marry Dinosaur Neil, he transformed into a raging prehistoric beast. Arthur, Dot, and The Tick borrowed Sewer Urchin's submarine and traveled into Neil's body to solve the problem of his regrowth. With careful navigation by Arthur, the crew reached the base of Neil's brain. The Tick took care of the villain responsible while Arthur rammed the swollen dinosaur gene with the submarine. Dinosaur Neil was cured of his malady by a quick thinking sidekick.
Arthur tried to go on a diet in Episode 30. His attempts with Dr. Food's Food Foam was a failure but he wanted to impress Carmelita so he kept trying. When Baron Violent came to town, he used the powers of his belt to defeat the Civic Minded Five. Arthur was able to take the belt out from under Violent's nose. Later, Arthur put the belt on and liked the way he looked. The belt made him stronger and more muscular and he had to show Carmelita so he called her for a date. While at the Bistro D'Burden with Carmelita, Arthur was pressured by two thugs Baron Violent had hired to retrieve the strength enhancing device. Arthur beat them up to prove a point. He wanted to show Carmelita that he was now a person she could be proud of and he could stand up for himself without The Tick. The old Arthur would have cowered and cringed during this situation but this new Arthur was drunk on strength. He let the violence consume him and he became a big jerk. After running Baron Violent out of town, Arthur was confronted by The Tick. Arthur was through being the hero's pudgy comic relief so the two fought and the Bistro was partially destroyed. He then kidnapped Carmelita taking her to the top of a building. His brain was drowning in muscle so nothing Carmelita said stuck. The Tick followed and another fight ensued. Arthur fell over the side of the building. The Tick was able to catch him by the ears of his costume but they wouldn't hold because of his size. Arthur couldn't turn the belt's dial to shrink either, he was so muscular that he couldn't reach the controls. Arthur was saved when Carmelita turned the belt's dial and carried him to the ground. He destroyed the belt in disgust and apologized for his actions.
In Episode 34, Arthur and The Tick volunteered to be guinea pigs for J. J. Vatos' mind swapping experiment. When Arthur and The Tick's minds were switched, the evil Professor Chromedome stole Vatos' device. Chromedome, in an attempted escape, swapped minds with Carmelita. The incident eventually led to a swap-meeting of the minds, leaving everyone at the Mad Scientist Fair in someone else's body. At the end of the ordeal, after everyone was supposedly returned to their own bodies, Arthur sucked in his fear and gave Carmelita their first kiss. Unfortunately The Tick was in her body at the time.
In Episode 35, The Tick and Arthur were transported to the past by an australopithecine with a time travel device on cleaning day. The time machine was broken by a Megatherium and they were stuck in 3.5 million B.C. Of course Arthur panicked. He blamed the australopithecines, but eventually became part of their tribe because there was nothing better to do. For six months they lived with the ape-men, and all the time Arthur chiseled a stone tablet message to Dot for the future. The Tick ended up causing Arthur to break the tablet sending the sidekick into a tirade. He tried to make the best of it, he learned the ape-man language, invented agriculture on his birthday, but he was greatly bothered about not being able to take baths. One day, Arthur and the tribe were captured by bellbots to work at the Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel. When Arthur saw civilization at the hotel, he flipped out, grabbing food and glasses. Of course they thought he was an australopithecine too so they put him to work with the rest, as waiters. The hotel manager treated Arthur and the tribe very badly so Arthur decided to revolt. The Tick had arrived and had been captured so Arthur came up with a plan. He and the ape-men attacked the hotel manager and Arthur sent him to the big bang with one of the hotel's own time machines. Soon afterwards, Arthur and The Tick returned home, three minutes after they left, and cleaning day began anew.
[Voiced by: Micky Dolenz (Season 1) and Rob Paulsen (Everything else)]

Arthur Clone: Unlike The Tick Clone, the Arthur Clone was not created with a mucus sample. On returning a misdirected letter to Apartment 14B, Arthur was captured by the otherworldly Thrakkorzog. He was detained and a toe-nail clipping was obtained. The clipping was added to Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce and was mixed in the Clonerizer. The result was a sickly green, excitable clone of Arthur that could follow simple instructions. Its speech was limited to the phrase "I Arthur" and it could make eyeballs come out of weird places. The Arthur Clone was sent to Arthur's Apartment to bring back a tissue sample from The Tick for Thrakkorzog's creation of an entire Tick Clone army. When normal forms of tissue sampling ended in failure, the clone grabbed a snotty tissue to take back to his master. Arthur confronted the clone on the way out and The Tick was confused. He couldn't tell the two Arthurs apart even thought he differences were obvious. The fake Arthur was revealed when its head split open to reveal a mass of flailing tentacles and eyeballs.
[Voiced by: Micky Dolenz]

Arthur's Apartment: Arthur's apartment looks like any other normal apartment and is the base of operations for Arthur and his big blue ally, The Tick. It is perfectly normal in every way. It has a couch, a dining room table, washing machines, a TV (Arthur's TV set gives out a lot of special crime information at 6:00 and then again at 11:00), and a microwave, all of which have been destroyed on at least one occasion by The Tick. It does seem, however, to have an endless supply of American Eagle-topped laps and a rather abnormal superabundance of books... Arthur loves a spotless apartment but sometimes The Tick's cheese puffs get between the cushions on the couch, leaving a pleasant, and stale surprise for the next person who uses it. The Tick and his stress on Arthur's apartment causes some of the biggest conflicts between the two.
If The Tick had a say in it, the apartment would be remodeled to fit their superheroic needs. The Tick has many plans for Arthur's Apartment, all of which are very expensive. He wants to install a super crime busting computer in the apartment along with a perimeter defense system. He would like the whole rooftop to slide away and an ejectable kitchen ("When evil tries to catch us with our pants down, they'll get a faceful of kitchen!") but Arthur would have something to say about that.
In Episode 11, the laundry room of Arthur's apartment building was destroyed by the Mole Men's burrowing vehicle and The Tick's reflexes on cleaning day. The only way Arthur could convince The Tick to do the laundry in the first place was to call the chore a "mission". Later in the episode, the Mole Men burrowed through the walls and floors of the small apartment, sending Arthur in a panic. He likes a nice clean apartment and this was not it. Arthur wasn't even allowed to paint and the Mole Men had unintentionally remodeled it for him.
One time, The Tick was in a crimefighting mood and he ordered a bunch of gadgets and equipment on Arthur's credit card. While experimenting with his new crimelab set on the coffee table, the Tick blew out an entire wall of the apartment. Arthur was extremely angry and kicked The Tick out of the apartment. They eventually made up.

Arthur's Car: Arthur's car is a 1981 Mercury Bobcat Villager. It has imitation wood paneling, rust spots, and a replaced front fender on its left side. The car also has a dash light and an onboard compass. It actually exists in the real world! In the cartoon, Arthur didn't have a car, he either used public transport, his wings, or borrowed his sister, Dot's car which I believe is the same car I just described.
The car that Dot owns is at least similar to the one Arthur has in the comics. Dot's car has many superheroic features installed and is a very important part of Arthur and The Tick's crimefighting patrols. The horn can be used to avoid traffic accidents (honk if you love justice). The dashboard compass can be used to locate yourself by magnetic north. The map light brings illumination to a dark night and helps when you are navigating. The Tick even keeps moist towlettes available for quick and easy clean up.

Aspirin: According to Arthur: "Nearly two thousand years ago a brew made from white willow leaves was recommended for gout. Today, a remedy based on that same chemical, aspirin, is the most widely used medicine in the world. But aspirin is a strong medicine, and should be taken only as directed. And children should never, ever, take aspirin, except under the supervision of their parents or a licensed physician." That's good advice! Aspirin is a white crystalline compound of acetylsalicylic acid commonly used in tablet form. A large aspirin tablet was created by Bang Pharmaceuticals for The Tick in an attempt to reduce the size of Dinosaur Neil.


Atomic Torpedo: The atomic torpedo was stolen in the 40's and it was up to the Decency Squad to retrieve it. The Squad loves to tell stories about the torpedo but they can never remember who actually stole it. They do know it was either the Deadly Monkeys (Gibbons) of Machu Pichu or the Sub-Human. All that they could remember was that the torpedo was super secret and very deadly.

Australopithecines: Australopithecine are any of the several extinct manlike primates of the genera Austalopithecus Paranthropus or Zinjanthropus. They are known chiefly from fossil remains found in southern and eastern Africa. In Episode 35, in the year 3.5 million B.C., an australopithecine ape-man got a hold of a time traveling device carelessly left by a staff member of the Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel. The ape-man pressed the machines button and instantly found himself on Arthur's couch on cleaning day. This "monkey out of nowhere" was so frightened that he trashed Arthur's apartment moments after it was cleaned. Before The Tick and Arthur could get him under control, the time machine was activated again, sending the two heroes back to his time.
For the next six months The Tick and Arthur lived with the ape-man's australopithecine tribe. The Tick tried to teach his new tribe about music, language, and fire. Australopithecines are very uncomfortable around fire, and most anything else. After six months, The Tick's tribe was attacked by a group of Bellbot robots in service of the Good Times Resort. Their job was to capture ape-men to serve as waiters at the resort. They kidnapped Arthur and the whole tribe. Many unsuccessful attempts were made to teach the ape-men to cater and the job was eventually given to Arthur. He decided it was time for the Australopithecines to revolt. Meanwhile The Tick tracked the tribe-nappers down to the resort and was captured. Arthur and the tribe saved the Tick and sent the evil resort manager to the big bang with one of his own time machines. It was time for the two heroes to return home and parting the tribe was painful. When they returned, they gave the time machine to the ape-man at the apartment, who had befriended Speak, and cleaning day began anew.
Australopithecines don't know anything. They don't know fork, they don't know chair (though they learn). They are practically one day out of the tree. Their main diet is tubers and they are baffled when confronted with flatware. They can be considered a missing link between man and the apes but they are not advanced enough to be considered the link. They are savage, grubby ancestors who take smiling as an act of hostility. Eye contact is sometimes considered a threat as well. They are a curious, grunting, species of sub-human but they do show a capacity to learn when taught right. They also show an ability to for a crude society and are advanced enough to know friendship.

Awesome Geissman Heat Ray, The: The Geissman heat ray was given to Chairface Chippendale as a gift from Professor Chromedome. This laser, powered by an ordinary flashlight can produce a high powered beam with a tremendous range. Along with the famous Geissman Lenses, the range and intensity of this ray is increased tenfold. Chairface used this heat ray to write his name on the Moon in Episode 2.

Aztecs, The: See Deertown Aztecs!

Aztecs on My Mind: En route to Central America in Episode 29 The Tick bought a book about Aztecs from a snackbar in a Texas airport. The book, "Aztecs On My Mind", by Aha Mazolama, was grossly inaccurate but The Tick was willing to believe anything that he was reading. The book says that the Aztecs were sunworshippers, used chocolate beans as money, could create eclipses with their minds, and kept firebreathing monkeys as pets. Carmelita saw no use in the book but The Tick enjoyed it, while the Deertown Aztecs followed it as if it were a code of conduct.

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