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The Tick


Babyboomerangutan: Babyboomerangutan was one of the Superhero Students The Tick taught at the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center. Known as Larry Haffner in the tax department of Wiederspahn and Wong, Babyboomerangutan frequently makes it known that "it's okay to play with dolls". He wears a costume of an orangutan, without mask, and carries baby dolls on a belt around his waist. Each baby doll has a different effect and all of them make good throwing weapons, coming back to Babyboomerangutan's hand after being tossed. His throwing skills and aim are fairly good but after the baby doll is thrown, who knows where it may end up. Baby's greatest weapon is the middle-child which, when employed, explodes on impact. Babyboomerangutan's motif is very unique and very strange.
[Voiced by: Kevin Schon]

Ban-Al: [Comics] Ban-Al of Ottercreek is the father of Ka-Ro, also known as the Caped Wonder or Clark Oppenheimer. Ban-Al (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Marlon Brando) sent his son to Earth to lead its children as the shepherd does lead the silver-eyed mauve ginx, as was explained in the green message crystal sent along with Clark. The message crystal also told Clark to defend his foster planet to the death and that the resources of Ottercreek were at his disposal. The Tick discovered the crystal when he searched Clark's "stuck" (i.e. locked) drawer. He instantly mistook Ban-Al's green floating head for Brando and attempted to discuss "Last Tango in Paris" with him.

Bang Pharmaceuticals: Bang Pharmaceuticals created the giant aspirin used by The Tick to reduce the size of the rampaging Dinosaur Neil. The second largest tablet ever made by Bang was a cough drop that was about the size of a quarter. I believe Bang Pharmaceuticals is located in the Must Go Shopping Plaza in The City. Bang's pharmacist was interviewed by News 17 newswoman, Sally Vacuum, because of his contribution to the citywide effort to stop Neil's rampage.

Barbara: Barbara was the name of an Ant Woman seen in Episode 22. At the call for assistance of a fellow Ant Woman, Barbara threw a large truck onto The Tick, who'd interrupted her companion's heisting of a window pane from Skin Deep Beauty Parlor. The two Ant Women then fled, each in opposite directions. The Tick chose to pursue his assaulter and managed to corner Barbara in an alley, only then getting his first good look at her face. Awkwardly, The Tick attempted to wipe away the squirming black mess that he assumed was obscuring her face from view, only to have her "eyeballs" drop onto his hands, the pupils unwinding. Her figure then began to melt into a flood of ants which crawled from her pants across the ground and up his own legs. Screaming "Ants in pants!" the thoroughly creeped-out superhero fled The City.

Baron Violent: Baron Violent is what his name implies, very violent, and in touch with his rage. He's also drunk with power because of the belt that he uses to increase his strength and muscle mass. Violent gets stronger with every notch turned on the belt's dial. He also gets more violent and more irrational. The belt goes up to 10 and can give the wearer immense physical strength to surpass that of The Tick's. The bigger violent is, "the harder they fall" and he proved this by defeating the entire Civic Minded Five. He was even able to smash a car into the shape of a ball with his great strength. When the Tick showed up at the Baron's destructive spree, the villain was happy to be challenged by a worthy opponent. He was new to The City and wasn't impressed with its heroes in his quest for violence. When Arthur was able to steal the belt of violence from the bewildered villain, Baron Violent shrank to a size smaller then even Arthur himself. Violent began to whine and cry when Arthur refused to give the belt back. Violent escaped and with revenge on his mind, went to the Evil Eye to recruit two thugs to help retrieve his belt. The ploy failed when the two thugs tried to bully Arthur at the Bistro D'Burden. He was on a date with Carmelita, trying to impress her with his newly won physique. With the power of the belt, Arthur beat up the two thugs and run Baron Violent out of town. Violent never retrieved his belt; Arthur later destroyed it.

Barry: Barry Hubris is an emotionally unbalanced, semi-superhero. His brother in-law owns the Comet Club so Barry believes he can go in there anytime he wants and push his superheroic weight around. Barry is a real jerk and when he gets mad which is most of the time, he froths at the mouth. Barry's superhero name was The Tick but he came into conflict with the actual Tick and was forced to give up his superhero name and gadgetry.
Barry is a little crazy and a bit of a bully. He's always ready to fight and will attack anyone he feels deserves it. Even though he acts this way, Barry would like everyone to think that he is a superhero but for all of the wrong reasons. He believes himself to be the one and only Tick but was shown the errors of his ways when he was kicked through the Comet Club's roof and into the parking lot.
Barry carries a shield in the shape of a bloated orange tick. It has the ability to spray nitric acid. The shield's main function is its super-crushing power. It has a kinetic generator built in that can increase Barry's strength enough to pin a superhumanly strong hero to the wall or squoosh rocks. Barry also likes to drive around on his giant jet powered motorcycle leaving a streak of flames behind him.
[Comic Books] In Issue 11, after Barry challenged The Tick in a battle for his namesake and was defeated, The Tick kept his name and inherited all of Barry's superhero stuff. Some of this stuff included The Tick Cave and his arsenal. Barry, distraught by his defeat, went to therapy and walked around naked, totally renouncing his costume. This only reinforced his insanity, he had already lost his sidekick dog, Host, to one of Mr. Freakmaker's quick lobotomies. Host sits mindless in Barry's mansion.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Bee Twins, The: The Bee Twins are El Seed's helper bees. They are both female and dress in bee costumes with mechanical wings that give them the ability to fly. The Bee Twins have the uncanny ability to speak the exact same things at the exact same time that gives their droning speech stereo-like quality. They love El Seed and support him wholeheartedly. This makes me believe that they are either brainwashed by El Seed or traitors to the human race. The Bee Twins usually set El Seed's plans in motion from afar, doing the dirty work for him. They also have electric bee stings that they use to stun and capture their foes.
[Voiced by: Pat Musick]

Belgium: See Antwerp, Belgium!

Bellbots: Bellbots are four-armed work droids used at the Great Time Prehistoric Resort Hotel. Their prime directive is to carry luggage and they do it well. They are very strong and respect others who are strong and can carry a lot of luggage. These robots are loyal to their work too. They are sometimes used to capture australopithecines for work at the hotel. When a group of bellbots captured the Tick's tribe, The Tick fought them off, tearing the arms off of one of the bots. The armless bot was left behind but he was so impressed by The Tick's strength that he followed him on his crusade to retrieve his tribe. The bellbot even went as far as saving The Tick from a Cave Bear by fending the bear off with the only arm he had left, the one he carried in his mouth. The two called a truce and the bellbot offered to get a job for The Tick at the resort carrying luggage. The Tick agreed. After a while, The Tick found out what happened to his tribe and revolted. The bellbots were forced to subdue The Tick. They disliked going against him greatly because he was able to carry a lot of luggage. They considered him the best.
Bellbots are thin, have rectangular bodied robots and four arms apiece. They are painted red and wear bellboy hats. They are full of gears and pistons and it takes great strength to damage one.

Belly of Love, The: The belly of love is a metaphor to describe the love and sacrifice of Little Wooden Boy. The hero saved The Tick, Arthur, Carmelita, and J. J. Vatos from the belly of the jogging whale, Blow-Hole by sacrificing himself in Episode 14. The knowledge of the heroic sacrifice gave The Tick a warm feeling of sadness and joy and after the event he gave a speech about how important Little Wooden Boy's sacrifice was.

Belt of Violence, The: The belt of violence is a fashion accessory of evil that can increase the strength and muscle mass of its wearer to rival that of The Tick's. The belt has a dial that goes up to 10. The higher the setting, the stronger the wearer becomes. The belt also has a side effect that causes the wearer to become drunk with power, highly irrational, and very violent. The belt was originally worn by Baron Violent but it was later stolen by Arthur who destroyed it after overcoming its side effects.

Ben Edlund:

Ben Franklin: Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman, author and scientist who lived from 1706 to 1790. Franklin was one of America's greatest diplomats and the only man to sign all four documents that led to the creation of the United States (Declaration of Independence, the treaty with France that brought America supplies and soldiers, the treaty with Great Britain that ended the revolution, and the U.S. Constitution). He also laid the foundation that changed the study of electricity from curiosity to science. He was also America's first great writer and he invented the lightening rod and bifocal glasses. Ben also started the first public library in America. Benjamin Franklin was one of the nations founding fathers, and not only that, he was very wise. He published the Poor Richard's Almanac which was full of proverbs and such that he had written under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. Franklin was kidnapped from time by the Mother of Invention who planned to take over the world by kidnapping the world's greatest inventors, sending a time bomb back to the renaissance, and reinventing all of the world's inventions with the help of the inventors he kidnapped. He was later returned to his time when the Mother was defeated. When the Mother of Invention first revealed his time machine, Benjamin replied with, "I wish I thought of that".

Ben's Diner: Ben's Diner is the best BLT joint in the tri-state area. It is a favorite dining spot for The City's superheroes. Some of the superheroes that enjoy Ben's Diner include The Tick, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, American Maid, Caped Chameleon, Caped Wonder, and Captain Lemming. The Diner is directly across the street from the Bistro D'Burden.
The Diner was called "Hopper's" in the comic books, presumably after Edward Hopper, the painter of "Nighthawks" which the first Diner panel of Issue 1 imitates.

Betty: Betty is the splendid and perfect queen of the ants. She was the ant responsible for the ant uprising in Episode 22. She has high hopes of conquest and destruction of the human world deeming the human race unfit to survive. Betty brought all of the ants together to fry The City with a huge magnifying glass but her acts of vengeance were halted by The Tick. He defeated her legions and captured her. Without the queen, The City's ants dispersed to find new colonies and a new source of leadership.

Big Nothing, The: The Big Nothing is the opposite of the Big Bang. The Big Nothing would destroy the entire universe as we know it if it where to happen. The evil alien empire known as the Heys worship nothing so they attempted to unleash the universal cataclysm. The plans were simple, insert one black hole into another. The peace loving Whats discovered their plans and recruited The Tick to save the entire universe from the Big Nothing.

Bigshot: Bigshot is a superhero who is obsessed with guns. On his way to stop the Idea Men from blowing up The City Dam, he ended up using all his bullets shooting before he even reached the dam. Earlier in his career, Bigshot was trigger happy and believed anyone who did not believe the way he did was less effective and amateurs who don't know how to handle evil. He loved to shoot off his weapons which he carried strapped to his back in a large trunk. His mark is the skull and he often wastes time shooting signs and chimneys into shapes of skulls. Even though he can be a force to reckon with when he's armed, when he runs out of bullets he's helpless. When he decides that guns and superheroes don't mix he seeks professional help. Apparently his vigilante style was induced by an unloving mother. He has broken down mentally and cried on many occasions and has almost lost control again on many other occasions.
He is described by The Tick as his favorite "emotionally unbalanced gun toting vigilante". He has been know to visit the Comet Club from time to time and is good friends with Mighty Agrippa, Jet Valkyrie, and Fishboy.
Bigshot has sought professional help, and now believes in putting violence "in the happy box." He is almost cured of his violent tendencies but these tendencies do show again every once in a while. Therapy has turned Bigshot's life around, he doesn't have to rely on violence anymore because he believes that it doesn't solve anything. It is not known whether or not Captain Sanity is Bigshot's therapist but it is likely.
In an attempt to help Bigshot's damaged psyche, and because he was desperate, The Tick asked him to shoot photography for Dot and Neil's wedding. He had a blast, cornering guests, snapping pictures, and screaming FREEZE! The Tick believed that "rehab through photography" was a good idea for Bigshot but Arthur didn't seem to agree. Bigshot was trying to kick the violence thing and grow as a person. Even though he had turned over a new leaf, he still packed ammo. The Tick talked him out of a hand grenade to blow up the wedding cake that sent Bigshot into a wave of shame and denial.
[Voiced by: Kevin Schon]

Billy: See Weekly World Planet, The!

Bipolar Bear: Bipolar Bear is an emotional wreck of a superhero. He is an indifferent person who wears a polar bear costume. He suffers from Bipolar disorder, a malady that causes a person to believe in two completely opposite opinions, usually one right after the other. Bipolar bear is hardly ever seen because he has trouble making up his mind to leave the house and fight crime. He can be very excited one moment and very depressed the next. When his mind is at its least extreme he can be found at Ben's Diner.
Bipolar Bear has sought professional help... Of a sort. In Episode 31, Minda scheduled his first appointment to see Captain Sanity of Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium. Whether or not he made it to his appointment is unknown.
Bipolar Bear can also be seen running from some sort of spinning baby-doll-headed engine of destruction (And, BTW, if you have any idea what this is [it looks to say 'EAR' on the front], email me) in the opening of Heroes.

Bistro D'Burden: The Bistro D'Burden is a ritzy restaurant. It is expensive and extravagant complete with French waiters. The Bistro employs the most pretentious little French waiters in the entire City. The Bistro is directly across the street from Ben's Diner. It is The Tick and Arthur's favorite place to dine when they have the money to.
The Tick and Arthur once took the Mole Men to the Bistro and it is there that the Mole King met supermodel Mindy Moleford for the first time. He made his move when she went to the bathroom, and unbeknownst to him, his arch nemesis, the Lava Man was only a table away, burning menus.
When Arthur and Carmelita went on their first date, they went to the Bistro. The date was cut short by Swiss Industrial Spies that were after J. J. Vatos' notes. A fight ensued between the Swiss and a few of The City's more prominent heroes. The Bistro was trashed in the incident. The Bistro has been partially destroyed on many different occasions. When Arthur was being influenced by the belt of violence, he attacked The Tick in the restaurant. Later, when Arthur was free of the belt, he, Carmelita, and The Tick helped rebuild the Bistro D'Burden.

Blitzen: Blitzen is the scintillating sidekick of Eclair. Along with Eclair, they suavely defend the citizens of Antwerp, Belgium. Her name means "lightning" in German and is The Tick's favorite reindeer. On her motorcycle, Blitzen is considered a righteous speed demon and trust fund darling of justice. When Eclair was called away by the International Superhero Exchange Program, Blitzen took The Tick under her wing and showed him the wonders of Antwerp. Each morning they went to the Cafe to have a creme coffee, a croissant role, and a newspaper. Afterwards they pressed for leads, had lunch, and then a siesta. Then they danced till dawn at a hot Antwerp nightspot. The Tick seemed to be enjoying himself but Blitzen didn't like the arrangement. She thought that it was an unfair trade, Eclair's power for The Tick's incompetence. Later, she reversed her opinion when The Tick aided her in the capture of Octopaginini and the Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy.
Blitzen wears an outfit that is similar to that of Eclair. She wears hip boots and gloves that reach her shoulders. Her costume also has a small cape and a utility belt. A jagged lightning symbol splits her costume down the middle, between shades of red. Being a cautious hero, Blitzen always wears a helmet when on motorcycle patrol and makes sure that her passengers have the appropriate headgear as well.
[Voiced by: Candi Milo]

Bloomsday: Go to Episode 19.

Blowfish Avenger, The: The Blowfish Avenger's superpower is the ability to inflate himself and his costume to at least four times his normal size. His costume is laced with spines that poke out when he's inflated. When the Blowfish Avenger competed at the National Super Institute, his performance was awarded with New Rochelle.

Blow-Hole: Blow-Hole is a large sperm whale who loves to jog. 10 years ago he jogged across America and gained the love and admiration of the American public. He baffled the nation by jumping out of the Pacific Ocean and ran straight across the country. Fans lined the roadways across America to show the support of the whale's journey. One week later he plunged into the Atlantic Ocean without comment. In 1995, Blow-Hole returned. The legendary, long distance leviathan leapt out of the Atlantic and started his return trip to the Pacific Ocean.
10 years ago, the eccentric scientist J. J. Vatos was swallowed by Blow-Hole while on his own march across the country. He was discovered in the belly of the whale in 1995 when The Tick, Arthur, and his daughter Carmelita were swallowed. The only chance for escape was to build a bonfire to cause the great whale to cough. The only wood available was The Tick's newly acquired sidekick, Little Wooden Boy. Little Wooden Boy was sacrificed and the four escaped the confinement of the belly of love.
Blow-Hole is a giant whale with legs and arms instead of fins and tail. He wears a giant pair of overalls and he always seems to have a halo of seagulls around his head. The whale has great endurance, he can jog across the country nonstop, and he is always accompanied by maritime-type music. One can always tell when Blow-Hole is coming because his footsteps are powerful enough to shake the ground and you can hear him from a mile away. He never speaks but he has been known to grumble a bit. Sally Vacuum was unlucky enough to get tied to him with her microphone cord for most of his journey when she attempted to interview him. Blow-Hole wasn't too pleased with the company.

Bob: Bob is the Minister of Mole Defense for the underground society of Mole Men. He traveled to the surface world with the Mole King, Todd, and Larry on vacation. Bob has a mole on the left side of his chin. He drives the Mole Man burrowing vehicle. He wears mining overalls, heavy work boots, and a mining helmet with flashlight.

Boils Brown: Boils Brown is one of Chairface Chippendale's hired goons. Covered with boils, and very strong, Boils assisted Forehead and Zipperneck in stealing the Geissmen Lenses for Chairface's birthday scheme.

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