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The Tick


Boris Saint-Vladmirovich: [Comic Books] This Rocky-and-Bulwinkle-esque Bulgarian courier brings stolen secrets from Austria to the United States. In Issue 7, Boris was followed to the party of Chairface Chippendale by Angus McGuire and The Tick. Boris was the villain who supplied Chairface with the Geissman Lenses.

Brachiating Man: [Comic Books] Brachiating Man swings. It's what he does. He was swinging between two buildings in the Epilogue of Omnibus #1, when he tried to get fancy and do a somersault and lost momentum. Asking the nearby Tick for assistance, he got into a conversation about the City's crime content and attempted to win The Tick as an ally. Together, he said, they could stop crime in The City completely! The Tick declined, saying that he was a superhero--He didn't want to stop crime, he wanted to fight it! ("Hmm. You have an interesting set of priorities." "You have given me much food for thought. I'm absorbed in inner conflict. I'd better go home and brood.") Which he did, leaving the poor Brachiating Man to dangle between skyscrapers and curse.
The Brachiating Man's costume has tufts of fur at its four cuffs and a mask like a monkey head, sans lower jaw. His feet are bare, so as to allow the gripping of his swinging rope with every limb he has available.
[Animated Series] The Brachiating Man can be seen in the opening theme of Heroes, as seen in Episode 21. He swings into frame only to get his line caught around a group of horizontal bars, swing upward, and fall past the camera.

Brainchild: Charles, otherwise known as Brainchild, is a very sinister 9 year-old child. He has a transparent dome on his head because he likes people to see his brain. He values brains above all else; Brains -- though corrupted and evil brains -- are what got him where he is today. He mastered quantum physics before he could walk. He built his first particle accelerator during kindergarten class recess. His Multi-Mega Devastator Cannon only proves that Charles is a person of unusual brightness.
Brainchild thinks he's The Tick's arch nemesis but The Tick knows better. He wears a striped shirt with a pocket protector in the pocket. His has jean shorts and sneakers too. Brainchild is a very bad influence on all that come in contact with him. He hates anything that involves mindless physical exertion and once turned his entire gym class, including Coach Fussel, into earwigs. He's not misunderstood -- he's evil! He is the only criminal mastermind in The City who has his own tree house laboratory and still lives with his parents. He usually includes his little sister Amelia and his reconstructed robot dog Skippy in his nefarious plans.
This sarcastic, immature, little brat is constantly under pressure and keeps a notepad so he can write down his evil thoughts for later use. His brain is massive but it seems as though he still suffers from forgetfulness like everyone else. Some of his evil thoughts include bashing the Moon into the earth (Episode 9) and kidnapping his "arch nemesis", The Tick and turning him into a two-headed blue bird that could only speak bad high school French (Episode 18).
Charles blames all of his criminal failures on The Tick. When he failed to smash the moon into the Earth, his treehouse was destroyed and Skippy suffered severe damage. Charles took a jar, a speaker, and 3 "D" batteries and performed a quick brain transplant on his dog. It was very disturbing. He had to pay for the destruction out of his allowance and that rooted his hatred for The Tick even deeper. He also dislikes the "Big Blue Dink's" attempts to "rap" with him.
When Brainchild's parents went away on vacation, Charles was left home with a nanny by the name of Miriam Brunch. He ended up turning his baby sitter into a mindless cyborg engine of terror in an attempt to lure The Tick into his clutches. He wanted The Tick to pay for the humiliation he suffered when he had to take dancing lessons after his last evil deed. He blamed The Tick for this. He created a transmogrifier cannon and attached it to a forklift. He even took Skippyand remade him into an engine of destruction for his confrontation with The Tick. The Tick was captured by the Mad Nanny and brought back to Charles' underground lab. Brainchild teased him a bit by using his cannon to shrink The Tick to the size of a third place bowling trophy. He then gave the hero two heads and transformed him into a bluebird that only spoke high school French.
With The Tick bluebird in a cage, Brainchild called the elite of the supervillain world. He decided he would auction The Tick off to the highest bidder. The Idea Men, Chairface Chippendale, Pineapple Pokopo, and The Terror all showed for the event. Brainchild bragged to them all about his accomplishment, reminding them that he had done something that none of them were ever able to do, capture The Tick. Arthur, American Maid, Die Fledermaus, and Sewer Urchin tracked The Tick to Charles' house and Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin were chosen to provide a distraction. They infiltrated the auction as the villains Rake and Buckethead. The bluebird wasn't believed to be The Tick so Brainchild performed a short demonstration of his cannon. The villains were satisfied and Pineapple Pokopo started the bidding at $16. By the end of the bidding, Die Fledermaus had brought the bidding up to ten million and four dollars. He tried to give Brainchild $4 and an I.O.U. and the ruse was discovered. By that time, Arthur had changed The Tick back to normal. All of the villains escaped and Brainchild was left to defend himself. The Tick fought the Mad Nanny and eventually broke Brainchild's control over her. Brainchild then revealed the monstrous new and improved Skippy who attacked The Tick. Miriam Brunch used her robotic exo-skeleton to take care of the cybernetic dog while The Tick and Arthur defeated Brainchild. The house was destroyed in the battle just as Charles' parents returned from their vacation.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen (First Season) and Stuart Stone (Second Season)]

Breadmaster, The: An evil baker, bent on revenge, the Breadmaster is sure to put evil on the rise. Along with his assistant, Buttery Pat, the Breadmaster's goal is to have his revenge on The City Baking College for expelling him in disgrace. The Breadmaster had been a student at the college but his flagrant disrespect for the baking code and his evil experiments drove the college's dean to have him expelled and stripped of his baking license. His perverse baking experiments didn't cease there, he later attempted to destroy the college with a powerfully expanding loaf of bread from his baking arsenal that was set to go off at 5:00. The attempt was stopped by The Tick and Arthur.
One would think that the Breadmaster would be a bitter broken baker after being denied his license but his rein of terror extended beyond the college. For his first act of destruction, he destroyed Stuart's Food Castle with a bread bomb. This attempt, unlike the attack at the college, was very successful. With these two terrorist acts under his apron, the Breadmaster sent Mayor Blank and ultimatum, allow him to take baking ingredients in bulk or he would escalate his bread bombings. The Tick attempted to capture the Breadmaster and Buttery Pat when they arrived to get sugar but they were unsuccessful. The Breadmaster took his ingredients, minus the sugar, to The City's Municipal Swimming Pool for mixing. He was soon captured by The Tick, but the Soufflé he was mixing was created to self-bake and swallow The City in pastry. The Breadmaster and Buttery Pat were put under police custody and The Tick made the soufflé fall with the help of Arthur and the Human Bullet.
While The Tick was in Antwerp, Belgium, the Breadmaster struck for a second time. He unleashed a small army of Gingerbread Minions by sending packages of cookies to his foes with a note describing his "Recipe for delicious destruction" complete with villain laugh. The cookies came alive and attacked everything that moved. Luckily, the cookies went stale. The Breadmaster's baking integrity prohibited him from using artificial preservatives but he rebounded by unleashing his Gingerbread Tank on The City. The Breadmaster and Buttery Pat were beaten when Arthur and Eclair poured milk on his tank treads and shot lightening down the tank's barrel, blowing the weapon to pieces.
Even though the Breadmaster is a yeast devil, he is also a culinary genius and his baking integrity is one of the highest in his field. He uses no artificial flavorings or preservatives which demands respect from the baked goods loving superheroes everywhere. He has a goal beyond revenge--to punish those bakers who lack baking integrity. He hates these "perpetrators of bread crimes" and their foul bleached white bread and other baking atrocities. Man was not meant to tamper with the four basic food groups.
The Breadmaster's base of operation is at the abandoned 1910 Baking Company building. The place is perfect for the likes of the Breadmaster. It has all of the kitchen utensils a baker could ever want, many large ovens for baking, and tables for mixing and other preparations. Most of his baking terrorism starts here.
The Breadmaster is widely known as the twisted baking genius responsible for the doomsday croissant. He once teamed with Chairface Chippendale and the El Seed in one of most villainous trinities of evil ever known. Their plan was to take over the brain of Dinosaur Neil at his own wedding. His part in the sinister scheme was to bake an explosive wedding cake that would distract The Tick and give Dinosaur Neil time to grow. He replaced the groom figurine on the cake with a Breadmaster figurine. The figurine had a speaker installed, allowing the evil baker to taunt The Tick as he tried to diffuse the cake by eating it.
[Voiced by: Roddy McDowall (First Season) and Martin Jarvis (Third Season)]

Breadmaster's Arsenal: The Breadmaster's arsenal is a vast one, indeed. He bakes his weapons himself with the help of his assistant Buttery Pat and all are created without artificial flavorings and preservatives. One of the Breadmaster's favorite weapons is the bread bomb. This tasty terror has a built in timing device and can be set to go off anywhere it is placed. It has the power to expand and destroy. The bomb can swallow a whole supermarket if left unchecked. One bread bomb was planted at The City Baking College but The Tick ate it into submission. The Tick fought an internal struggle with the bread, eventually rolling and kneading the problem out. The bread is warm and soft inside and it's harder to fight the rapture of the bread and the temptation of sleep then fight the bread itself.
Another device if disaster employed by the Breadmaster is the infamous City-Swallowing Soufflé. The soufflé was created in an act of extortion and the plan would have worked if The Tick hadn't made it fall with a sonic boom created by the Human Bullet's cannon. The soufflé was self-baking so all Breadmaster had to do with it was mix the ingredients thoroughly and sit back and watch.
The Breadmaster has many other fiendish devices, some including floating pies for blinding an opponent, projectile Danishes, and grenade rolls that can expand after they are thrown, trapping the enemy when it lands or blocking off escape routes. He even baked a muffin that stole the Dean of The City Baking College's car. These perverse baking experience cost the Breadmaster his baking license, something he vows to exact revenge for.

Brenda: [Comic Books] Brenda is a large corporation that The Tick believes is behind a terrible conspiracy. The company manufacturers such items as Eye Paste, Museum Juice, Drama Flakes, Liquid Fence, and Edible Cigarettes.

Brian Pinhead: Brian Pinhead (Pronounced "Pin-AYD") is Channel 7's microcaphelous star reporter and, presumably, Sally Vacuum's replacement (Ms. Vacuum was last seen tied to the head of a large bipedal whale by her own microphone in Episode 14, Season 2's Premier). Beginning with Episode 15, Pinhead reported all the doings of The City straight through to his coverage of Mr. Fleener's statement declaring Uncle Creamy a "mime and a liar" in Episode 36, the last episode of the series.
[Voiced by: Roger Rose]

Buckethead: Sewer Urchin used this alias when he and Die Fledermaus, disguised as the Rake, attempted to rescue The Tick from Brainchild in "Coach Fussel's Lament". They tried to pass off as villains from Ohio during Brainchild's auctioning of The Tick. American Maid and Arthur attempted to save The Tick while the Rake and Buckethead distracted the villains by keeping the bid up. The ruse was discovered when Die Fledermaus won the bid and presented Brainchild with an I.O.U.
As Buckethead, Sewer Urchin wore a bucket over his head with a big, evil looking face on it marked with crayon. He couldn't see with the bucket over his head so he had to rely on Die Fledermaus to keep him from bumping into things.

Bucket of Fishes:Bucket of Fishes is a fast food fish restaurant that does take out. Their motto is "Your wish is our fish". The delivery boys dress up as the restaurant mascot, Clammy, by wearing a large clam helmet. They also succumb easily to hypnotic suggestion.

Bud Frontier: Bud Frontier is the scientist responsible for the creation of Proto-Clown. He was escorted to Proto-Clown's vicinity by American Maid in an attempt to stop the madness. Bud loves clowns. They were his favorite part of the circus. He had the misguided thoughts that if regular clowns were funny then a larger clown would be even funnier and a whole theme park full of giant clowns would be his gift to the world.
Bud Frontier is a genetic engineer by trade. He tried to build the perfect clown through the science of "clowning". His result was Proto-Clown, the first and last of his kind. The super clown was all that he hoped it would be, until fate caused Bud to laugh at his creation, sending Proto-Clown into a rage of pure and violent destruction.
Bud decided that he was tired of running and he was ashamed that he was so busy with his own humor needs that he didn't realize Proto-Clown's feelings and needs. He confronted Proto-Clown and calmed him down enough to get a hug out of him. His shoulder bumped the squeaky nose that he had installed, and Proto-Clown was enraged again. After The Tick landed on the clown, knocking him out, Bud promised that he'd take Proto-Clown back to his lab and make him less funny. He only wanted to make people laugh.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley]

Butterfly Nutcase: See Dean

Buttery Pat: Buttery Pat is the slippery assistant of the culinary genius, the Breadmaster. Pat is covered in a layer of real butter. It must be genuine butter because the Breadmaster allows him to grease his baking pans. He wears a butter pat on the top of his head and wears a suit. The suit is not made of butter. Pat is the slipperiest and squishes when he walks. When he doesn't walk he uses the buttery souls of his feet to slide. He also has the ability to slip through tight spaces but his body seems solid enough. The Breadmaster uses Pat as a spy and a planter of bread bombs. He is also the baker's endless supply of butter. Sometimes Pat's butter gets the best of him because it gives him no traction when escaping even though he usually gives his foes the slip.

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