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The Tick


Can O Man: "The man in a can!" This invention, created by Regina Hume, produces a full-size man from a mere spray can. This man, capable of bench pressing 240 lbs, may be used wherever a pair of strong hands is needed and gives one terrific shoulder massage. After an hour of such service, Can O Man evaporates into a fragrant cloud of potpourri (also available in sandalwood and pine). During the swap meeting of the minds, the evil Professor Chromedome zapped the minds of Carmelita and Prof. Emmitt Peelie into the body of a Can O Man.

Cape, The: [Comic Books] The Cape is an ally of the Sultan. He wears a heavy cape with an alternating pattern of steal plates and chain mesh woven into it. This heavy cape protected him well but was the cause of many of the lower back pains that he suffered later in his career.

Caped Chameleon: Though his powers are admirable, the Chameleon can't do plaid. He can't duplicate any complicated patterns in fact. The Chameleon even has trouble mimicking the color and detail of bricks. Attempting to duplicate such a pattern causes the hero to go into an effort induced faint.
The Caped Chameleon also has the ability to cling to walls with the little suction cups on the ends of his digits. He is skilled in the art of wall crawling but and it takes a decent amount of force to pry him off of what he's clinging to. Along with the aforementioned powers, the Chameleon can also see in all directions with his bi-directional eyeballs.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Caped Wonder, The: [Comic Books] The Caped Wonder is The City's major protector and a leotard legend. He had a cameo appearance in Episode 1 but appeared in full in the comics. The Caped Wonder's alter ego is Clark Oppenheimer, reporter for the Weekly World Planet newspaper. He uses Secret Identity Hypnotic Disguise Glasses to keep his secret from the world.
The Caped Wonder is a virtual "superman" with a vast array of mind-boggling powers. He can fly around the earth at unheard of speeds to travel back in time. He also has very quick speed that he used to save The Tick from an oncoming subway. His vision weapons include his really hot vision he can use to melt metal and his see through vision which is self explanatory. His lungs are powerful as well, able to put out fires with one gust. He is strong enough to crush coal into diamonds. He also has access to his Fortress of Fortitude that can be constructed at any place on Earth by use of a message crystal. His message crystal was given to him by his father, Ban-Al.
Clark is an alien who was sent to Earth from the distant planet of Ottercreek. In fact, the only vulnerability the Caped Wonder has is to the one of the planets rare minerals, Ottercreekite. Ban-Al named his son Ka-Ro and sent him to Earth to lead the children of Earth as the shepherd does lead the silver-eyed mauve ginx. He has taken the responsibility of defending his foster planet to the death. The people of The City are all curious about the secret identity of their defender.
The Caped Wonder made a brief appearance in The Tick vs. the Idea Men. When the Idea Menace reared its ugly head, the Wonder did his best to shed his normal everyday disguise to become the superhero protector of The City. Unlucky for the Wonder, he couldn't find a place to change.

Captain Decency: The leader of the Decency Squad and a symbol of decency for America, Captain Decency is a template for all super heroes and a cultural icon for decency. He has no superpowers other than his extraordinary fighting skills and his superb piloting skills. His sidekick is the always polite Johnny Polite. The Captain made all of the decisions for the team in the old days but in Episode 26 he slept through the entire episode.
[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Captain Lemming: Captain Lemming is well known for his suicide dives. He has the ability to gracefully fall off of any rooftop. What isn't graceful are his landings. He once broke his spine on one of his superhero patrols.
[Voiced by: Micky Dolenz]

Captain Mucilage: A member of the Civic Minded 5, Captain Mucilage can shoot a high pressure, sticky glue-like substance from the holes in the gloves of his fingertips. He uses this glue to restrain the weaker criminals and foul up intricate machinery. His helmet resembles the lid off a glue bottle, he has tubes running to his gloves from a storage unit for glue strapped to his back, and his fingers are always oozing with gooey mucilage.
[Comic Books] In the Epilogue of "The Tick Omnibus #1", "Mucilage Man" hires The Red Scare of Villains Inc., but shows up early. Looking at his watch he apologizes and, waving, says he'll "be back in five minutes", causing the street guy from Issue 1 to mentally comment that The City keeps getting weirder.
[Voiced by: Rob Paulsen]

Captain Sanity: Captain Sanity is the psychiatrist who runs Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium. He also psychoanalyzes superheroes along with his physical therapist, Taft. Psychiatry gets Sanity excited which sometimes makes him act like a madman. His favorite form of therapy is fear therapy. He and Taft try to cure the patient by making them face their fears. This usually involves Taft dressing in a costume to represent the fear and having the patient wrestle him. This physical or therapeutic modality usually adds to Sanity's madman image. He feels it's one of the best ways to access the patient's subconscious.
The eeriest thing about Sanity is not the way he thinks. It's his appearance. Sanity is nothing more then a head in a jar of fluid. The jar resembles a water cooler and has a mechanical arm in the front allowing the doctor to take notes and things. This unnerved The Tick when he sought professional help in Episode 22. He had a fear of ants due to an earlier incident and it was Sanity's job to help him overcome it. Sanity told The Tick that he should take it easy, the fear was all in his head. He wanted to find out what made The Tick tick so he had Taft dress up in costumes and perform his normal physical therapy routine. He even tried hypnotism but that didn't work either. All the questions and notes didn't do Sanity much good. When The Tick heard that The City was in terrible danger, he overcame his fears by himself and left the sanitarium. Sanity put him down for Thursdays.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley]

Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium: Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium is run by Captain Sanity, world renowned psychotherapist. The staff at Sanity's include Taft, Sanity's physical therapist and confidant, and the reformed villain, Minda, who works as receptionist. The Tick went to the Sanitarium for help in Episode 22 when he was traumatized by a colony of ants. He had a coupon.

Carmelita Vatos: Carmelita is a very attractive, somewhat shy, Hispanic girl who has a moth suit identical to the one that Arthur wears. When the two met it was love at first site. Arthur went as far as shirking his superhero duties for Carmelita, inspiring The Tick's creation of Little Wooden Boy. The Tick likes Carmelita fine, but dislikes her greatly as a sidekick because she curves in all of the wrong places and she once broke one of the most important rules in superheroing, sidekicks don't kiss. She also smells nicer then Arthur. Carmelita thinks that The Tick is sweet for looking after Arthur all of the time.
Carmelita is the daughter of the famous mad scientist, J. J. "Eureka" Vatos. Her father designed the moth suits that she and Arthur wear. Though Arthur has good control over his suit, Carmelita is superior in skill when it come to manipulating the flying costume. She usually has one of her father's inventions in her pocket and they help immensely in dire situations. Some of these inventions used by Carmelita include the collapsible roadster and the inflatable plane. Carmelita lives at J. J. Vatos' big estate and loves to play polo.
Carmelita first met Arthur when she was being persued by Swiss Industrial Spies. They were after her father's notebook and the code that went with it. She fell in love when she met Arthur and they went on a date at the Bistro D'Burden to talk about the moth suit and notebook. This upset The Tick because it was hobby night and it eventually led to the creation of Little Wooden Boy. Carmelita had looked all over the world for Arthur and when they finally met, she felt like she had known him forever. The code needed to decipher J. J. Vatos' notebook was said to be found in one of the two existing moth suits. It wasn't in Carmelita's so it had to be in Arthur's. The Swiss found this out and demanded Arthur's moth suit at the Bistro. After the battle with the Swiss, Arthur, Carmelita, and The Tick were swallowed by the jogging whale, Blow-Hole, where they found her father, J. J. Vatos. The four were saved when Little Wooden Boy was sacrificed. This incident along with the time Arthur spends with Carmelita created a small dislike in the heart of The Tick that diminished slowly after he got to know her better.
In Episode 29, while catching a matinee of "Love Under Siege" with Carmelita at the Lethargique Cinema, Arthur was kidnapped by the Deertown Aztecs and spirited away to Central America. After missing the final flight to Mexico City, Carmelita, accompanied by The Tick, whose warning of Aztec menace had gone unheeded, pursued in her father's inflatable plane. The Aztecs were found to be Carmelita's old grade school baseball team who had crashed landed in Central America en route to an international baseball championship. She was their star shortstop but sprained her ankle on the eve of the big game, thus avoiding fateful plane crash. The leader of the Aztecs, Wally Head, has been infatuated with Carmelita since grade school and concocted the scheme of kidnapping her for wedding purposes. By mistake, they kidnapped Arthur and that made Carmelita mad. She hog-tied Wally for the kidnapping.
In Episode 30, Carmelita went on a date at the Bistro with the new Arthur. Arthur was being influenced by the belt of violence, a device bringing great strength to the wearer but also giving the wearer tendencies towards violence. He was very muscular and she thought his diets had finally worked. Carmelita didn't like the new Arthur. He was rude and violent. She realized that there was something wrong so she called The Tick for help. The Tick and Arthur fought and Arthur was saved from the belt's influence when he fell off of a building and was saved by Carmelita. The Tick had him by the ears and Arthur couldn't reach the belt's controls to "lighten up". Carmelita was able to turn the dial and fly Arthur to safety.
During the Mad Scientist Convention, Carmelita was switched into Professor Chromedome's body by the Professor himself. He was attempting to steal J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping device and during his escape, he was confronted by the scientist's daughter. He outsmarted her by using the machine to switch their minds. He used her body to try an escape but the real Carmelita, in Chromedome's body, was found by Arthur, in The Tick's body. She explained to him her dilemma and chaos ensued. Carmelita was finally restored to her own body at the end of the episode.
[Voiced by: Jennifer Hale]

Carpeted Man, The: A member of the Civic Minded 5, the Carpeted Man, or Gary to his friends, can create a field of static electricity by rubbing his feet across any surface. He wears a suit made entirely of yellow-orange carpeting and gets over-heated very easily. Without the carpeted suit, he is nothing. He always takes good care of his carpet, combing it for grooming purposes and to keep the charge up.
[Voiced by: Pat Fraley (?)]

Cat-Bird Seat, The:

Chainsaw Vigilante, The: [Comic Books] The Chainsaw Vigilante is a chainsaw-wielding madman who is sick of superheroes playing pajama police in his neighborhood. The Vigilante believes that superhero nonsense has to stop or someone will get hurt, more then likely, by the Chainsaw Vigilante himself. He thinks he is the voice of reason. He wears a happy-face mask and a leather jacket that says "kick yourself" on it. The chainsaw he wields is a standard Sears and Roebuck brand. In Issue 9, the Vigilante took out Radio King's sidekick, Fernslinger, and failed an attempt to destroy The Tick in Issue 10.

Chairface Chippendale: A lord of villainy and probably the closest The Tick has to an arch-villain, Chairface Chippendale is the world's greatest criminal mastermind.
Chairface's most striking feature is his head--it's a chair, and he despises that fact. There is no doubt that this deformity drove him towards a life of crime. Chairface was cursed from birth to wear that unmistakable furniture expression to his grave. He usually wears a lounge suit and slippers because he hardly ever takes direct part in his schemes, leaving that to his equally misshapen underlings like Boils, Dean, Hooks, and of course the nefarious Professor Chromedome. His high society life causes him to believe that suspense is passe.
His greatest scheme to date involved the Moon, the Geissman Lenses, and the Awesome Heat Ray. At his birthday bash he attempted to carve his name into the moon, a crime which would permanently scribe his name into the annals of infamy. His plans were eventually destroyed by The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid and he and his underlings were imprisoned. In The Tick Comics, Chairface was defeated by The Tick and Angus McGuire who was at the time, his greatest arch-nemesis. But back to the cartoon.... Though Chairface was seen in prison in Episode 15, he and his hideously deformed troop either escaped or were set free sometime between that episode and the next. For in Episode 16, he was a special guest of the Enemy Awards and several of his goons were seen in the Evil Eye. Chairface was also invited to Brainchild's auction of The Tick in Episode 18. He always wanted to own The Tick and he was ready to pay top dollar for him because of the moon incident.
When Dot and Dinosaur Neil were announced to be married, Chairface took it upon himself to liven up the wedding. In an unholy alliance with El Seed and the Breadmaster, he created so much havoc during the wedding that his plans were not discovered until it was too late. By switching his pills, Chairface promoted the growth of Neil's dinosaur DNA, sending him on a second rampage during the ceremony. The Indigestible Man was sent by Chippendale into the body of Neil in an attempt to control the beast. The attempt was successful for a while, Chairface had control of Neil and planned to throw his weight around with his new henchman. He spoke through Neil and proclaimed his word was law. The Tick, Arthur, and Dot ruined his plans when they went inside Neil, defeated the Indigestible Man, and destroyed the dinosaur gene that caused Neil's Jurassic changes.
Chairface hates public appearances so when he heard about the Mad Scientist Convention, he sent Professor Chromedome to spread his evil. Chromedome's mission was to steal J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Machine and bring it back. Chromedome did, in the body of The Tick, thoroughly frightening Chippendale. When Chairface received the machine from the Professor, he double-crossed him, taking The Tick body and giving Chromedome his old body. Many questions were posed by the Professor about Chairface's body: How does he talk? Chairface was eventually returned to his old body when The Tick and friends defeated him with advanced high school tactics.
[Voiced by: Tony Jay]

Charles: See Brainchild!

Charles' Parents: Charles's parents are a very polite, and accommodating, couple of the 90's. They bought Skippy for Charles' birthday who was eventually hit by a car and encased in a robotic juggernaut by Charles. They think Charles is going a little too far with the "evil" thing but instead of putting their collective parental foot down, they decide to let Charles work things out. Their progressive and modern parenting method seems ridiculous but they believe that their son is only going through a phase. After Charles was defeated in Episode 9, his scheme caused a mess that would take 10 years worth of allowance to pay for.
[Father voiced by: Phil Proctor]

Chet: Chet is the Human Bullet's nextdoor neighbor. When Bullet's wife refused to fire him from his cannon (Fire Me Boy was playing with his friends like a normal boy), Chet came to the rescue. During Chet's one appearance (in Episode 19) he wore an "I [Heart] Bar-B-Q" apron.

Christmas: Christmas is a happy time of the year when the joy of giving is prevalent and sugar plumbs dance in the heads of those with the Christmas spirit. The belief of Santa Claus is common and if you're lucky, you may even get a visit from the jolly one himself. Be wary though, evil duplicate Santas are known to exist. They are the shadows of the joyous holiday and represent the ill will of Scrooges everywhere.

Chromedome: See: Professor Chromedome!

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