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The Tick


City, The: Some people believe that The City is a sewer, a cesspool, and a smut-tiled bathroom with hot and cold running crime. The City relies on many superheroes to keep evil down to a minimum. Some of these include American Maid, Die Fledermaus, The Civic Minded Five,Bigshot, Sewer Urchin, Captain Lemming, Caped Chameleon, Caped Wonder, and the Human Bullet, The City's greatest hero is The Tick who, along with his sidekick Arthur, instills fear and hatred into The City's deep underworld.
Even though it is crime infested, there are many places of interests in and around The City. Slippy Village is the public's favorite water slide park. The Museum of Skin Disorders is a perfect stop for any aspiring dermatologist. The City also has the state's second largest parking lot. Now how about that! The City's waterfront is a great place for recreation even though it is slimy with pollution. If one looks hard through the river's mists, you can see Pendecker Laboratories, the number one source of inventions in The City. Probably the most well known theme park nearby is Dinosaur Grotto where one can witness a real life fossil dig.
There are many successful businesses in The City. Some of these include Earl McBain's Old Tyme Toy and Memorabilia Shop, Furniture Czar, Furniture O' Rama, Ms. Muffet Baby Sitting Service, Rive Droite's Savings and Loan, Shiny Pretty Things, Angry Hank's Technorama, Hotel La Fleur Du Mal, Tobasco Joe's Live Bait and Lodging, Jeff's Pay and Spray Crop Duster Rentals, Must Go Shopping Plaza, 1910 Baking Company, Stuart's Food Castle, the Uncle Creamy Corporation, the White Bread Baking Company, and Skin Deep Beauty Parlor. If you are hungry or thirsty there are many places where you can go in The City. AngryHank's Texas Fat Pig Bar-B-Q specializes in western cooking. If you're in the mood for seafood the Bucket O' Fishes is for you. If it's a ritzier place you require then the Bistro D'Burden is perfect and if you want to hang out, Ben's Diner is right across the street. The Evil Eye is a gathering place for The City's underworld and a good place to go if you are evil, thirsty, and looking for a good time.
The City also has a subway system and public buses to transport shoppers to their favorite places of business. The City Dam's hydroelectric plant provides electricity for The City and the abandoned mines outside The City are perfect for explorers. Dewey Bridge was the best bridge in The City before being halfway devoured by Omnipotus and Dewey Park nearby is a perfect place to spend a Saturday with the family. Visit the headless Tick fiberglass-resin memorial while you're there.
Education can also be found in The City. If you are an adult who needs to learn you can go to the Lonely Annex Adult Education Center and apply for a variety of classes. The baking college is also a good place to learn if one wants to become a master chef. It has a fine art museum too. Health and welfare are also a must. The City Hospital is large enough to accommodate an epidemic and Dr. Sniff's Veterinarian Clinic is ready to help you take care of your pets. Stick your oldsters in Commander Goodbye's Superhero Retirement Home. If your mind needs a little adjustment then go to Captain Sanity's Superhero Sanitarium for psychiatric advice.
Many threats have engulfed The City in widespread panic. The whole city was evacuated in Episode 12 when Proto-Clown was on his rampage. The City was once threatened by the evil Breadmaster who released a city swallowing soufflé at the Municipal Swimming Pool. His plans were destroyed by The Tick when he used the Human Bullet's cannon to create a sonic boom to make the giant soufflé fall. The City was blanketed in the snow of freshly fallen soufflé. The Idea Men threatened to destroy The City Dam unless they were paid a ransom. Dinosaur Neil went on two separate rampages threatening the welfare of The City. Betty, queen of the ants, waged war on The City with her ant armies while the Ottoman did the same with her furniture empire. The Terror tried to take over The City many times, once by capturing the capitol building and once by retrieving the lost Desirovac. Multiple Santa tried to ruin Christmas by stealing The City blind. Omnipotus tried to eat The City but was persuaded not to by The Tick. El Seed tried to enslave humanity with his plant armies on one occasion and later released the devastating 400 Year Bloom. The Deadly Bulb caused a City wide blackout in an attempt to destroy The Tick. Sewer Czar created a filth uprising that was defeated by the Sewer Urchin. The City has a crack team of newspaper and television reporters to announce disasters like this, the main ones working for News 17 on channel 17 and the Weekly World Planet newspaper. Mayor Blank does his best to find solutions to The City's problems along with the help of Sgt. Doodlehead, chief of police, and Herr Professor, local mad scientist.
The City is fairly festive during Christmas time. Bellringers line every street corner ringing their bells for donations while sugar plumbs dance in the heads of the Christmas shoppers. Other celebrated events include the Annual Flower Show, the Mad Scientist's Convention, and the 45thAnnual Enemy Awards.

City Baking College, The: The City Baking College is an educational institute designed to teach the culinary arts. When a student graduates, he or she receives a baking license, the Holy Grail of bakers everywhere. One student, The Breadmaster, was expelled from the college because of his perverse baking experiments. The Breadmaster vowed revenge on the "college of charlatans" and the dean by planting a bread bomb to destroy it. The bomb was eaten into submission by The Tick. The college is well known for its Hall of Strange Baking Oddities and the main exhibit, the Wisconsin Cruller Man. There's no doubt that some of the Breadmaster's fiendish experiments are displayed in this baking museum.

City Park, The: See Dewey Park.

City Sewer, The: The City Sewer is home to Sewer Urchin and a very dangerous place. Giant, red lobsters inhabit its depths along with ferocious wallet anglers that use real live wallets as bait. The pathways are extra slippery and the pipes are sometimes filled with flammable methane gas. Probably the most dangerous inhabitant of the sewer is Sewer Czar and his army of filth. Sewer Urchin is the apotheosis of cool when he fights crime in The City's Sewers.

Civic Minded 5, The: The Civic Minded 5 is The City's premiere super hero group whose roster contains: 4 Legged Man, the leader and caller of roll, Jungle Janet, the only competent member of the group, Feral Boy, an animalistic teenager, Captain Mucilage, who fires sticky glue from his fingertips, and the Carpeted Man, who can create static electricity by rubbing his feet along the ground. They drive a beat up Cadillac-like vehicle and hang out in the Civic Minded 5 Headquarters. Their motto is "Let's Make a Difference"!
The Civic Minded Five work well as a team. They do exceptionally well against some opponents but when they are greatly outnumbered or at a large disadvantage strength-wise, they are usually severely defeated. The angry Proto-Clown was able to defeat the Five single handedly as was the super strongBaron Violent. They were even beaten back by the gang of Multiple Santa and the Corn Army of the plant master, El Seed. Even though they have been beaten back on numerous occasions, you can rest assured that if The City finds itself in the middle of a crisis, the Civic Minded Five will be right in the middle of it.
[Comic Books] The Civic Minded Five also appeared in Issue 9 of the comics but the roster was a tad different. Feral Boy was an active member along with Mr. Envelope, Oddman, Radio King, and his young sidekick Fernslinger. This incarnation of the Five was terrorized by the Chainsaw Vigilante. This group is close friends and colleagues with the Velvet Men of Eagle Lake and Soilmaster and his sidekick Garden Weasel, who are now retired from superheroing.

Civic Minded 5 Headquarters: The headquarters of the Civic Minded 5 is a site to behold. It is a very welcoming place with clown pictures on the walls, comfy sofas, and a pool table for recreation. There is even a doggy door for Feral Boy. Some of the headquarters was destroyed in Episode 12 by Proto-Clown.

Clark Oppenheimer: [Comic Books] Clark Oppenheimer is the alter ego of the heroic Caped Wonder.

Cleft, The: [Comic Books] The Cleft has a giant chin with an equally giant cleft in it. He attended the birthday celebration of the Chairface Chippendale in the comics.

Cleopatra: [Comic Books]

Cloning: There are several ways one can clone another person. In Episode 8, the evil Thrakkorzog attempted to clone an entire army of The Tick for world conquest. He used his own recipe, Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce and the Clonerizer to clone The Tick. In this process, a sample is taken and added to the cloning sauce, then mixed well in the clonerizer. The result was a mucus based Tick Clone with all the powers of The Tick and then some. Thrakkorzog also created an Arthur clone earlier in the episode. The Arthur Clone was created with a toe-nail clipping.

Coach Fussell: Coach Fussel was Brainchild's gym teacher. He turned the coach and his classmates into earwigs because the coach was a little bossy in his class routine. Charles couldn't climb the ropes. Brainchild liked to shake the glass he kept the earwigs in to stir them up. The villain was later defeated by The Tick and the earwigs were transformed back to their original states.

Coach Fussell's Lament: Go to Episode 18.

Comet Club, The: The Comet Club is the official nightclub for superheroes. It is a place they can go to relax on their nights off. In Issue 11 of the comic series, the Comet Club is located in New York. On the walls are displayed words such as "Bamm!!" "Zapp!" and other superhero-related onomatopoeia. The ceiling is decorated with an assortment of disco balls, strobe lights, and spotlights. The parking lot is full of superheroic vehicles.
The door is guarded by Jim the Doorman, who uses his Doorman sense to detect Sidekicks trying to enter the club. He then escorts them to the Sidekick's Lounge in back of the club, which isn't much more than a shack with a pop machine next to it. The Tick, Arthur, Die Fledermaus, and Sewer Urchin visited the Comet Club on their night off in Episode 7. There, they learned about another superhero that calls himself The Tick, also known as Barry. Barry's brother-in-law owns the club, and Barry thinks it gives him the right to come in whenever he wants and make trouble. He battled with The Tick over who should rightfully be called "The Tick" while the rest of the superheroes watched. During this time, the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight set bombs around the club in an effort to destroy all the superheroes, and go down in supervillain history. Since The Tick was fighting Barry, no one noticed him except Arthur, who told The Tick after the fight was over. The Tick quickly disposed of the bombs and, in the process, destroyed the Sidekick's Lounge.

Commander Goodbye's Superhero Retirement Home: Commander Goodbye's is The City's retirement home for superheroes and the home of the retired group, the Decency Squad. Arthurand The Tick visit the home frequently to spread a little cheer to the aging heroes by listening to their stories. The Terror's son, Terry, was sent to Commander Goodbye's to spy on the Decency Squad to learn the location of the famed Desirovac.

Corn Soldiers: El Seed created an army of walking corn stalks to take over the world, viaThe City. The corn stalks were animated with the Vegetable Vitalizer. This marching army was eventually disbanded when The Tick and Arthur infiltrated their ranks as "kernels" and sprayed them with the vitalizer antidote.

Corduroy Cordoba: Corduroy Cordoba is a man of mystery. He is the caretaker of the Aztec City park in Central America. He hates the annoying antics of the Deertown Aztecs and cannot stand them "Itlan"ing all of the time. It was also revealed that Cordoba was the pilot of the Aztec's airplane when it crashed into the Central American jungles. He jumped because of the Aztec's failure to behave.

Crease, The: The Crease is a villain with a big crease running across his face. His eyes are sunk into the crease but still work properly. The Crease worked on the decorating committee for Chairface Chippendale's birthday party and was present at the Evil Eye when The Tick and Arthur were looking for leads when they lost their arms.

Crusading Chameleon, The: See Caped Chameleon, The.

Crystal: Crystal is a Girl of Project Shave, a defunct group lead by Jim Rage. She is talented in liberal arts, remarkable at demolitions, and red hot with a blow dryer. She is a very beautiful red-head, whom Jim Rage secretly loves. She graduated from the Ohio School of Beauty with her fellow Shave members Kitty and Holly. All three have nothing more to do with Jim Rage and the Mustache that he chased for twenty long years. They are all happy for the Mustache and Crystal, especially, is happy that they "don't have to live in [Jim's] lame RV anymore!"
[Voiced by: Jackie Gonneau]

Cult of the Fin, The: The Cult of the Fin is a small group of followers devoted to the angry porpoise known as the Fin. There are four members in this group, three being named Squeaky, Ishmael, and Billy. They all want to be dolphins like their leader and they want to give "power to the porpoises". The Fin doesn't care too much for them. He only uses them to carry out his land-based schemes and retrieve fish for his appetite. They seemingly kidnapped Mr. Smarty Pants (Fin) from the Reno entertrainers, Soren and Frederica. The kidnapping was actually an escape for the Fin who disliked his treatment at the hands of the two siblings.

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