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Deadly Bulb, The: The Deadly Bulb's original goal was to suck The City of its electricity and make it see only by the light of evil. With his henchmen, Watt and Socket, the Deadly Bulb makes his name known. Notoriety is very important to this villain. He vowed to make bring the City into a "dark age". When he first made his presence known, the crew of the television show Heroes had him sign a release form to be on their show. They were doing a show on The Tick and the Bulb was happy to be around. TV would be a great way to make his name in villainy. Anyway, he loves the show. With the signing of the form, a new idea came to mind, destroy The Tick on national TV, that would get him the notoriety he craved. He kidnapped Arthur to use as bait and tied him to a crane so he would helplessly flutter around a giant lightbulb. He also kidnapped the cameraman to make sure the event was recorded. When The Tick came to the rescue, he was trapped, processed for his doom, and encased in the lightbulb. The Tick was a living filament and 1 billion volts was run through him. Both heroes were eventually rescued by American Maid and the Deadly Bulb was defeated after nearly falling off of the rooftop.
This menace to society's theme is the lightbulb. He wears a large lightbulb on his head that can be turned on an off. When the filament gets old, the bulb can easily be changed. This illuminating headgear has the power to blind people if they get to close to its brightness. His costume is yellow with thin, horizontal black stripes.
The Deadly Bulb is a villain with a secret. His shame of this secret rivals that of his quest for notoriety. And his secret is......he has a pig for a leg! How bizarre! What did he do? Step in a pig? Anyway, pig-leg, I mean the Deadly Bulb has problems talking about his deformity. He even has a pig knick knack shelf full of little pig statuettes that friends give him. The pig itself is healthy and happy. It loves mud bathes and fruit and can be lured away by the latter. When the Bulb was knocked over the side of the building by American Maid, it was the pig leg that saved him. After that, the Deadly Bulb vowed to end his life of crime and devote it to the care and happiness of his leg.
The Bulb has a few theme based weapons. His lightbulb balloon can easily carry three villains and if the balloon is ever bursted, the basket can become a jet powered escape device that leaves fire in its path. His giant lightbulb has the ability to light a whole town. With The Tick as its filament, it was the most powerful lightbulb ever known.
[Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche]

Deadly Monkeys (Gibbons) of Machu Pichu: These monkeys were deadly group of rabid primates who once got a hold of the super secret atomic torpedo sought by the Decency, that was the Sub-Human. The primates can be found at Machu Pichu in South America.

Deadly Nose, The: The Deadly nose was present at the birthday bash of Chairface Chippendale. He has gun barrels for a nose and can shoot lasers from them. At the party, he "blew his nose" at The Tick and got it punched out.

Dean: Dean was given to Chairface Chippendale as a present from the Man Who Looks Just Like Peter Lorre. Dean has the strongest hands in the criminal world. They are strong enough to crush diamonds. He has a wing-nut for a head and can be defeated by untwisting it.
Dean has also been referred to as "The Butterfly Nutcase" in The Tick : Mighty Blue Justice! (A name I, personally, prefer ;) This was, apparently, also the name used in the original script for Episode 1 as The Tick : Six Action-Packed Adventures, which was based on the original screenplays, refers to him thusly. That name, itself, was preceded by "The Wingnut Strangler" as this strange character was called in The Tick's Giant Circus of the Mighty. Why they eventually decided on "Dean", I've no idea.

Decency Squad, The: A famous superhero group of the thirties and forties, the Decency Squad has a roster of 5 members: Captain Decency, the leader of the group, Johnny Polite, his sidekick, Sufrajet, with her massive rocket, Visual Eyes, with his removable eyeballs, and the Living Doll, who is full of tinier men. They currently live in Captain Goodbye's Superhero Retirement Home and are frequently visited by The Tick and Arthur who listen to their half-forgotten stories of glory, usually involving confrontations with The Terror. When The Terror resurfaced, the Decency Squad was kidnapped to one of their old storage vaults outside of The City. It was there that The Terror found and used the Desirovac in an attempt to destroy his enemies once and for all. Luckily, The Tick and Arthur were hot on their trails. The elderly super team made a good showing as they, Arthur, and The Tick defeated The Terror and his partner in crime, the Human Ton. The team's main form of transportation during their crime fighting days included the flying squad car.

Deertown: Home to such superheroes as Jet Valkyrie and The Mighty Agrippa (Both seen in the Comet Club). Carmelita seems to have spent at least some of her childhood there, as well, being a former member of the Deertown Aztecs. Deertown was among the cities involved in The Terror's unparalleled career of epic wrong-doing. Other highlights include: Paris, France; Lima, Peru.

Deertown Aztecs, The:The Deertown Aztecs are a former grade school baseball team turned Aztecs, who crashed in the Central American jungle on their way to an international championship game. Their plane crashed due to immaturity and horseplay. Their pilot, Corduroy Cordoba, jumped out of the plane to escape and later became the caretaker of the Aztec City park. The children had a book called Aztecs On My Mind and they used it as their guide to patterning their lifestyles after "real live Aztecs". They wanted to live like real Aztecs but stole food from the parks snack bar at night to survive.
The Aztec's line up consists of chieftain Wally Head, second-in-command Dennis, Justin, Eddy, Davey, Lloyd, and Doug. All wear their old baseball helmets which they have covered in leaves and feathers. They have also incorporated other baseball implements in their wardrobe. Wally wears a necklace with a baseball glove on it and carries what he calls "a glowing skull" staff which is nothing more than a scepter with a baseball on it. Other Aztec attire includes the catchers outfit, Aztec skirts, and various capes.
The Deertown Aztecs live in a booby trap filled temple pyramid. There is a snake pit filled with deadly vipers, a corridor with a rolling boulder in it, and a giant lava bath with hacking blades. It is a labyrinth of terror unless you have along someone like The Tick who can smash through walls. They also have a dungeon were they keep people that they don't like. Their coach has been there for fifteen years.
The Aztecs kidnapped Arthur from his date with Carmelita in Episode 29. They thought he was Carmelita, Wally wanted her found so that he could marry her. They smuggled Arthur aboard an airplane in a pet carrier and when he was brought to Wally he was punished for looking like Carmelita. Wally decided that he was to marry the lowest creature in the jungle and then be catapulted to his death in a sacrifice to their sun god. Arthur's wings were taken from him and he was dressed in a ceremonial dress. He was saved by Carmelita while the creature, later to be named Speak was caught and saved by The Tick. The Aztecs were defeated when Wally tried to escape with Carmelita but was subdued by her before help could arrive. This strengthened the love between Arthurand Carmelita, infuriating Wally. They were good sports though, they lined up and shook hands with The Tick after the "game".
One of the Aztecs most annoying habits is the use of the word "Itlan". They use it after and before every word they speak. Air Itlan was the name of the Mexican Airline that they chartered for the flight to their championship games. They adopted the word and used it until Wally banned its use when Carmelita told him that it was annoying.
[Dennis voiced by: Peter Paul Bergman]

Dénouement: Dénouement is French for when the superhero/villain finishes off the supervillain/hero. A more accurate definition of dénouement is "any outcome or final solution" or "the solution, clarification, or unraveling of the plot". The word was used and defined by both the Deadly Bulb and The Tick in Heroes. Other French words mentioned include "inconvenience" and "nonessential".

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