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The Tick


District Manager Walt Fujiyama: [Comic Books] Walt Fujiyama is the district manager of the American ninja groups. He brought incompetence and commercialism to the ranks of the ninja, going as far as building the Ninja World theme park. In this way, Walt exposed the ninja to the American public and made them a cheap tourist attraction. He has prostituted the ninja culture and reduced it into a den of crass commercialism. He even did away with suicide because it wasn't cost effective. Fujiyama is a very large, sumo-like man who doesn't do much in the line of actual work.

Dr. Bud Frontier: See: Bud Frontier!

Dr. Food's Food Foam: Arthur once tried to impress Carmelita by losing weight in Episode 30. He relied on Dr. Food's Food Foam to do the job. The diet pack he purchased came with diet shakes and an instructional tape. The shakes are 100% synthetic with absolutely no nutritional value at all. After a week of eating nothing but Food Foam, your body begins to dine on itself, eating away that unsightly fat leaving a trim new you. The grey-colored shakes taste terrible.

Dr. Frightless:
Dr. Frightless attended the Enemy awards as a special guest.
He looks...
Like this!

Dr. Mung Mung: Dr. Mung Mung is a nefarious mad scientist who was present at the Mad Scientist Convention. He arrived at the fair in his Cat-Bird Seat, a device with a seat with control panel and massive robotic legs. He was interviewed by Brian Pinhead and promised viewers wonderments and atrocities. Mung Mung has a long, Chinese mustache, a large cranium with liver spots (one such which resembles a skull), and extended fingers with pointed nails. Mung Mung speaks with a strange inflection and is very erratic with what he says. He is shrouded in secret for when Professor Chromedome stole J. J. Vatos' Mind Swapping Device and used it on everyone, Mung Mung wasn't effected ("Lucky duck!"). He believes secrets are the mother's milk of an evil genius. One of Mung Mung's most horrible creations is Tongue Tongue, a creature made of tongues, and the only being that Mung Mung shows compassion for. When Arthur and Tongue Tongue switched minds at the swap-meeting of the minds, Mung Mung cursed Vatos for inventing the swapping device and bringing it to the convention to plague them all. The Tick considers Mung Mung a "wiggy tongue man" while Professor Chromedome regards him as an "oily sell out".
[Voiced by: Danny Mann]

Dr. Sniff: Dr. Sniff is the veterinarian who looked at Speak in Episode 30. He told The Tick that the creature was a Central American capybara, one of the world's largest rodents, and that it had eczema, worms, and the mange. He told The Tick to apply ointment to Speak twice daily for a remedy.
[Boss Image!]

Dr. Think: See Herr Professor!

Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce: Dr. Thrakk's Secret Cloning Sauce is a mixture devised by the alien despoiler, Thrakkorzog for cloning his armies. The ingredients of a generous helping of the sauce include a pinch of oregano, a tissue sample from the person being cloned, and a good mixing in the Clonerizer. The clone is immediately ready to receive orders after it's mixing.

Doorman, The: See Jim the Doorman!

Dot: Dot is Arthur's sister and the daughter of Ruth and Harry. She doesn't approve of Arthur's superhero lifestyle, but when she visited him in Episode 3, she was glad to see that he had a little bit of a life if not a normal one. Dot worries about him. Arthur tried to devote that dinner to Dot's visit but when The Tick had trouble controlling himself during Dinosaur Neil's rampage, he decided that The City needed them. She declared that she wasn't going to do the dishes and they were off to save The City. After Dinosaur Neil was returned to normal, he was invited to Arthur's apartment for dinner where he and Dot met. They danced and Dot told Arthur how grateful she was that they saved Neil and The City. Dot is a very plain looking woman and her hair is described by The Tick as being "like a halo of mouse-brown fire".
When Arthur kicked The Tick out of his apartment, Dot was there to give him emotional support and sisterly advice. The Tick wasn't her favorite person in the world but she realized that he was Arthur's friend and Arthur didn't have that many friends. She believed that if Arthur talked to him, everything would work out. Dot decided to talk to The Tick for Arthur but ended up in an immature argument with him. After that she agreed that the situation was hopeless.
Dot wanted to have a traditional Jewish wedding but her hopes were dashed when her fiancé, Dinosaur Neil began to grow before the vows were said. When The Tick and Arthur went on a rescue mission, Dot insisted on going along. The three borrowed Sewer Urchin's submarine and traveled into Neil's body to solve the problem of his regrowth. With careful navigation by Arthur, the crew reached the base of Neil's brain. The Tick took care of the villain responsible while Arthur rammed the swollen dinosaur gene with the submarine. Dot was thankful that Neil had been cured of his malady and they became happy husband and wife shortly after.
[Voiced by: Kimmy Roberson]

Dot and Neil's Wedding: The disaster that would be Dot and Neil's wedding was foreshadowed at the reception. It was a shambles. The reception was dampened by The Tick's ramblings about his Mustache and Project Shave's attempted subduing of the Mustache. Some of the people invited to the reception include American Maid, Die Fledermaus, Sewer Urchin, Dr. Think, Man-O-War, the Civic Minded 5, El Flamingo, Taft, Bud Frontier, and the Blowfish Avenger.
Dot and Neil's wedding was more eventful then an average wedding. It was supposed to be a traditional Jewish wedding but at first, that was the only thing traditional about it. The Tick was Neil's best man and he ran about frantically, trying to bring order in preparation of the ceremony. Many of The Tick's colleagues were there, Die Fledermaus and Sewer Urchin were ushers and Bigshot was the photographer that The Tick found on short notice ("Rehab through photography!"). Of course Arthur and his parents, Ruth and Harry, were there as well. Things started to erupt when Neil's pills were switched by Chairface Chippendale and he began to transform into a huge dinosaur. Other disasters followed. El Seed tampered with the floral arrangements and they nearly ate Die Fledermaus. The Breadmaster caused the cake to explode minutes after The Tick tried to diffuse it by eating it. The wedding was ruined but after Dinosuar Neil was cured and the floral arrangements subdued, it went off without a hitch.

Dot's Car: See Arthur's Car.

Drama Flakes: At one time, the Drama Flakes company put out a challenge. "Taste Me" was the challenge and how could anyone resist? Their main advertising strategy was to make Drama Flakes seem glamorous and exciting, "successful and attractive people love Drama Flakes". The cereal even guaranteed that the life of the person who ate it would become more dramatic and eventful with every golden spoonful. Drama Flakes is manufactured by the company Brenda.
It was while eating Drama Flakes that The Tick created his flatware-based battle cry: Spoon!

Dwayne: [Comic Books] Dwayne is Arthur's well-worn, large-eyed teddy bear. He frequently confides in the bear when he suffers superhero burnout. Dwayne is Arthur's old friend and silently hears all of the sidekick's deepest secrets. On one occasion (The Tick's Back #0), one of Dwayne's eyes was replaced with a concealed camera by the toymaster, Toy De Force. Toy De Force attempted to use the bear to learn of The Tick's secret weakness. After Toy De Force was defeated, The Tick performed a little surgery on Dwayne. He took out the video camera and Dwayne was as good as new, to Arthur's delight.
Luckily, when the repo men took all of Arthur's stuff away (Big Blue Destiny #5), Dwayne and the TV-sitting panther (AKA The Barking Panther) were among the few possessions not repossessed.

Dyna-Mole: Dyna-Mole attended the birthday party of Chairface Chippendale and was also on the decorating committee, though he felt his partner, The Crease, used too much green ("It's a motif!" the other explained). He is very mole-like, short, round, and whiskery, and nearsighted. His voice is very squeaky and he has sticks of dynamite strapped to his waist set on a timer.

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