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Who Was That?

Lighthouse Attendant (Episode 14):

[Is the first to spot Blow-Hole and excitedly announces his find.]
::The Lighthouse Attendant gasps!::
Attendant (pointing): It's Blowww-Hooole!
::Blow-Hole leaps out of the water and jogs off::
Attendant: *contented sigh* Yep, There he goes.

[Voiced by: Cam Clarke]

Reporter (Episode 14):

[Catches us up on Blow-Hole's history.]
Reporter: " the East Coast, today, was litterally shaken by the return of Blow-Hole, the long-distance leviathan who, ten years ago, baffled the nation when he jumped out of the Pacific Ocean and ran straight across the country."
<insert ten-year-old Hippie footage here>
Reporter: "One week later, Blow-hole plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic, disappearing without comment. Is he planning a return trip? One thing is certain--No one knows."
Hippies (Episode 14):

[Cheer the jogging whale on and suffer property damage.]
Hippie1 (male--holding sign reading "GJ BlJw-HJle!"): "Blow-Hole!"
Hippie2 (female--holding sing reading "Blow Go!"): "Blow-Hole!"
Hippie1: "Blow-Hole!"
In Hippie Stereo: "We love you Blow-Hole!"
::Blow-Hole smashes their wheels and jogs off::
Hippie1: "Oh man... My microbus!"

[Hippie1 voiced by: Townsend Coleman. Hippie2 voiced by: Pat Musick]

Tree Watering Alien (Episode 15):

[Happily waters the one tree on his little planet before it's devoured by Omnipotus.]
Tree Waterer (singing): "Loo lay loo. Lay loo lay loo. Lay loo lay loo lay loo." ::Omnipotus bites into his planetoid::
Tree Waterer (escaping in his spaceship): "Big Jerk!"

[Voiced by: Cam Clarke]

Owner of Shiny Pretty Things (Episode 22):

[Has a shiny pretty thing heisted by the Ant Women]
Owner: "We've been robbed!"
The Tick: "Huh. So, they heisted the jewels?"
Owner: "Oh, no, they didn't take any jewels."
The Tick: "So, they heisted money?"
Owner: "No, it's all here."
The Tick: "Secret files -- heisted!"
Owner. "No, wrong again."
The Tick: "Alright, I give up!"
Owner: "They heisted the glass-a from our window!"
The Tick: "Ooh... That's new!"

[Voiced by: Jim Cummings]

Scientists (Episode 27):

[Play god by creating a "Living Mustache"]
[Somewhere in Argentina, 1974]
::Blue electricity dances atop a strange building::
::Inside, bolts of electricity zap at a petri dish, then halt, the dish's smoking contents hidden from view::
Scientist 1 (whispering): "It is done."
Scientist 2: "Ooh, the heavens will condemn us for what we wrought tonight..."
Scientist 1: "Yes, but morality's lease has run out..." *raises index finger in the air* "And Science has been given the keys to the apartment! Ours is not to question the--"
::The scientist's face is suddenly pulled into the dish::
Scientist 1: Hrk! Grk! *pulls back, screaming, hand over lip, then stands, trembling, before Scientist 2*
Scientist 2: *freezes, taken aback* *holds chin thoughtfully* "Hmmm." *points and squints* "I liked you better without it."

[Scientist 1 voiced by: Rob Paulsen. Scientist 2 voiced by: ? (Dorian Harewood, perhaps?)]

Cab Driver (Episode 31):

[Drives Mel Mental's "getaway" cab as he escapes from Pendecker's Island/Lab]
Cabby:  "Alright, that'll be $4.50, buddy."
Mr. Mental: "But I've already paaaid the fare."
Cabby (With hypnotic swirly eyes): "You've already paid the fare."
Mr. Mental: "And I gave you an ex-cellent tip."
Cabby: "You are a perfect passenger in all respects."
[Voiced by: Michael Laskin]
Clammy (Episode 31):

[Delivers The Tick and Arthur's "Bucket of Fish"]
::Tick opens door::
Clammy: Oh, hi, sir or madam, I'm Clammy from Bucket of Fish, Your Wish is our Fish.  Okay, that's one Bucket of Fish and a side of-- OLD BALD GUY IN DIAPERS!
Tick: Yes, isn't he just the cutest little thing?
Clammy: *Startled gasps*
::Arthur enters::
Arthur: Tick!  Mr. Mental! *babbles with hypnotic swirly eyes* (pointing) Baaaby.
Clammy: "Cute, cute baby."
Arthur (in a trance): "Take the money."
Clammy (also in a trance): "Take the fish."
::Clammy closes door::
Coach (Episode 29):

[Coached the Deertown Aztecs and was imprisoned in their dungeon for it]
Coach: "Yessir, that Carmelita had talent.  She could hit, she could throw...  What a darn shame when she sprained her ankle right before the International Championship.  Eh, we would have won for sure with her on the team!  Well, you know, we never actually got to the game--"
Arthur: "Why?  What happened?"
Coach: Well, the kids, they were acting up on the plane.  Shooting spitballs, running around--you know how kids can be.  And the pilot, he, he just couldn't take it anymore and bailed out!  Name was, uh, uh, Corduroy somethingorother.  Well, you can imagine what happened after that, heh....


Coach: "So, we're tied, 9-9, at the bottom of the 7th, two men on, and little Davy steps up to the plate.  First pitch, a floater, high and outside, swing and a miss.  Strike one!"


Coach:  "Ah, looks like she threw Wally a little chin music.  Way to brush 'em back, 'Lita!"


Coach: "Now boys, don't be a bunch of sore losers.  Dontcha have something to say to The Tick?"
Aztecs:  "Nice game."  "Yeah, nice game."  "Nice game, man." ...

[Voiced by: David Ossman]

Golfer (Episode 35):

[Plays with The Tick's head in the 1950's]
The Tick's Head (after being sent back through time to top a golf tee): "Men in plaid! Hi. What time is it?"
Golfer: "Oh, about 10:30. Jerry, I'm gonna need a 5-iron on this one."
The Tick: "Whoa... Hole in one!"

[Voiced by: Dorian Harewood]

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