He Said, He Said [Jim Cummings, mirrored, at the mic]
i t's a wonder that voice actor Jim Cummings doesn't end up talking to himself.  After all, he plays not one, but two main characters on "Bonkers"-- Bonkers and his partner Piquel.  So Jim almost always ends up arguing with himself on screen!

How did you come up with Bonkers' voice?
Bonkers is kind of a combination of Jerry Lewis and Harpo Marx, which is very strange because Harpo never spoke!  He's scatterbrained and off-the-wall, but somehow endearing.
 One thing that always helps is getting to look at the character.  If he's a little guy like Bonkers, you're not going to make him sound like a truck driver.

What about Piquel?
It was actually quite easy to come up with Piquel, because he's just a long-suffering cop who's extremely by the book.  The trick was to play up the frustration that Bonkers causes.  Bonkers doesn't go by the book--he doesn't even know there is a book.

Do you record all of one characters' lines and then the others'?
No, I just go back and forth.

So you argue with yourself?
I argue with myself, get mad at myself, throw myself around the room and then apologize to myself.

Do you ever pull tricks on people with your voices?
Sometimes at drive-thrus I go into Winnie the Pooh and ask for a jar of honey.

If you could be any toon in real life, who would you be?
Probably Don Karnage--he's one of my all-time favorites.  He's so brash and so bold and so arrogant--and he just doesn't know what he's doing.  Definitely not Lurch or Taz.

What would you do if you were a toon?
Lay by the pool and have people bring me Snickers bars and lemonade.  But not together.

Scanned/transcribed from DISNEY ADVENTURES (ISSN#1050-249),
Bonkers Special Collector's Issue (1993), Vol. ?, No. ?, p. 52
1993 The Walt Disney Company. Used without permission.