Actor/Writer/Director List!

( Warning:  This List is very incomplete, right now.  I plan to expand the Writer's List, at least, to include all episodes.  If you have extra Voice Actor info, though, please email me.
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Voice Actors:

A question mark after an actor's name indicates that I'm unsure of that name (most likely due to hazy credits).
A question mark after a character's name indicates that I'm not sure that the person really voiced that character.
An * means that I've no official basis for the call (it was probably by ear).  There will many of these, as there
   weren't any decent credits 'till the third season.
Townsend Coleman The Tick!, Wrestling Announcer* (Ep. 8), Hippie* (Ep. 14), Watt*
Micky Dolenz Arthur (First Season), Captain Lemming*, Arthur Clone*, Thrakkorzog's Tongue*, Salesman (Ep. 9)*, Larry*
Rob Paulsen Arthur (Second and Third seasons), Diner Guy (Ep. 1)*, Caped Chameleon*,  Captain Mucilage*, The Forehead*, The Guy Who Looks Just Like Peter Lorre*,  Brainchild* (First Season), Yank* (First Season), The Terror*, Herr Professor/Dr. Think*, Scientist 1*, Inventor of Room Temperature Fire (Ep. 34)*
Kay Lenz American Maid
Cam Clarke Die Fledermaus, Interviewer* (Ep. 1), Doctor (Ep. 6)*, Fishboy*, Lighthouse Attendant*, Tree Watering Alien* (Ep. 15), Johnny Polite*
Jess Harnell Sewer Urchin, The Human Bullet, Speak
Jim Cummings Mr. Mental, Barry*, Orangutan Sidekick*, Thrakkorzog*, Multiple Santa*, Workman in Tissue Commercial (Ep. 8)*, Leonardo da Vinci*, Mongol Leader*, Shiny Pretty Things Owner (Ep. 22)*, Joseph Stalin*, Captain Decency*
Pat Musick Sally Vacuum*, The Bee Twins*, Hilda* (Episode 14), Hippie2* (Episode 14) , Mrs. Human Bullet* (Episode 19), Fred*
Maurice LaMarche Pokoponesian* (?), Handy* (?), The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight* (?), The Fin*, The Deadly Bulb*, The Subhuman* (?)
Pat Fraley The Carpeted Man* (?), Mayor Blank*, Convention Announcer (Ep. 1)*, Dog Sidekick (Ep. 7)*, Bud Frontier*, Police Chief Doodlehead* (?), Captain Sanity*, Narrator* (Episode 24), The Visual Eye*, Mitch (Ep. 32), Eastern Bloc Robot Cowboy
Tony Jay Chairface Chippendale
Ed Gilbert El Seed, Rosebud* (?)
Roger Rose 4-Legged Man*, Brian Pinhead
Susan Silo Jungle Janet*, Jet Valkyrie*
Estelle Harris Ruth (Arthur's Mom)
Kevin Schon Bigshot, Babyboomerangutan
Danny Mann Dinosaur Neil, Dr. Mung Mung, Tongue Tongue, Mr. Exciting
Kimmy Robertson Dot
Steve Susskind J. J. Vatos, Rabbi (Ep. 28), Harry (?) (Arthur's Dad)
Jennifer Hale Carmelita
Jennifer Darling Minda
Susan Blu Sufrajet*
Michael Laskin Cab Driver (Ep. 31)
Mark Hamill Julius Pendecker
Hamilton Camp Chromedome, Johann Gutenberg*
Phil Proctor Brainchild's Father*, Corduroy Cordoba,  ??? (Ep. 19), The King of Belgium (?)
David Ossman Slot Machine* (Ep. 25), Coach (Ep. 29), Professor Peelie
Phil Austin Two-Eyed Jack*, Wally Head
Peter Paul Berman Terry*, Dennis
Tress MacNeille Regina Hume
Jackie Gonneau Crystal
Yareli Arizmendi Kitty
Iona Morris Holly
Brad Garrett What Interrogator*, Jim Rage
Dorian Harewood Taft, Golfer (Ep. 35)
Candi Milo Blitzen
Lisa Raggio Eclair
Laraine Newman The Flying Squirrel
Bobcat Goldthwait Uncle Creamy
Cynthia Sonje Grace (Ep. 32)
John Mariano Sewer Czar
Paul Williams Mother of Invention*
Debi Derryberry Amelia*
Haunani Minn Akiko Ikebana (?)
Mary Kay Bergman The Ottoman (?)
Roddy McDowall The Breadmaster (Ep. 5)
Martin Jarvis The Breadmaster (Ep. 33)
Xander Berkeley Octopaganini
Jim Belushi Ezra Fleener
Charlie Adler Sarcastro
Paul Eiding Gezundtitan
David Landers Filth #1
Chuck McCann Filth #2
Ron Feinberg Omnipotus*
Stuart Stone Brainchild* (Second Season)
John Rubinow  ??? (Ep. 19)


An * means that the writer co-wrote the episode.  *'s are linked to the co-writer and so 'loop'.  This loop may contain as many as three people.
Ben Edlund and Richard Liebmann-Smith
(As most episodes were written by this team,
I felt it best to lump them together)
The Tick vs. The Idea Men, The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale, The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil, The Tick vs. Mr. Mental, The Tick vs. The Breadmaster*, The Tick vs. El Seed, The Tick vs. The Tick, The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo, The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account, The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love, Armless But Not Harmless, The Tick Loves Santa!, Bloomsday, The Tick vs. The Big Nothing, Grandpa Wore Tights, The Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding, The Tick vs. Filth, The Tick vs. Arthur, The Tick vs. Europe, The Tick vs. Science*
Ben Edlund (Without Richard Liebmann-Smith) The Tick vs. Brainchild*, Heroes*,That Mustache Feeling*
Richard Liebmann-Smith (Without Ben Edlund) Sidekicks Don't Kiss*
Christopher McCulloch The Tick vs. The Mole-Men, Alone Together, That Mustache Feeling*, Devil in Diapers*, Sidekicks Don't Kiss*, The Tick vs. Science*
Henry Gilroy The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold, The Tick vs. Proto-Clown
Randolph Heard Heroes*, Devil in Diapers*, The Tick vs. Prehistory
Pippen Parker & Andy Yerkes Coach Fussel's Lament, The Tick vs. Reno, Nevada
Art Vitello The Tick vs. Brainchild*
Martin Pasko The Tick vs. The Breadmaster*
Michael Rubiner Leonardo DaVinci and his Fightin' Genius Time Commandoes
Jed Spingarn Evil Sits Down for a Moment
Ralph Soll Ants in Pants!


Henry "Hank" Tucker: The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love, Alone Together, The Tick Loves Santa, Leonardo DaVinci and His Fightin' Genius Time-Commandos, Coach Fussell's Lament, Ants in Pants, The Tick vs. The Big Nothing, Grandpa Wore Tights, That Mustache Feeling, Sidekicks Don't Kiss, The Tick vs. Filth, The Tick vs. Science, The Tick vs. Education
Art Vitello The Tick vs. The Tick, The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold, The Tick vs. Brainchild, The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo, The Tick vs. The Mole-Men, The Tick vs. Protoclown
 Special thanks to FanaTICK for providing most of Micky Dolenz's characters.

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