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Welcome to a page filled with useful bits of knowledge as related by The Tick's erudite sidekick, Arthur.

Among those included here are "lost" words of insight, those that never made it from the screenplay to the screen.  "Ah, but how would one discover such rare Tickish jewels?" you may ask, and well you should.  The answer, dear Tick scholar, is a charming little book entitled "The Tick: Six Action-Packed Adventures"* which contains the novelized contents of the original screenplays of the first six Episodes of the wonderfully clever animated series that is, simply, "The Tick".  And now, without further ado, may we continue on to...

Episode 1:  The Tick vs. The Ideamen

The Tick: "Arthur!  It just occurred to me.  We have no plan.  And I know nothing about dams!"
Arthur (gasping for breath): "That's okay, Tick.  I just . . . read a . . . whole book about them.

For centuries man has harnessed the power of falling water.  Today's hydroelectric facility converts the kinetic energy of running water into stored electrical power by controlling its flow.  At the base of the City Dam, giant turbines generate the electricity that pwers our homes and factories.
If I were going to blow up the dam, that's where I'd put my bomb."

Episode 2:  The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale

The Tick: "You know, I've been thinking.  Is it against the law to write on the moon?"
Arthur: "It doesn't matter if it's against the law, Tick.  It's wrong!

The moon has been precious to humankind since the dawn of civilization.  Why, in the earliest cultures, the Moon was worshiped under many names:  Hecate, Diana, Astarte.  And the first farmers timed the sowing and reaping of their crops by the phases of the ancient Moon.  Lovers, poets, philosophers, and dreamers have always looked to the Moon for inspiration.
Think of all that will be lost if Chairface succeeds!"

Episode 3:  The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil

Arthur: "You may not know this, sir, but

Nearly two thousand years ago a brew made from white willow leaves was recommened for gout.  Today, a remedy based on that same chemical--aspirin!--is the most widely used medicine in the world.  But aspirin is strong medicine and should be taken only as directed.  And children should never--ever--take aspirin except under the supervision of their parents or a licensed physician."
National Guard commander: "That's good advice."

Episode 4:  The Tick vs. Mr. Mental

The Tick: "Let's get him, boys!"
Arthur: "Wait.  He's too powerful with that Thinking Cap.  But it runs on an internal combustion engine."
Sewer Urchin:  "So? What's your point?"

"The internal combustion engine--perfected by Nikolau August Otto in the last half of the nenteenth century--runs on a carefully controlled mixture of gasoline and air.  The mixture is fed into a cylinder and ignited by a spark plug.  This causes a small explosion, which drives the piston, creating the movement of the engine.  Without air, the fuel cannot ignite and floods the engine, causing it to stall."
The Tick: "So?"
Arthur: "We've got to get close enough to that helmut to pull the choke--and flood his mind!"

Episode 5:  The Tick vs. The Breadmaster

Arthur: "Actually, a loud noise would . . . That's it!  A sonic boom!

It was discovered by Chuck Yeager, the first man to achieve level flight at Mach 1 speed.  The sonic boom is a violenty loud noise caused by the shock wave generated by an aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound!  Though not harmful to humans or animals, a sonic boom can be, on some occasions, loud enough to shatter glass.  And certainly enough to ruin a giant soufflé.
But how to cause one?"

Episode 19:  Bloomsday

American Maid: "We're never going to find the Bloom; This is terrible!"
Arthur: "Well...  At least my hay fever is gone.  *Achoo!*
The Tick: "Gesundheit!"
Arthur: "Wait...  This must mean we're getting closer to the Bloom!  *Achoo!*
The Tick: "I don't get it."

"Hay fever is an allergic reaction to airborne pollen.  The symptoms can include itchy nose, throat, and eyes, tearing, a clear nasal discharge, and terrible s...  sneezi...  *Achoo!  Achoo!  Aaachoo!*"
The Tick:  "I still don't get it."
American Maid: "He can track...  The Bloom...  With his hay fever, Tick."
The Tick: "Ooh-hoo-hoo!  Wonderful!  Follow that allergy!"

* There is, apparently, a sequel of sorts to this wonderful Tick Companion entitled "The Tick: Seven More Exciting Adventures" but, as I've yet to own a copy, I offer this request:  If you possess this book and know of further Arthurian Nuggets, please email me and let me know.

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