My Adopted Villain

Isn't she cute? =)

There's a very special organization out there that you may not be aware of. An organization of love. An organization of change. And an organization for folks who've had bad experiences with large men in blue tights. Yes, friends, it's an organization for reforming villains.

It's easy to turn away from your screen, now. It's easy to pretend that these people--alright... perhaps "freaks of nature"--do not exist. Or that it's not our problem.

Or that there's nothing we can do.

But, now, there is. With the Adopt-a-Villain program. The Adopt-a-Villain program allows you to donate your time and love to a needy villain. One who needs that love. I ask you, who could resist a face like this?

So, please. Click here or wherever you see the picture of my adopted villain, the Man Eating Cow, and make your miserable, worthless, pathetic excuse for a life worthwile. Thank you.

-- Chameleon