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Acetylsalicylic to Antwerp, Apartment to Aztecs, Baby to Boils, Boris to Buttery, Can to Chromedome, City to Cult, Deadly to Denoument, Desirovac to Dinosaur, District to Dyna, Eastern to Fuzzy, Gauntlets to Holly, Honesty to Ivan, J to Jungle, Karma to Lotta, Mad to Miriam, Mister to Moon, Mother to Ottoman, Paul to Professor, Project to Ruth, Sagin to Skin, Skippy to Swiss, Taft to Thrakkorzog, Tick, Tina to Tyrannosaurus, and U to Zipper!
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Thanks to Warlock and Badmoon for helping me by submitting entries for the Ticklopedia!

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  "The Tick" Character and by Ben Edlund. Most of the rest is probably and Fox Children's Network, Inc. We don't mean to infringe on any copyrights; We're simply providing this companion (completely free) for the aid of established fans and perhaps even the gaining of new fans for the The Tick (which we bear no claim to). There is, of course, no substitute for the actual show (and we wish it were shown more often). This "Ticklopedia" is simply a tribute to the wonderful works that others have created.

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