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Books About Paperweights
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Ingold, Gerard The Art of the Paperweight--Saint Louis
      Paperweight Press, 1981,
      ISBN: 0-933756-01-1
The Art of the Paperweight--Saint Louis
   [revised edition]
      Paperweight Press, 1995,
      ISBN: 0-933756-21-6
Jargstorf, Sibylle Paperweights
      Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1991,
      ISBN: 0-88740-375-1
Johnson, Glenn S. The Caithness Collection, 1981
Jokelson, Paul One Hundred of the Most Important Paperweights
      Privately Published
Antique French Paperweights
      Privately Published, 1955
Sulphides--The Art of Cameo Incrustation
      Galahad Books, 1968,
      ISBN: 0-88365-134-3
Jokelson, Paul
Ingold, Gerard
Paperweights of the 19th and 20th Centuries
      Papier Presse, 1989,
      ISBN: 0-9619547-1-X
Jokelson, Paul
Tarshis, Dena K.
Baccarat: Paperweights and Related Glass
      Paperweight Press, 1990,
      ISBN: 0-933756-16-X
Kovacek, Michael Paperweights
      Glass Gallery Michael Kovacek, 1987,
      ISBN: 3-900605-03-3
Kulles, George N. Identifying Antique Paperweights
      Paperweight Press, 1985,
      ISBN: 0-933756-07-0
Identifying Antique Paperweights--Lampwork
      Paperweight Press, 1987,
      ISBN: 0-933756-13-5
Lanmon, Dwight P. Paperweights in the Corning Museum of Glass
      The Corning Museum of Glass, 1987,
      ISBN: 0-486-25289-2
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