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Books About Paperweights
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MacKay, James Glass Paperweights
      Facts On File, 1973,
      ISBN: 0-87196-700-6
Mahoney, Collin
Mahoney, Debbie
McClanahan, Gary
McClanahan, Marge
The Complete Guide to Perthshire Paperweights
      Paperweight Press, 1997,
      ISBN: 0-933756-27-5
Manheim, Frank J. A Garland of Weights
      Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1967,
Mannoni, Edith Classic French Paperweights
      Paperweight Press, 1984,
      ISBN: 0-933756-06-2
McCawley, Patricia K. Antique Glass Paperweights from France
      Spink & Son Ltd., 1968
Flora in Glass:
   Paperweights by Paul J. Stankard
      Spink & Son Ltd., 1981
Glass Paperweights
      Charles Letts Books Limited, 1975,
      ISBN 0-85097-374-0
Melvin, Jean Sutherland
American Glass Paperweightsand Their Makers
      Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1967
Newell, Clarence A. Old Glass Paperweights of Southern New Jersey
      Papier Presse, 1989,
      ISBN 0-9619547-0-1
Pellatt, Apsley Curiosities of Glass Making
      The Cermanic Book Company,1968
Penwell, Ellen Schaller The Morton D. Baker Paperweight Collection
      Illinois State Museum, 1985
Pettifer, Donald Paul Joseph Stankard--The First Decade
      Wheaton Museum of Glass, 1979
Reilly, Pat Paperweights--The Collectors Guide . . .
      Courage Books, 1994,
      ISBN: 1-56138-433-X
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