Jerrold Shiroma

Duration Press

Since its first uploading a little over a year ago, the site has undergone many changes, shifted its focus, & grown exponentially. Initially designed to be a simple PR site for the then beginning chapbook series, it is now, I think, one of the fastest growing internet resource centers dedicated to innovative poetry.

There are a number of projects going on at the duration site — an archive of out of print books & journals (featuring an Ethnopoetics archive with the journal Alcheringa as the first installment, a number of individual poetry books by Cole Swensen, Norma Cole, Eleni Sikelianos, Pierre Joris, as well as the anthology Code of Signals, edited by Michael Palmer), an electronic chapbook series (with three titles thus far by Guy Bennett, Bill Marsh & Catherine Daly), & an authors list with work by approximately 60 writers.

The latest development, & the one which, I feel, will grow into something truly valuable, is the duration web hosting service. Right now the duration site hosts sites for over 20 small presses, & there are a few more in development. In addition to this, I have recently started to offer full-blown web hosting services to small publishers for an extremely low price (in fact I am simply charging the wholesale price for these services).

An extension of this service is the newly (as in under development) constructed Small Press Resource Center @ duration. This project is aimed towards establishing a single resource hub where presses will be able to have a couple web pages where they can describe their history, their projects, their intentions, as well as a listing of their entire backlist with ordering information. I plan on allocating around 30 or so MB of my disk space for this project (which, for reference purposes, is almost 3 times the size of the entire duration site as it stands right now). While all of this does not add up to any explanation of what drives the duration site beyond a record of its projects, I would hope that it is proving itself to be interesting & enjoyable … perhaps informing at times … tho in the end, if there is one thing that matters the most, I hope that there are at least a few people out there who are making good use of it, & finding it worth their while.

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