Alan Sondheim


unthinking beyond dreams, my mind shutting down
it's this mind that loses itself in making language work
shuddering mind, as if starting, stopping, beginning again
produces universes, sticking, slipping sticking

just long enough, holding it, for the end of the sentence to arrive
sloppy mind, filling in everywhere, learning emptiness,
cant words, tendrils and movement of thought
form and formlessness of thought, tendrils

"The meaning of the term 'possibility' as applied to A is simply that there stands in the essence of A a patience for relationships to actual occasions." (Whitehead)

"Out of anxiety, in anxiety, singled out within the unerring arms of death closing in, one finds one's own forces of existing, one finds a compass of elemental possibilities responding to oneself alone, awaiting immemorially for oneself alone." (Lingis)

sputtering, looking about one, the creation of the universal
automobile engine, the tinkering

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