Hoa Nguyen

Six Poems

[The first five of these poems originally appeared in GAS #10; [Staying at work for lunch] appeared in Skanky Possum #2.]




myself in the movie of my life


myself alternatively yellow or brown

born in a land where people are

the shape of risk      my daily drink





like roses

someone smells

me    cubicles away  roses

the smell of stinking faux

I don't really like

shoes       sometimes

too    I sprinkle in my

like-roses rose powder

roses      my lotion smells





boredom with food       create pasta!

minutes       it is not impossible to be sexual

so when curled after 13

chains in the tongue chain       wowie

enterprise solutions"           language as work dulls

my tweaky adoring dreams           "for municipal





West white gold ring to the little chapel

Hi Tsering!            Bring Lisa!  Bring the

really)     please Michael drive your big Impala

(not hearts but friends like little hearts





can't be writing poems not scribbled

cats my love adoring and why

to trim the plants

with pink footstool      pink handled scissors

"massage the data"         so when curled

neck massage makes dreams

management systems"            me tenderly

be "enterprise solutions for municipal

is dull             in language as work is or can



[Staying at work for lunch]


 Staying at work for lunch

eat an apple

         no shoes on

or cats that talk by a bed


bring in bats please        neon blue

(unavailable weather and socks)


make me cry in a dumb cube

well fuck you too

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