R e a d m e

Edited by Gary Sullivan

Readme is an online journal of poetics featuring interviews, essays and reviews germane to contemporary poetry. Poetry published only in tandem with author interviews and/or critical prose, except in cases of poem-as-reading/critique. Please send all queries and correspondence via email.

All contents 1999, 2000 and 2001 by Readme; rights revert to authors upon publication. Cover for #4 (Stills from "Fusion Cuisine") 2001 by Fatimah Tuggar. Cover photograph for #3 ("Steve Abbott") thanks to Alysia Abbott. Cover photograph for #2 ("Phoebe Gloeckner") 1998 by A. Suits. Cover photograph for #1 ("Daniel Davidson PCP") 1994 by Greg Fuchs. Many kind thanks to David Cameron for assistance with the photos. Thanks also to Tom Orange for careful reading of / responses to some of the material in #4, and to Jack Kimball for a number of suggestions. Special thanks to Nada Gordon for webspace, guidance and love.

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