r               e               a               d               m               e

Issue #3            I N T E R V I E W S * R E V I E W S * E S S A Y S          Summer 2000

                                      E d i t e d   b y   G a r y   S u l l i v a n

I n t e r v i e w s

Alysia Abbott / Anselm Berrigan & Marcella Durand / bill bissett / Peter Ganick
Mitch Highfill /
Mez / Carol Mirakove / Mark Peters / Ron Silliman / Brian Kim Stefans

E s s a y s

Alysia Abbott on Steve Abbott / Sherry Brennan on Dante and "Embodied" Poetics 
Nada Gordon on Bernadette Mayer / Stephen Ellis on Tod Thilleman / Mark Peters
on Peter Balestrieri / Katherine Lederer and Chris Stroffolino on Jennifer Moxley

P o e t r y

Alysia Abbott / Steve Abbott / Peter Balestrieri / Anselm Berrigan
Sherry Brennan / Marcella Durand / Nada Gordon / Mitch Highfill
Jack Kimball / Mark Peters / Ramez Qureshi / Ron Silliman
Brian Kim Stefans / Elizabeth Treadwell

R e v i e w s

Elizabeth Treadwell on Elizabeth Fodaski
Sharon Mesmer on Kimberly Lyons
Steven Marks on Dan Featherston
Henry Gould on Eleni Sikelianos
Ramez Qureshi on Stuart Merrill
Henry Gould on Stephen Ellis

S p e c i a l   S e c t i o n    o n   W e b   P u b l i s h i n g

Riding the Meridian / Duration
The East Village
/ Rhizomes
Granary Books
/ Proximate
Poetry Project / Big Bridge
Jacket / DC Poetry / Aught
PhillyTalks / Double Lucy
milk magazine / EPC