r                     e                        a                        d                                        m                    e

Issue #2                       I N T E R V I E W S   *   R E V I E W S   *  E S S A Y S                       Winter 2000


                                                 E d i t e d   b y   G a r y   S u l l i v a n


I n t e r v i e w s

Phoebe Gloeckner / Adeena Karasick / Wendy Kramer
Hoa Nguyen
/ Laurie Price / Rod Smith
Scott Stark / Eileen Tabios / Tod Thilleman

E s s a y s

Leny Strobel on Eileen Tabios / David Hess Slam Diary Extra

P o e t r y

Carol Mirakove from WALL / Hoa Nguyen Six Poems
Laurie Price Under the Sign of the House
Adeena Karasick Mehaneh Yehuda II
Tod Thilleman from A World of Nothing But Nations

R e v i e w s

Catherine Daly on Lee Ann Brown and Jeff Clark
Nada Gordon on Drew Gardner
David Kirschenbaum on Aaron Kiely
Joseph Safdie on Rachel Loden
)ohn Lowther and Randy Prunty on Brian Lucas
Tom Devaney on Sharon Mesmer
Ramez Qureshi on Armand Schwerner
Henry Gould on Tod Thilleman