Adeena Karasick

Mehaneh Yehuda II

And, in intolerable hunger,
her ripple tress poise

thrusts in the forage of yr
tee-hee hoopla. Her throaty porous wrenched in its nodding streams in the beaten dusk shoulders
of her merging flurry misplaced in its clinging,
in its shudders in its manic slam requiem
chafes in her

skid squat
salsa sucker spunk


In a vocabulary constabulary.

In the simulation of the cumulous.



  So, sweep a deep trickle / in this anti-verismilitude bathos,


for, who echoes across
her coming carpeted



in elegua longing as bygone beginnings beleaguered legacies beckon. In the refuse fissure fitted. In the wherefrom frolic frocks as focus fetish clings.
Foretold in a fading, fastened in

the nausea of ipseity illeity,
a minaret arręt or minuet peut-ętre




Yet, as indignant ditto splits,
my interregnum nestled in her limn fuzz glut trough skitter graft ganglia
like a syllabic ab havoc cicadic claque
wrenched in pursed slur streams
in lissome drifts // as her tongue scales // throbs as
tossed whispers. calyx vespers vaunt musky hem twines gropes breathless as this limit unfolds in blunt gathers. In spectral tides and reticent edges, like the ache
of lexicon curls. In
feral fluke skiffs, cirrus quill callings
and clearly.




But, bruised rust ochre chills in
mad facets. Sculpted in scattered curves
as breath fells wrung with stuffed tufts. With
silica slips tipsy grieving, my
twisted impress flails
in seeping strictures enfolds in her
hunger. In her articulate tongues tucked

in torque wyck ankle ebbs in
serial surfaces like chic smut fluff

which prints across

in the grammar of
a glottal broth bother,



((as kissing splice soaks, skims riggish -
          slung in straddled debt, bleating
                    from the griefs of

flung suck slack basking





in zones of ambivalence
as moist haste cramps



in her heaving lapsus,
shattered rasp bough trough hinges
in her harrowing. in luminous shivers
stuttered furies fugue their ravish / wounds
in bitter dissembling / shrieks in their venom
in the crush of gutted swells wrested in lattice tain silica contours and gathers


in the burning.
in her sodden hubris hyly hung


in the silence // of isosceles sauce of her ipso sotto siting of      her bolistic torque basque


& the all too blemished


epidemic emic etic edict [sic]


unduly warped and


        gangly in


slim pivot vista squints / in
upsprung sobs of blunt tongue stutters
in gnarled portents and spent dulcets
slip in the slurred urgency of her suave fop fleets
of her plummy terror / sores
like a pixilate syntax in swank circuitries
and cusps her suffer spate unctuous ripped with
russet swallows and frayed trope spasms of rubbing splits
l’anguishing in the insouciance sluice

of this pom pom pomposity,
this flute spume spar of folly.

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