Kevin Killian


         for Dennis Cooper

There are six of us on this tram
before we get to Minna Street
one of us will be murdered!

First I was Invisible Girl
then Wonder Woman
and now I am Thief Catcher

And who are you, she firmly spoke
When men fly over your
head I'm hatcheting ratcheting

Copy your sums
onto the ancient oaken bar
separating public from private tram riders

and pay your piper
Necklace of pearls
Lost down the piano wires of big Italian tram

Playing music as it approaches
our little alley
and the killer strikes glissando

Invisible Girl can you see him
Thief Catcher snatch his rat ass up
let's bar B Q him on Minna Street

Cough up those pearls
his wounds plugged with pearls
which when removed are washed

Asia Argento thinks she sees
someone she saw in the tram
humble down cobbled alley

no cloak but the night
his pearl like face a ghost face glow
over his shoulder as I snatch

up his rat ass
I copy my sums on said rat ass
breaking down wall between public

I don't know how you feel
about Ewan McGregor said Dennis
but after watching The Pillow Book
you get bored with his perineum

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