Jack Kimball

Three Poems

Annulled Surface


Maybe it's lucky your name came up, timework
Opened for the present. Maybe it's a present variety
v. gift devotion moving our lips over the border that's
Culturally pow. Twins drool, you know. This is Bother,
kind of, but I do, within and without.


Each exurb refers more to detox through
August surrounding a very subdivision,
Though each cross-sectional takes place only once
Waiting while on a bus sprayed eggshell, even when
Circumstance points at boatage fastened to wealth.
Research grouses this coast as plainly as a pig's heart
Beats in a human chest. Then there are hills beneath
Which a thing can happen. Life, bay, The Voyage.
Why not take it from the pig.

The Overnight Problem

I had written some simple piano.

A dance recital depraved
Ass going on naked harrowing,

The reunion off.

This also is called "Draped Profile."
Hold it from both sides.
Distinguish the feel. "Pronounce it."

That's good.
Now draw the strings. OK
-- what do you know!

It goes off softly
So hard to shovel, soft to fall
White, red, pale red

Toenails fulltime against, among?

Between! years of closed doors
A roving shadow feeling like
The thermometer

Blood's standing a fossil orange
Off more feeler than hand. It shakes

The nombril ray, a maneuver just dimming the drowned thumb
In dry white, yes -- its white meatloafing a sculpture with cups on it.

The spotlight settles.

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