Jack Kimball

Web Fame: Six Admissions

A warm, cheap dynamic.

1: I can't forget this. A Web page is a jerk of a knee, a collectively influenced jurisdiction.

The jerk is micro on the surface and down its core, just a pride of semiotic conceits. Each page breeds to undermine its own authorial government of improvisation.

Pluri- what?

2: A Website is a cottage collective or town or, perhaps, small-edge-city government, though, and whatever its form, it's consumed as only a single content-instance or flash-node among the panatmosphere and macroadministration of plurireduncancy. Yah.

"...any proliferation of poetry is a favorable trend." -- Peter Ganick

3: However, without one's own sporadic, selfassuredly irradiating pages on the Web, one is blanked, make that blanked-out, a trumped consumer, merely, a nonindexed (and ironically) spontaneous participant; whereas with a planetsized chain of Web pages floating about, one operates as assembly person -- assembly as in (a) sticking parts together, labor and (b) a political body -- selfdeluded in a selfstylized role but an independently verifiable presence within the historical context. Ah huh. Still, that context informs us one's role is slender, statistically insignificant.

Consider your role from the perspective of the 'new' consumer or visitor (c or v) who is capable of getting excited, enticed somehow to eyeball your Web page. Each page of poetry or art, let's say, is worth, on average, about 5-10 seconds of this excitable consumer's day, and not any day, but the day in which (or soon after which) c or v sees that the page is mentioned on (or linked from) another Web artifact (spam, e-lists, Web banner, etc.). It has to be the day or soon after c or v sees mention, since a day or two after that the excitable consumer goes elsewhere. Even in the case of specialized appeals, such as that of the hypermentioned and word-of-mouth launch of art and poetry in LA | NY, expect only 16 or so seconds per page -- 9.28 steps (pages) per visit divided by 155 seconds of total (average) visiting time. [Stats, along with 'example visits,' are laid out here in case you're amused by such things.]

In short, it's fast, discontinuous, and claustrophobic out there. So try the sporadic-irradiating stratagem. Per the government there is a binding. You call and are called out; you do not want not to be in the regime again and again. Whether curating a site or having your work slotted onto sites, you need to produce and keep that strategy circulating. The cattle call is ongoing -- today's heifers mosey into the slaughterhouse of the panatmosphere, then to vaporize into fresh perpetuity. (More on perpetuity in 6, below.)

About that bead of sweat.

4: I can't tell you how scared I am. It's scary just to visualize the imaginations that have congealed into this (1-3) complacent dogma set. ("It doesn't hurt or anything." -- Kristin Lucas)


5: Because things can get even quicker and more claustrophobic, countermoves in aesthetic behavior may be required to slow things down (defined as: to increase visiting time -- oh, and pleasure! -- per visitor's step) and -- more Dostoevskian -- bump the experience up a grade, that is, take the consumer to places where she or he stares and co-creates the deep and complete artifice. An example at hand of one attempt at this is the wordless and minimally Java-enriched the shortcut authored by <w@bewitched.com>.

"...any proliferation of poetry is a favorable trend." -- Peter Ganick

6: Nevertheless, and with regard to perpetuity and radiating your own pages, you do not want not to appress your name in as many meta-threads as the atmosphere's theory in redundancy permits. If you're bold, tag your name (and those of associates!) to Stein, Gertrude and avantism, say. Search engines need this. Exploit them as you would anyone who gets overheated just hearing you speak. A good search engine, like the guy you enflame, won't forget you next time (although you can be misplaced). Programming to garner cyberreception has evolved from arcana to common knowhow; the macroadministration of the Web's whereabouts (redundancy) is exposed on the technocultural horizontal plane. Now this assertion implies some piercing critique and, too, wants to conserve and partake of the skyline in its present form. That is, there is a distanced something irredeemably selfpreserving taking place. Anyway, good luck with your own Proteus and Search Buddy.

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