Colleen Lookingbill

for Daniel Davidson

everyday life

Our cul-de-sac occurs revolving
drum-shaped light-boxes
standard everyday belief
blends unique potency
one time picket fence
our dream of things
writing sometimes flows
from navigators’ descriptive geometry

there’s a one way street
along with stops to make
panoptic insularity
category of trajectory
you enter, turn, go across

the escape

We take our self
relgate others like fits
involved in a double task
relief movement risk abrupt collapse
open lines of retreat
alienation called normality
accommodate fantasy to make
your own moats

scenario strata newly insist
anti-therapeutic vertigo token
one’s real financial fetish
buying advocates sacred waste

entirely singular gaze
making out boundaries
surround glass and iron
articulated by lacunae
escape of text like cellars for bushes
oscillates between theory and praxis


On the wing an outlet
of quiet histories
collectively polymorph mobilities
iconic imprint re appropriates
a gambler in the forest
cultivates slippage fable

when promise space of laughter
whole corpus tableau presuppose
modern sense an everyday tactic
reserve ingenious horde
luminous datum through
an overly silent land

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