Kimberly Lyons

for Laurie Price

There is no occasion
but my "desire" a word
worn as a bandage
of perfume
the body’s
apertures for scent
stimulate also this quest

in the sense of how an animal
in a semi-suburban area
somewhat fed but somewhat hungry
trespasses property.
Endangered, arranged in seeking,
elements combine and
stand alone
not yet processed.
Also, the word rivets
with its "thunky" (from K.Waldrop)

hardware store sound
of brackets, pins, dials,
pieces of the transmitter
not polished , tactile
rattan weave of its face
filters intermittent local
and galactic language
frosty signals
whisper through boxed space
encased in ice

resembling a girl & boy’s adventure
outfitted in suits
for the "sub-zero"
conditions of the edifice
with spectral invisible equipment
a very something special
is sought
as from one periphery
an area rug flares
grimy geometry’s maze

no less for the time lost in you.
At the exit recognized arrival
no longer entranced and sad
every sign reissues itself in the
A wavering accordion heard
in the 14th street subway
fresh sheets of snow
mixed with light
sound trembles underground

like polka dots & crocuses
as Billie Holiday sings:
"peeked through the cracks
and looked at the tracks"
yet "sentiment intrudes on form" writes
F. O’Hara.
The crackle of the pages
of the old owner’s manual
refers to procedures
of repair
that are obsolete

do spectacled operators
await my shipment of
one half the apparatus
in receptacles
of the long, green, laboratory room?
we will have a correspondence, then.

My father’s mother,
for instance, moved "parts"
at Hughes aircraft, outside Tucson
from one floor to another.

The incidents of our ancestors
flickering super 8 on the
apartment wall.
You do a thing, fall down on ice,
eat white cake with shivery, bare
arms, stand rigid on a patio
then assemble to watch the documentation
of the thing.

Traditional societies
had a longitudinal duration
in which to formulate behaviors
and responses & rituals,
to manage intrapsychic
and communal contingencies.
The elaborate observations
and adjustments based on experimentation
leisure time might yield.

I write in a
notebook with a pastel water
color diamond pattern.
In eight hours, back to work.
Baby’s sudden, quick cries

His hair smells like
aromatic tea leaves
even his shit is interesting
and informative
thus the species learns to
read themselves

a pen
like a streak of consciousness a
brown-gold instrument
floats in
a cave of


drapes the sentence

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