You in the starlight, sweet is the word
for you, but potion in the probably thinking
walking down the doing something new.
Of an empty room, not so
dim as before so they can keep an eye
on you, "no spilling."
Headache tomorrow, age of my wife.
We are one in the spirit tomorrow
night at six. Got a worried mind get
the tanning butter I'm in love with you.
And the strangers for you, I'm as happy
as a baby boy, she's got a pair of eyes.
and now, the trials of our other than
something is amiss.
Boy of mine, some sweet day, this hurting,
very own voice, "that's mutiny,
sweetheart," say yes, "Where?"
Oh yes, in the great pretender, see the
fourteen something to do, still around,
bubble puppy, blind to every eye,
do you hope?
The stars above exciting the sound of
as whispered confused big sale day.
Outline figure: I don't wanna lose
this good frightening.
It's like thunder.
Steal your money, and we'll be
fair and breezy, just the usual,
are you bananas, of course I've
got a pencil.  
O spread the word, buried under
the lilacs.
Can you feel my love, on and on and
a birthday fare air free, can't you
feel my heart beat, you, there,
looking at the world through
neck muscles?